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    Scorched earth: the world battles extreme weather
    FT 27/07/18
    Capital's view. Could be bad for business...

    “There are a lot of extreme fire events occurring,” says David Bowman, a professor of fire ecology at the University of Tasmania. He points to the Thomas fire that ravaged Los Angeles’ suburbs and freak fires in central Chile last year. “It’s not normal — I shouldn’t be overwhelmed with opportunities to study extreme fire events.”
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  2. Ralph Llama


    Noam Chomsky on the escalating climate situation and the urgency this should be met with.

  3. ferrelhadley

    ferrelhadley These violent delights have violent ends.

    The new abnormal.

    We were telt this was gonna happen. And this is just 0.8C above preindustrial (the 1C figures going round are the ENSO positive years). Its not the end of civilisation or the mass die of of humanity the clowns online will tell you. Its the steady accumulation of severe weather events impacting agriculture, daily lives, economic growth and when sea level starts increasing in rate of rise, areas that can be inhabited.

    And yet renewables are becoming as cheap as new fossil fuel generating capacity, grid scale storage is now competitive with gas peaker plants, the EV is arriving fast.

    We have the tools, we lack the will to avoid the 450ppm that would see us hit a 50% or greater chance of exceeding 2C warming.

    Perhaps that sums up our politics as well, the new abnormal?
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    This is a photo from an airliner of the fires in California:

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  7. Ralph Llama


    over 100 forest fires happening in the U.S.A. now according to Amy Goodman :eek:
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  9. ferrelhadley

    ferrelhadley These violent delights have violent ends.

    While not climate per se there are quite a few tropical storms active in the world right now.

    Florence has the potential to be devastating on the US east seaboard. Potentially making landfall at category 4. I do not think there is a actual weather or tropical storm there so I guess it goes in here. God speed all in the path of these storms.
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    Queensland is on fire, and now there's a tropical cyclone forming off the coast :(
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    Poot Everyone's a superhero, everyone's a Captain Kirk

    I went to a water conference last week. What surprised me is that the 25 year plans now treat climate change as an absolute fact. We are preparing for more flooding and drought (mostly flooding), and there is no question of this not happening, even amongst those who you could absolutely imagine saying 'Pah! Climate change? Load of old nonsense!'. Even the tweediest, toriest right-wingers never even questioned that the future is all about damage limitation. And it doesn't look good. There are new protocols being introduced at speed to ensure that responsibility can be taken at local level for erosion and the increasing number of flood plains.
  14. Argonia

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    An interesting interview just now on Five Live about geo-engineering.
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  17. 2hats


    The east Antarctic ice sheet has long appeared relatively impervious to the climatic change that has clearly affected other glaciated regions (west Antarctic, Greenland), though there have been hints of its susceptibility to past warming episodes in the fossil record. However, new research, using recent and latest satellite data,indicates it is melting and clearly at in increasingly alarming rate. Ice mass loss rate has increased several fold in the last decade (glacier thickness reducing):
    BBC News article.

    These drainage basins have the capacity to raise global sea levels by 28 metres (four times the contribution of melting the Greenland ice sheet), which makes for an interesting map of the UK:
    Don’t get too attached to London, Cambridge, York or numerous coastal towns, cities. Nor a lot of important farmland. Globally something like 0.75 billion people directly affected ie displaced (but that’s just based on current population levels/distributions).
  18. NoXion

    NoXion It's been 600 years...

    What kind of time-frame are we looking at with regards to sea level rises? What is the present and currently projected rate of increase?

    My understanding was it was something on the order of a 2 metre rise by 2099.
  19. 2hats


    I await the corresponding paper. Since this is new, additional input the rate of projected sea rise would increase (timescale for a given rise decrease).
  20. ferrelhadley

    ferrelhadley These violent delights have violent ends.


    East Antarctica is expected to have a very limited impact on global sea level rise, especially given that as oceans warm, they will bring more precipitation to the region that will fall as snow. (Figure adapted from table 5.3, chapter 13 IPCC AR5).

    I am not quite sure how your mate of the UK showing what 5 or 10m sea level rise and this research are linked.

    Unless I am wrong it does not seem to suggest we will be losing major towns in the UK in my lifetime. We do expect a warmer world to have an impact on sea level in the 10s of metres range, but so far as I am aware only a few niche scenarios put this within the next hundred or two years.
  21. 2hats


    The map is for 28m which appears to have arisen from a discussion with the lead author regarding the drainage output from the Aurora and Wilkes subglacial basins considered in this particular piece of research. No time scale indicated.
  22. 2hats


    Visualisation of the Central England Temperature data set (1772-2018) average annual temperature - clearly illustrates recent warming trends…
    From here.
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    From the "we are so fucked" news section:

    U.S. Emissions in 2018 Saw the Second-Largest Spike Since 1996

    Wrong direction here, people. :(
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    Also from the same:

    Insect collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems’

  25. yield

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    If You Can’t Deny It, Downplay It
    January 13, 2019
    How capitalists talk about climate change…
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    The WSJ is a Murdoch rag so no surprises there.
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