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Choicebased Lettings Conning Lambeth

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by skyandsea, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. skyandsea

    skyandsea New Member

    :hmm:Having first hand experience with Lambeth council choicebased lettings i have now come to the conclusion that it is all a con. Properties that i have bidded for and i have not 'won', are being re-advertised instead of being passed down the line to the next successful bidder. Something is seriously wrong with this method of allocating council properties in Lambeth.

    I would love to hear other people's view of this.:hmm::hmm::hmm:
  2. nino_savatte

    nino_savatte No pasaran!

    LB Lambeth aren't the only ones who do this; the Peabody Trust also operate the same scheme. To date, my chances of being transferred out of the hell-hole that is Hammersmith remain as small as they did when I first applied under the old system. :(
  3. Pip

    Pip Well-Known Member

    Well I got a flat through bidding, but I know how frustrating it is. I don't know why properties get readvertised and can't really think of a logical reason either.
    Have you spoken to your housing officer?
  4. lang rabbie

    lang rabbie Je ne regrette les gazebos

    The only thing that would automatically mean that you fall off the "bidding" list is if the system records that you have rent arrears on your current place.

    May be worth checking that what you think you have paid and/or any housing benefit due ties up with "Lambeth Living"'s records, but I see that the rents and repairs website is up the creek again .
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  5. Lisarocket

    Lisarocket In bed with me dinner

    I sort of know why they are readvertised. They can't mix the 'priority groups' because the system won't let them. Whatever that means.

    I wrote this on a thread about Tower Hamlets housing policies a while ago.

    "Now this is what i don't get about Tower Hamlets housing department. I manage a small co-op in Tower Hamlets. We had a 1 bed ground floor garden flat come up about a month ago. Offered it to TH as a nomination. Had to go through their choice based lettings process- flat was advertised in the paper, people bid for it etc.

    We were sent 3 candidates for it. The primary on didn't turn up. The secondary one said it was two small as she needed a 2 bed. The third one liked it, but the committee didn't want 'a field of 1'

    So i ring TH again and ask for more candidates. They initially say we can't have any more and then say they will send us another 1 candidate because "we are unable to mix certain priority groups when putting forward multiple nominations"

    This new candidate they sent rings me last night and says she's found somewhere else...

    So, we've still got a nice 1 bed garden flat on offer and i reckon if we contact TH again they're going to say we have to re advertise it or something.

    This proves to me that the choice based lettings system doesn't really work because people with points are just bidding for everything and then cherry picking, while the people with lower points who would love this flat aren't even getting a look in because they're probably the wrong 'priority group'. I can't believe that only 4 people 'bid' for this flat, so why can't they send us more people from lower down the bidding list?

    Flats in Tower Hamlets. You can't even get tenants for them :rolleyes:"
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  6. macro

    macro New Member

    I've been missing out on offers due to the way Lambeth housing operates choice based lettings, every week they keep stating on my Homeconnection page that i'm viewing properties when infact even though i have been shortlisted for properties i have not been invited to view them. When i contact the nomination section at Lambeth no one replys to my complaint. Week after week i've been missing out on suitable offers because of this. CHOICE BASED LETTINGS IN LAMBETH IS TOTALLY UP THE CREEK!!!!!
  7. pebbles121

    pebbles121 New Member

    I have been on the Choice based Lettings scheme for quite a while now and have only been nominated to view 2 peoperties which I bidded on the advice of my housing officer which was unsuitable. since that time I have been bidding on a weekly basis to no avail. I have contacted Lambeth housing team to be told that priority is given to those with a higher need then me. Then what is the choice in choice based lettings if every one on this scheme does'nt get the opportunity to view suitable properties they want to live in. Very bemused........
  8. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

    I work fairly closely with CBL for another London Authority - ime - not all bidders are eligible - so they were arrange viewings for those that are - normally about 6 per viewing - if any accepts the property - they then have to be verified by allocations - which means checking that their application and points are correct. If none are verified, the next 6 eligible bidders are contacted and are invited to view - the process is repeated until the last eligible person on the bidding list has viewed. If no one accepts then it is re-advertised.

    I have done around 10 viewings on one flat - which was readvertised twice before letting it - and it was a pretty good flat - and I've let a fairly poor flat on the 1st viewing.
  9. miah-a

    miah-a Banned Banned

    I got a flat from CBL myself. It took from the sites inception to this year to get a flat and that was after countless bidding. It can be very very frustrating.
  10. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

    one bit of advice for people bidding - always go to the viewings - even if you are 8th on the list - ime - not everyone shows up - surprisingly - I think people bid for multiple properties and if short-listed visit the area t osee what it's like - and then if they don't like it - don't bother turning up - or accept more than one property - and discard the other one - I have to contact people who also accepted the flat to see if they are still interested, when the previous successful applicant turned it down. Also tell the Housing Officer that you would be interested if the property doesn't go to the successful bidder (s) ahead of you. There are often problems with the verification, and we have to contact people who also accepted.
  11. miah-a

    miah-a Banned Banned

    that is exactly how I got my flat. I did a reconnaissance of the area over the weekend before the viewing. Didn't at first like it, but thought I'd still turn up anyway as it was my first ever viewing and I wanted to see what it was like. We all waited for the lambeth lady who noted our names and then said I had first option because the first person on the list didn't turn up. I was like WTF? I accepted the offer and it's not a bad place.
  12. Ce Ce

    Ce Ce Member

    Hi, as you have some knowledge of the Lambeths choice based letting scheme, could you please tell me if when you see at the bottom of your bid page, bid under consideration, does it actually mean that my actual bid is being considered?
  13. Ce Ce

    Ce Ce Member

    I am in Group D of the housing list and have 60 points. Does anyone know if this is anygood and is it worth continuing to bid. I'm finding it very stressfull :(
  14. miah-a

    miah-a Banned Banned

    I think I was in the same group but had 56 points and managed to get a viewing. I asked the lambeth lady why I was even invited along with such low points and she said at that moment, Lambeth had a large number of flats available. God knows how true that was, but I was thankful. I found all the years of bidding more hurtful than stressful as some modern flats (the type you see wealthy city workers living in) occasionally becoming available and knowing I had no chance. Just used to think I'm working, paying my taxes, not claiming any benefit from the state yet never getting any closer to getting a flat while other more "needy" groups were a-head of me in the pecking order. It's easy for me to say, but you just got to keep biddng, Ce Ce.
  15. Ce Ce

    Ce Ce Member

    I'm confused, when I ask, I am told I have a high points its mistifying :) Have you found somewhere yet?
  16. Ce Ce

    Ce Ce Member

    Hi, as you have some knowledge of the Lambeths choice based letting scheme, could you please tell me if when you see at the bottom of your bid page, bid under consideration, does it actually mean that my actual bid is being considered? I have 60 poins in Group D, is that any good? I wondered if I should continue to bid or give up because I really have no chance.
  17. ShiftyBagLady

    ShiftyBagLady Thinks she is a flower to be looked at

    All bids are considered CeCe, that means that they are simply processing the bids.
    It does say on the website how many people from each band were housed last year and how many points they had so you might be able to gauge how good your chances are but priority will be given to some groups over others.
    I have no idea how they make up the shortlists, I think they are obliged to house people from all bands during the year so there may be sone quota filling which might work in your favour.

    Advice: speak to your housing officer, make sure all of the details are correct, make sure they are aware if you are overcrowded or leaving/requiring wheelchair accessible accommodation. Make sure you have as many points as you should and continue to bid but maybe try not to get too involved in it. I know that's easy to say as you're obviously keen to move and I'm sure you have good reason but if your chances are not so bright then you'll probably be better off not to invest too much energy into it
  18. marcia

    marcia New Member

    i have been registered for a council house since 2011 and i always bi but until now never been invited to view anything
    i bid almost every week
    im in band-c2 and i dont know how do i see thse points u talking about
    can anyone help me
  19. InLimbo

    InLimbo New Member

    In reply to Marcia.....
    I have been in temporary accommodation with Lambeth since 2010 which is 6 and a half years, I am out of the borough in Croydon. My son was 5 when we moved here he is now 12. I bid every single week. I have never had a viewing. I am Band C1. I come around 400/1000 The whole thing is a con!! No one gets housed unless they are Band A. I have now excepted that the temporary place is my permanent place and I am stuck here forever. I hate Lambeth. They give properties to who they like the look of have witnessed this with someone else who went there recently and the HO said this, wish I could have recorded it.
  20. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    A bit of information for anyone using Lambeth's "choice-based lettings" system.
    With Lambeth's decision a couple of years ago to demolish 6 estates and build more housing on them - not as council properties, but mostly as Housing Association properties at "near market" (i.e. 80% of market) rents - a lot of tenants on those estates who don't want to live n a building site are being given Band A priority to move off of those estates (Fenwick, South Lambeth, Central Hill, Cressingham Gardens, Knights' Walk and Westbury). In other words, as many as 1,000 households are being prioritised over the rest of the "priority" housing needs on the waiting list. It also needs to be remembered that Lambeth will use this tactic on each extra estate they regenerate, too, and they justify this by claiming that they're going to build "an extra 1,000 homes at council-level rent" by 2019/2020. So far, they've managed 8. That's right, eight out of a thousand, and most of the estate demolitions won't even begin to see new bricks and mortar until at least 2019/2020, so won't be ready for occupation as part of the 1,000.

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