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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by cuppa tee, Oct 9, 2014.

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    I saw it. Isn’t one of those Google mapping planes that regularly fly above night and day?
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    Popped along to the festival today for a couple of hours. It was pleasantly chilled out and the weather held up.

    I did accidentally order a pizza with vegan cheese but it was actually pretty good, so well done to the cheese maker.
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    Is it possible that the neighbours concerned do not consider the dead African to be "somebody", or that if they do, he is deserving of the manner of his death and whatever led to it?

    I guess that we would have to hear from the neighbours involved for clarification.
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    People might find this thread helpful in making an assessment AirportWatch | Cases of objects, including human stowaways, falling from planes
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    At the Oasis Kennington Police Station meeting. Florence Eshalomi and Lembit Öpik in attendance
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    Please report back!
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  10. CH1

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    Is Lembit representing the Lib Dems or Russia Today?
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    So I went with a friend who lives nearby. I've spent a bit of time in the area and whilst I don't live there now I do like to keep an eye on stuff.

    It was an interesting event, somehow they'd found a donor who'd paid for the hotel to host us and feed/water us, which is a big help with public events for turnout anyway. The crowd were quite mixed - lots of parents with young kids, which was nice - although a bit noisy during the speeches.

    Steve Chalke was running things, as you'd expect. He's good at this kind of event, can raz the crowd up and all that. He then had a succession of speakers, both locals (a couple of local mums) and various campaigners, including a local retired fireman/FBU organiser, Flo Elomoshi MLA, Mohammad Seedat (Streatham Wells Ward) - latter there as a cabinet member. Flo did attack the mayor's plans quite strongly, tbf. Then of course, Lembit. He spoke for a while about the business case/costings. He's actually pretty good at this kind of event - much better at holding the audience than the others, but then he was an MP for a long time so he should be. He was there as a local, he lives down the road and he's also a parishioner of Steve's so he was there in that capacity, not as a Lib Dem. There were several there though, but didn't speak.

    The argument basically being that Oasis running the site as a community hub has a better chance of helping the community reduce incidence of crime and so that should be factored into the decision by the mayor. Lembit's talk was in large part about this - what the cost saving could be if crime was reduced.

    Operationally, Oasis seems to have it in hand. They're organised and have a plan. They have a proposal, they're doing a letter campaign, they have local politicians on board, they have a petition and they've got the group delivering appropriate leaflet.

    Personally, whilst I was impressed, I still feel I need to know more about Oasis itself before I would get properly involved.
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    I would have loved to go, but well out of SC area. I still haven't fully grasped the purpose of this meeting. Was it some sort of anti-crime initiative involving extra policing - paid for by the community? If so study Cabinet papers for Monday the 15th July. There is a big paper in there about the council paying for extra police officers. (I thought we already paid in the Mayoral for policing??)

    I would be interest to meet Steve Chalke. He is of the ultra-liberal wing of the evangelicals. He got chucked out of the Evangelical Alliance when he decided (or had it revealed to him) that gay marriage would be more acceptable in the sight of God than philandering in Kennington Park like Kevin Spacey.

    IMHO there are far too many things called Oasis. And its nots clear which of them come under the auspices of Steve Chalke and which are independent. Its a bit like Mosaic. All sorts of things are called Mosaic - including Mosaic Clubhouse, but are not connected.

    On the same issue look at this learned report on Outreach and Support in South London (OASIS) - re SLAM's schizophrenic customers (aged 14 - 35). Not sure if this SLAM OASIS still exists. The public would be the last to know.

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    The Kia Oval have opened the ground to welcome the winning team. Free entry (bag search) , local schools are all on the pitch , team members meeting the crowds, not sure what time it is going on until.
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  18. Mation

    Mation real life adventure worth more than pieces of gold

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  20. David Clapson

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    The above is a horrifying story which deserves everyone's attention. Just in case you are put off by the wonky pictures just posted, here's the Guardian story, which is currently on the front page:

    They look like such nice guys...lives wrecked by a bent copper, who was later jailed and died in prison at the age of 37.

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    Go here and you can usually find out what it is: Flightradar24: Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map Could have been one of the little planes which calibrates navigation aids or radio networks. They do endless circles and loops, quite low. Could be the Met police, who do surveillance flights they won't talk about. The Google Maps photos are mostly from satellites but they also use low flying planes, according to the internet. Google doesn't do many flights, it's far more likely to have been a calibration job.

    If you do a Google Images search for Calibration Aircraft you can see the registrations of some of the small planes which do the job. Put them in the search box at flightradar and you can see where they've been during the last 7 days. Here's one which did a calibration flight over Dublin the other day G-GBAS - Diamond DA62 - Flight Calibration Services - Flightradar24
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    So what's the story? One of the assailants lunged at the deceased through an open window with his crutch.
    The other assailant - who killed the deceased with three stabs of his blade - is claiming it was manslaughter.

    Is this the type of manslaughter caused by failure to take one's anti=psychotic medication?
    Or is it the type caused by a dispute over delivering non-NHS substances?

    Or maybe it was pedestrian road rage? Driver failed to stop for jay-walkers?

    I hope you will keep us posted.
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    Must be an election on or something, just heard there is a Labour street stall on Abbeville Rd
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    The Stowaway: Who was the man who fell from the sky?
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    Oval Four: Black men jailed after being framed by racist police officer have convictions quashed almost 50 years later


    (Source: as stated in image)

    Lord Burnett said it was “clear that these convictions are unsafe”, adding: “We would wish only to note our regret that it has taken so long for this injustice to be remedied.”​
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