Champion Hill: Proposed Ground Redevelopment

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by Fingers, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Crispy

    Crispy The following psytrance is baṉned: All

    The detailed documents will show up here, once the planning department has validated the application:


    I strongly suspect that a roof on the North, South and West sides will not be included, as a sop to the "no development on MOL" rule.
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  2. MrFab_JP

    MrFab_JP Member

    Will the ends be banked or tiered to allow a game to be watched? And covered?
  3. YTC

    YTC Human Man

    Designs within the application are in line with the feedback from fans and the council, these things can change as the process goes along but can confirm we'll have terraces all around the ground (the three sides that are not the main stand).
  4. EDC

    EDC A Slightly Less Invisible Cyber Fan These Days

    And a Dortmund style pink wall at one end?
  5. YTC

    YTC Human Man

    Should be noted that this news coming out today will NOT stop our commitment to improve terracing at current site for this season!
  6. editor

    editor hiraethified

    What is the maximum capacity?
  7. YTC

    YTC Human Man

    4000 initially with room to expand to 5.

    Full wrap around with details on this tweet!

  8. GregDHFC

    GregDHFC Well-Known Member

    I think what would help get fans behind the proposal would be setting out how this is different to Meadow's initial proposal. From the info there, it looks basically the same (just with more pink and blue).

    What has the influence of DHFC's support been?
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  9. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Really?

    The Vanarama National League website seems to think the stadium planning application relates to a site that is not Champion Hill !
  10. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Kind of annoying that the South London Press and Southwark News get to break this story and get linked in the club tweet while nothing was sent to Brixton Buzz. :(
  11. Lucy Fur

    Lucy Fur Well-Known Member

    Seems a more than reasonable point given the support given over the years by BB.
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  12. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    Why wouldn't it...they're the principal partner in the development...
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  13. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    As I Club Director I would take it that he does. Why wouldn't he?
  14. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    I would have thought, given the reticence of editor to fully back the proposals, whilst I am extremely grateful for all the PR Brixton Buzz has given the Club down the years, I could see why they weren't on the 'first come to' list. Though it could just have easily have been an oversight, who knows...
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  15. pettyboy

    pettyboy Well-Known Member

    Doubt there was any oversight in giving the exclusive to the local paper over anyone else! Seems totally reasonable to me
  16. Jimbob73

    Jimbob73 The Wanley Road Massive

    Sounds like its a sunken pitch to allow stepped terrace on 3 sides with no roofs to get round the MOL planning.
    It says bigger bar, hopefully that means bigger and more accessible than the one we already have and not the crappy one they drew in the original plans.
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  17. Jimbob73

    Jimbob73 The Wanley Road Massive

    I'll be interested to see how they are suggesting the ground can be easily increased in future from 4 to 5,000. And why it can't be 5,000 from the start?
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  18. editor

    editor hiraethified

    The implied notion that the club will now only send important press releases to uncritical, commercial outlets sets rather a worrying precedent. Local, fan-run websites rely on getting the big stories as they happen, but this suggests that unless they unconditionally agree with the club's proposals, then they have to get the news late and second-hand.

    If this is the case, then it's a dreadful way to treat a long time supporter of the club who - as you have told me yourself - played a big part in increasing the popularity of the club in recent years and provided more positive coverage than anyone else.

    If this turns out to be official DHFC/Meadows policy, I'm out.
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  19. editor

    editor hiraethified

  20. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    As far as I can see it was a four page wraparound publicity/advertisement type thing which was identical in both publications. It wasn't presented as part of either paper's news coverage and there's nothing on either publication's website to tie in with this as far as I can see. There was no comment or opinion from the staff of either newspaper, positive or otherwise.
  21. editor

    editor hiraethified

    @Dulwich Mishi seemed to have an opinion why I never got to see any of this until after it was published in both papers and tweeted by the club (linking to both papers).
  22. Al Crane

    Al Crane Well-Known Member

    Some of the plans for the new stadium have been uploaded here...
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  23. editor

    editor hiraethified

    I'm not so good on translating these plans, but am I correct in assuming that there is no cover at all on three sides of the ground?
  24. Al Crane

    Al Crane Well-Known Member

    Looks like it but the roof level plan hasn't been included so there's no roof for the main stand either which I assume there will be!
  25. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    Yeah, that’s MY opinion, it’s how message boards work. I can’t speak for the Club, it’s something you will have to take up with the Directors. I haven’t got round to looking at the papers yet, bar yesterday’s wraparound in the ‘Southwark News’, which appears to have been paid advertising. So in that sense they presumably wouldn’t have contacted you as you don’t have advertising?
  26. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Given your long involvement with the club, your opinion tends to carry more weight than some freshly arrived fan, and I find your take on this topic rather concerning.

    I would have thought that the club would have the courtesy to include Buzz on any announcements concerning the "full stadium and residential application" but that clearly wasn't to be. And although you're correct in stating that we don't accept advertising, Buzz has published countless articles on the club's activities, many of which are essentially free advertising (see list above for examples).

    Perhaps if I ask for money from now on I may get these announcements the same time as everyone else...
  27. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    Well the fact is my viewpoint carries the same weight of any other poster, it’s simply a personal opinion, regardless if people think it carries more weight just because I’ve been supporting The Hamlet for a few decades more than most. Have you heard back from any of the Directors yet as to why you weren’t told in advance? Be interesting in how they respond to your concerns. I am presuming you have contacted them...
  28. Crispy

    Crispy The following psytrance is baṉned: All

    Some thoughts on the plans, and how they differ from the previous scheme:

    Clubhouse ground floor:


    The toilet provision is excellent. Loads of them, and simply laid out.
    I presume the squash courts and spin studio (and all the other gym rooms upstairs) are part of a well-researched business plan for the gym. Squash courts are very specialised spaces (you can only play squash in them) so I hope there's demand for it.
    There is no dedicated food/hot drink outlet (the previous scheme had 2). I presume the plan is to have temporary stall(s) near the gates?

    Clubhouse first floor:


    The bar layout is excellent. Long service counter and tons of doors. It is a drink-serving factory and should bring in much more revenue than the existing layout, which struggles to cope with demand.

    Clubhouse second floor:


    Plenty of flexible function & class rooms. I like the balcony over the bar. These are all good spaces for hire.

    Terraces and Seating

    The previous scheme had a blocked view of one corner of the pitch from the stand. This is remedied in the new scheme:


    The terrace is decently sloped, with a wide high area at the top. Good views for everyone on the steps. I drew this section from the figures on the plans:


    There are no covered areas on the terraces. I can tell from the graphical style that these plans come from the same software I use in my day job (Autodesk Revit). You build a 3D model and then "slice" it to make plans, sections, elevations etc. The first and second floor plans still show the terrace steps. Therefore there is nothing above them.

    Excellent clubhouse and stand. The rest is limited and compromised (and most likely cannot be expanded in any form)
  29. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression that the existing squash courts are something of a white elephant and were only included at the insistence of then landlords King's College London. As you say, it's a substantial amount of space that can't be utilised for anything else.

    It's also been stated in the past that having the current main building on three levels is a prime source of the excessive overheads in running the place, so I'm a bit surprised to see another three storey main building.

    A total of 666 seats in the "Damien" stand!
  30. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Did the SLP and Southwark News have to chase after this story? Although it's hugely popular - over 8 million page views since we started - Brixton Buzz is done entirely as a labour of love in the contributor's spare time.

    What money we make through events and beer sales goes direct to local community charities and no one who writes for us gets paid a penny (myself included).

    So, no, I haven't had the time to start privately emailing individual directors to ask why we were excluded from the latest press release.

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