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Colombia vs England (R16) - 19:00 - 03/07/2018

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Crazy cat man
Feel rough as fuck and really happy :D

Couldn't remember individual pennos so I've just watched them again. Henderson's apart, they were really great. Right lads for the job.
Henderson's penalty looked like he was trying to pass the ball to team mate

Monkeygrinder's Organ

Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager
The thing that always strikes me about the ABE stuff on threads like this is how closely it reflects exactly the sort of England support it claims to oppose. It's based on fixed perceptions of attitudes (naturally all England fans assume England are entitled to win), borderline xenophobic (always ready with the implication the English are a bit German), disrespectful to other teams (you didn't thrash Albania!) and obviously humourless and relentlessly repetitive. And obsessed with England of course (you don't get it so much on the rugby threads where the teams are closer I don't think).

It's not the antithesis of a load of blokes chanting 'Eng-er-lund' for hours - it's more a reflection of it. And tbh those England fans aren't on here are they.

extra dry

Happy to be here
slept through it. I saw the sweds and swiss game but I did not have the energy for 1am-3am. Happy England won, Southgate will be seen as a hero manager from now on.