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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by Cloo, Sep 23, 2003.

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    Just come back from watching the Unexpected Opera Company performance of 'The Barber Of Saville Row' at The Scoop by the GLA building.

    It's a rewritten version of Rossini's 'The Barber Of Seville', reset in 50s London, with the songs in English (rewritten words) and spoken word, not recitation which all told makes for a pretty accesible evening. Good fun, lots of laffs and it's free all this week...


    It's part of a wider festival of theatre, music and later in the year, film. The music programme is a bit jazz heavy, but toward the end of summer, there's a performance of the Medea...
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    Free tickets to exhibition at the new Darwin Centre, Natural History


    On 15 September the landmark Darwin Centre opens to the public. Museum visitors can explore world-class science in action in a dramatic new public space.

    The new Darwin Centre is a state-of-the- art science and collections facility and the building is the most significant expansion at the Museum since it moved to South Kensignton in 1881.

    See world-leading scientists at work, incredible specimens, exciting displays and much more. Visit the Darwin Centre from 15 September.

    Entrance is free
    10.00 - 17.50
    Booking is required for timed slots


    One of the highlights will be Cocoon, a journey deep into the 65-metre-long, eight-storey- high cocoon at the heart of the Darwin Centre. Here, you will discover some of the 20 million plants and insects protected by this enormous structure, from huge tarantulas to metre-high poisonous plants. For the first time, visitors will be able to see into the hidden world of scientific research, where real Museum scientists work on cutting-edge projects that could help protect the future of our planet.

    Demand for Cocoon is expected to be huge.

    Entrance is free
    Booking required
    Duration: approximately 45 minutes

    Be among the first and book your Darwin Centre Cocoon visit. Telephone +44 (0)20 7942 5725

    Begin your Cocoon journey with breathtaking views at the top of the 8-storey-high building, which you reach by glass lift. Wind your way down the gently sloping walkways past incredible specimens and exciting activities.

    Discover 100s of real specimens from huge tarantulas to metre-high plants. Highlights include giant wall specimen displays to films and high-tech installations.

    Take part in the many hands-on interactive activities as you explore science and nature.

    For the first time the hidden world of scientific research is opened up, revealing real scientists at work naming, analysing and preserving specimens. Through viewing desks, video and intercom, look in on laboratories and witness state-of-the- art equipment in use.
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    I've just managed to blag my way out of work & grab a ticket for the opening day! :)

    I'll try and take pictures!
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    Anyone know a good link for free gigs?
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    Last summer I was lucky enough to find out about Crossness Pumping Station's rare steaming days, and to attend the last one in August. Because the place is closed for major restoration works till 2011, it's going to be even harder to visit it.

    For those who haven't visited Crossness, it's the Sixtine Chapel of Sewage works. You may argue that there isn't big competition as far as pumping sewage goes, but Crossness is a jewel of Victorian architecture and engineering. You can see pictures on their website that don't do justice to it, plus, seeing the beam engines puffing at work was in itself awesome enough. We finished the visit with a picnic in nearby Abbey Wood, another wonder of South London that I didn't know (although I did know Thamesmead well, being a fan of brutalism). Amazing what worlds you can discover by merely crossing the Thames! :)

    P.S.: and going a bit off topic here, but is anyone a member of the London Industrial Archeology Society, and could you tell me more? I've been interested in that for a while.
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    not quite a london event but it's free entertainment- I've got a yamaha electone organ that i can no longer acommodate- does any one want it? I live in the centre of brixton and it's preferably buyer collects. It will fit in the back of a big booted car, and comes complete with stool and some beginner organ books, makes quality dated noise twin peaks-esque sound (although has many settings, inluding piano and a good selection of drum beats). It's pretty much as good as new the only issue is it's up quite a few stairs, but with two people that's not so bad. I can email a picture too, but not sure how to stick it in here. anyone?
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    They're called law students :D
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    Also: has anyone mentioned IanVisits yet?
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    11-12 June - London Open Garden Squares Weekend

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    Biddlybee making knots with sticks

    and one that might be good for those with inquisitive kids ;)

    Wellcome Collection Midsummer Picnic

    25 June 2011, 12.00 - 16.00

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    I went to the Serpentine Gallery last week for the exhibition by the Italian artist Pistoletto. Most enjoyable and free, you can visit the pavillion next door too.
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    Become a contestant on the Apprentice and win a task for free luxury treats. These more often than not take place in London.
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    wow i just stumbled across this crazy old forum post while googling something in london and i am just a little bit curious as to how cloo's next 12 months from date of posting all turned out. Hello cloo?
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    Uhm, I'm not sure we ever used the recommendations in this thread, but we did all right thanks and have got married and had two kids since then. So we're fairly skint again ;)
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    There's a city farm near bethnal green - is great for toddlers. I can't remember what it is called but if you come out the station and go left at the pub (so you have to be on the opposite side of the road from the pub) it's about half a mile on the right, before (I think) the flower market. OK, I'll look it up myself and post a link...

    edit: OK, it's Hackney city farm - that's already been mentioned. Sorry.
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    if you want to drink for free - i'd recommend art exhibition openings, usually there are more than one going on in the same area

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