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Change a movie title by one letter to create an entirely different film


Tor Tor Tor - frankly a bit repetitive, but one of the few films to tackle the cut-throat world of top class fell-running.


The Bam Dusters

jerry has fed a lot of glaswegian lads with buckfast and hoped they'd provide a fifth column. True to form they've given him the middle finger and decided to snooze it off after eating a fish supper. But dust is settling upon them and only a crack squad of commandoes can swoop in to mop their brows before they awake, hungry for breakfast.


Cattle of The Five Armies

a look at the logistics train needed to supply such psuedo-fuedal armies that even at 8 hours length still surpasses what we actually got from peter jackson


A successful virus clinging to a speck of mud.
Raging Dull
Epic, yet tedious tale of a pathologically jealous,violent, dreary, pugilist.


nanook rubs it....
Redknobs and Broomsticks.

An x-rated musical romp following the escapades of male Swedish naked cleaners as they skivvy for the wealthy older women of a Costa Del Sol gated community.


Power User
Boys in the Hood - When his car won't start one morning, John (Tom Hanks) lifts the hood to find someone has left adorable 1-week old twin boys inside. With his wife Harriet (Jennifer Aniston) they start a quest to raise the children as their own

Dr. Furface

One small step for man
Darty Dancing - we follow World Champion arrow masters Phil 'The Power' Taylor and Michael 'Mighty Mike' van Gerwen as they embark on a ballroom dancing odyssey, in this Strictly spin-off


A successful virus clinging to a speck of mud.
A borderline psychotic David Thewlis dispenses cod philosophy and flour and eggs to a home economics class