Chuka Umunna rules out serving in Corbyn's shadow cabinet

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. co-op

    co-op Free the rhubarb crumble!

    You had to actually turn up to vote so I'd expect the apparatchiks to be able to get their people out whereas it's much harder to get the new members who aren't engaged to come along. 373 votes were cast at the vote, I'd guess there will be more like 2 or 3000 members all told. Really, if you want to engage them, I'd do it by online voting as for the NEC etc.
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  2. killer b

    killer b Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy

    The new members who aren't engaged's hatred doesn't count for shit if they won't turn up and vote though.
  3. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    New members who joined after Corbyn became leader haven't been welcomed by Lambeth Labour. Ive heard from people who rejoined after Corbyn ( lapsed membership after Iraq. The final straw).

    As Tricky Skills found the New Labour old guard scrutinise whose joining.

    Ive heard in Chuka seat its been hard for new members to get issues discussed. The old guard still control apparatus.

    So not surprising if New people don't turn up. They aren't welcome in Lambeth Labour.

    New Labour / Progress are a highly successful tightly run group within the Labour party.

    Corbyn has faced hostility from the start. Its not Corbyn personally its what he represents. Not all the people I know who joined after Corbyn are enthusiastic supporters of him. They saw it was Labour party hopefully returning to its roots as left of centre party.

    New Labour are on a different planet to the new inclux of young people and ex Labour party members rejoining.

    The New Labour strategy is to be unwelcoming to new members and try in any way to get rid of Corbyn. Anti Semitism for example. The cheek of it when the New Labour administration won't take seriously accusations of institutional racism in Lambeth Council related to how black employees are treated.
  4. BusLanes

    BusLanes Pedestrian

    And now he's quit Labour
  5. snowy_again

    snowy_again Slush

    He was speaking at a unusually high number of voluntary sector events in the last month - somehow shoehorned into any particular agenda - and was practicing his 15 min pitch.
  6. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model every man and every woman is a star

    sales of my tiny violins have never been so rapid
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  7. Twattor

    Twattor Well-Known Member

    And I'm overjoyed to find a politician with integrity who represents his constituency. He keeps my vote
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  8. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    What integrity?

    He got the seat on basis be was to the left of Steve Reed.

    Since being elected be has moved to the right.
  9. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Some of my posts from the politics boards Chuka thread:

    Chuka unlike Kate Hoey does not stand up to Lambeth Council on behalf of constituents. He has never really opposed the Council "regeneration" scheme for Cressingham Gardens ( a well loved Council Estate).

    Hoey has a lot of personal support, despite her being Brexit supporter, due to taking on the New Labour run Lambeth Council.

    Chuka was originally seen as a poster boy for post Blairite Labour. Being member of Compass and opposing Iraq War.

    Iraq led a lot of Labour party members to not renew membership.

    He gradually moved to the right once elected. So never criticises Lambeth Council.

    He was a rising star destined for higher things then Corbyn got elected. I remember one of my local Cllrs telling me how wonderful be was.

    He has been having problems with his local constituency membership with the influx after Corbyn. ( old Labour returning and young people). recently argument about procedure of who has say in local constituency party. He did have a firm hold on the constituency party but this was under threat.

    Friend said the New Labour lot ( young work in communications) would sit on one side of room at local party meetings and the old Labour plus young new members would sit on other side.

    So I wouldn't say he is as popular as he was.

    If he did stand in by election I reckon my friend and others in the local party would be all out canvassing for the official Labour candidate.
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  10. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Umunna supporters: “he’ll leave and start own party if CLP votes AMM”. No denial.

  11. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Chuka on Radio four.

    Roughly what he said

    Both main parties are broken. British people deserve better

    Three main issues:

    1 Stay in EU

    2 Moral Dilemma of staying in party which if in power would have national security run by Corbyn

    3 Culture of party. Visceral hatred of people with other views/ anti-Semitism

    . Beyond Corbyn. About Broken politics. Tory and Labour. Tory party has been UKIPised.

    Inviting anyone. Would include Tories.

    Broken politics. Existing parties the problem.

    People feel politically homeless. Alternative movement to the establishment.
  12. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    mistake. double post.
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  13. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Those of us in Lambeth will remember Steve as the Blairite leader of Lambeth Council. He was genuine believer of the Third Way and set up the "Cooperative Council" idea.

    When the Streatham constituency came up he tried to get chosen for the seat.

    It appeared to be his for the taking as successful leader of the Council. The local party went for Chuka. Then seen as left alternative to a Blairite Steve Reed. Local party membership were becoming tired of Blairism.

    Understandably Reed wasn't happy.


    Reed unlke Chuka is Labour and will stay Labour. He worked his way up the hard way through local politics. Not as charismatic as Chuka but a hard worker for the party.

    Croydon Labour MP Reed is quick to reject Umunna’s splitters

    Croydon Labour MP Reed is quick to reject Umunna’s splitters
  14. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    I come to bury Chuka, not to praise him...

    But I must say I quite like the idea of a Parliament of splitters. Part of the problem with politics with the likes of Corbyn and May leading the teams is that with effective whipping common sense goes out the window.

    I am very drawn to the Green idea of "no whips" - though I guess many may say "No whips no progress!".

    I sincerely hope that Vince Cable, Caroline Lucas and their parties don't get drawn into this moral maelstrom. Somebody has to retain some principles!
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  15. 8ball

    8ball Resident Right-Winger

    Very George Washington.


    Are you here all week?
  16. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    As one Liberal patriarch was reputed to have said "Wait and see!"
  17. BusLanes

    BusLanes Pedestrian

    I'll be interested to see what happens in Streatham if Labour picks a Corbyn friendly candidate and how the Greens cope with that.

    The Greens being in my experience more the standard bearers for the left in Lambeth anyway and so if that is an accurate assessment, do they lose activists or supporters to a pro Corbyn CLP/candidate?

    I know other Green and indeed Lib Dems parties did lose activists that way back when Corbyn was elected.
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  18. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    According to Twitter there is an extended interview with Chuka plus vox pops from his constituents tomorrow on Sky News
  19. lang rabbie

    lang rabbie Je ne regrette les gazebos

    Not sure if it was a left-right thing for many Labour Party members. Several councillors admitted to me that having the leader of the Council as the PPC would be a sitting duck in what was then a Lib Dem target seat. Chuka did not have to defend everything that Lambeth had done in recent years.
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  20. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    This 2017 General Election leaflet is interesting. Not sure who the Lambeth Labour spin doctor is these days - or maybe Chuka wrote it himself.

    In any case I guess he may have felt queasy fighting an election sticking out stuff he doesn't really believe in (given his recent actions).

    From memory Helen Hayes' election leaflet was similar - but she did not vote for Article 50 - so her hands are cleaner than Chuka's in terms of being a Remainer.
    chuka 2017 general election-s.jpg
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  21. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    I've found (on the internet) 2 bits of Helen Hayes 2017 election leaflets.
    As you will see there is absolutely nothing about her real views about Brexit here - unless she is in the habit of lying to packed anti-Brexit meeting in Dulwich & West Norwood.

    I imagine these things are written by apparatchiks under orders from the Labour Party centrally. Helen Hayes' letter seems to reflect her views in a carefully worded way. It does NOT stray into promising to fight to REMAIN.

    Makes you weep when you think if we had an Irish STV system you could actually have Remain Labour and Brexit Labour standing in the same constituency in a truly fair election.

    Also makes you wonder that the Irish government are apparently confident of passing emergency laws to deal with our hard Brexit in about 3 weeks.

    It will take our parliament another 3 years, the way they are going.
    HH leaflet.jpg HH letter.jpg
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  22. BusLanes

    BusLanes Pedestrian

    I understand from Labour friends that their leaflets and materials usually need to be centrally approved.
  23. tim

    tim Well-Known Member

    Labour quit him, didn't it?
  24. Twattor

    Twattor Well-Known Member

    Give me a centrist politician and I'll vote for them. Better than Führer Corbyn's Blackshirts or the right wing equivalent.
  25. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    Momentum activist MP Chris Williamson (Derby North) has been to Streatham campaigning with Momentum to get rid of Chuka several times over the last six months. Looks like they've got their way.
  26. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    You are equating Corbyn supporters with Fascists?
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  27. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    What happened was that with Corbyn being elected ( twice) as leader the new influx of Old Labour rejoining and new young people found Chuka having a problem.

    Already posted this but the argument about party members having a way in his constituency Labour party was causing him headaches.

    The party machine was still controlled by right wing Labour.
  28. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    Do you know something we don't? The MP hasn't changed at all have they?
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  29. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Well I got lot of likes for this post on the politics boards.

    As I said previously I live in Lambeth. Coldharbour Ward. Counts as one of the most deprived 20% in the country.

    Chuka is New Labour as is the Labour Council.

    Whilst in Lambeth most people oppose Brexit that does not mean people support New Labour.

    Chuka is on the right of the party. He opposed Corbyn from the start. Before the anti semitism became an issue.

    From his early days he has moved to the right. That is why his independent group can have Tories in it.

    Setting aside Corbyn what he disagrees with is class politics.

    As my fellow Lambeth resident Brixton Hatter pointed out the long queues at foodbanks in his constituency are something he didn't bring up when announcing the Independent group.

    The fact that he is quite happy at having Tories in his Independent group says something.

    London is increasingly becoming more divided between the haves and have nots.

    I don't see Chuka taking an interest in that.
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  30. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    So Chuka is decent "centrist" politician unlike those nasty lefties who taken over the Labour party.

    Like in his Indendent Group he now has Tories who are unapologetic about inflicting austerity on ordinary people.

    Very centrist that.
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