Climate Change

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    Scorched earth: the world battles extreme weather
    FT 27/07/18
    Capital's view. Could be bad for business...

    “There are a lot of extreme fire events occurring,” says David Bowman, a professor of fire ecology at the University of Tasmania. He points to the Thomas fire that ravaged Los Angeles’ suburbs and freak fires in central Chile last year. “It’s not normal — I shouldn’t be overwhelmed with opportunities to study extreme fire events.”
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  2. Noam Chomsky on the escalating climate situation and the urgency this should be met with.

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    The new abnormal.

    We were telt this was gonna happen. And this is just 0.8C above preindustrial (the 1C figures going round are the ENSO positive years). Its not the end of civilisation or the mass die of of humanity the clowns online will tell you. Its the steady accumulation of severe weather events impacting agriculture, daily lives, economic growth and when sea level starts increasing in rate of rise, areas that can be inhabited.

    And yet renewables are becoming as cheap as new fossil fuel generating capacity, grid scale storage is now competitive with gas peaker plants, the EV is arriving fast.

    We have the tools, we lack the will to avoid the 450ppm that would see us hit a 50% or greater chance of exceeding 2C warming.

    Perhaps that sums up our politics as well, the new abnormal?
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    This is a photo from an airliner of the fires in California:

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  7. over 100 forest fires happening in the U.S.A. now according to Amy Goodman :eek:

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