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    The school has quite an interesting recent history:
    - approx 2010 the headteacher was Janet Mullholland and the school had had 3 outstanding Ofsted reports. She was an inspiring head.
    The media ranted about how much Mulholland was earning as a so called superhead!!
    - mulholland leaves and SATs go downhill
    - school fights to improve and the resultant corruption occurs
    The most interesting ex pupil after Bowie was Violet Szabo
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    I think the Evening Standard article was a parent-driven piece to draw attention to the situation, as official channels proved ineffective. Parents are concerned and feel they are being let down by the SLT, some of the governing board, and Lambeth Council. Council is currently running an audit into the various allegations listed. The report is due end of October.
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    So - I'm a dad of two, both at Stockwell Primary. After the Standard story was published (copies of which were handed out by parents at the school gates the following Monday morning after publication), the chair of governors wrote a note to all parents. This confirmed that the Sats in 2017 had indeed been annulled, and that Lambeth Council are carrying out an audit of the school on the allegations in the Standard (there are actually a few audits of the school taking place - the Sats annulment, which is said to have involved teacher cheating; financial irregularities, including why the executive head's son had a business registered to the school property; and bullying allegations by the executive head). The lead auditor is the same person who audited Gipsy Hill Federation, leading to Craig Tunstall's suspension. But the audit only came about after parents spent the summer gathering evidence and presenting it to Lambeth Council - a job that should have been done by the board of governors.

    Many parents have subsequently said it shouldn't have taken a newspaper article to confirm to all parents that the Sats were annulled. There was a very fiery parent forum meeting in the summer where the exec head resorted to shouting at parents who wanted answers, after several good teachers quit in disgust. A second meeting a few weeks ago between teachers and parents had only one governor present (the parent governor) and the executive head failed to show, with no explanation. The exec head is actively refusing to speak to parents anymore and has barely been seen in the mornings. One parent reported when asking her about the PTA suspension, suggesting suspending it during the audit made as much sense as "suspending you during the audit", she supposedly said "that's just what 'you people' want". She also used the first day of term in September to tell all staff in a meeting that if anyone speaks to parents about what's happening, Lambeth Council will sack them (Lambeth Council subsequently denied this).

    The executive head (who has been meeting with her own union reps) appears to have many supporters at Lambeth Council, among some of the teaching staff (where loyalty is said to be put ahead of competency) and some of the Governors, who appear completely out of their depth. The school is also due an Ofsted inspection soon.

    As a parent, it is gutting that it has had to be the parents, rather than the governors, who have been forced to hold the school to account. The parents I've spoken to want the exec head sacked, the board of governors disbanded and the PTA reinstated. Here's to hoping...
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    That's awful - really unprofessional of the school to have treated parents that way.

    I have plenty of friends with kids at Jessop and the Exec Head isn't popular there either, it was also struggling then got an OFSTED Outstanding after some pretty radical pruning of staff etc. Some newer parents have joined the Governors to try and get some answers recently apparently. I get the impression that Lambeth would rather the whole thing went away quietly.
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    The exec head as far as I can see treats parents with total contempt. It's just so disappointing. Regarding the inflated SATS scores, as a parent I feel like the school was sold to me on a falsehood. It's the educational equivalent of being told the £350m NHS Brexit lie, although for the record I didn't fall for that one! Cheating helps no one but the people at the top. Least of all it helps the kids. Stockwell Primary has so much potential. There are some great aspects to it and some fabulous, dedicated teachers who really care. The extra curricular activities are excellent and my child is progressing well - so far they have been shielded from the shit that's happening at the top. Let's hope the current situation gets resolved with some decisive action from Lambeth. The parents and kids really do deserve much better.
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