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Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by ringo, May 1, 2015.

  1. smee22

    smee22 New Member

    There will be no toe-stubbing on the corner of these bad boys, that's for sure.
  2. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Cesca Chairs


    Didn't realise these were a famous design. I have two copies as my dining chairs. Bought for £20 from the local charity shop.
  3. paolo

    paolo Well-Known Member

    Classic. I think it one works for an hour or so though. But for cheap simplicity, nailed.
  4. paolo

    paolo Well-Known Member

    Horrible to sit on. But I guess dining chairs are short use times? But I'm soooo objecting. Having a dedicated "dining room"... urban social death. :D
  5. paolo

    paolo Well-Known Member

    I think I have 10 IKEA copies of this now stowed in my parents loft.

    Why? I once found out I had 10 friends. They're all in the loft now.
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  6. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Yeah, for a short time they're OK, but until I got the other chair I posted above I was using it as my computer chair and I work from 8+ hours per day sat in it. Not great :(

    Also, I don't have a dining room :D I don't even having a dining table anymore (it's now my computer table) :)
  7. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    They look like the sort of thing one of the bosses at the interior designers I worked at would put in a nightclub, he said for "WOW" factor ... they are certainly eye-catching, but not for the reason he would think !
  8. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Alles hat ein Ende nur eine Wurst hat zwei

    I picked some eames ICF office leathers for the house library ( box room too small for a bed) . Everyone hated them, I was only allowed to keep one for my personal use.
  9. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

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  10. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Love it :D
  11. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

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  12. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Bought a kitchen table at an auction for £40 and in with the lot for no extra cost was a pair of nice Jan Kurtz pocket folding chairs which normally go for £80 each. They fold almost completely flat, stack, very solid metal construction and pretty comfortable - nice bit of design.
    jan-kurtz-pocket-chair-w-450-h-780-d-470-mm-aluminium-white--jan-493606_1a.jpg jan-kurtz-pocket-chair-2.jpg

    Last week's drunken Ebay purchase also turned out to be a winner. Mid 20th Century red vinly club chairs £100 :D:thumbs:

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  13. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    Wow :) do you live in a warehouse?
  14. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Hah, the armchairs are the pics from the Ebay advert and the Kurtz jobs are stock pics from the internet. I wish I did, I've got so many chairs there's no room to stand up. Like records, I just keep on buying more and getting told to stop. But balls to that :)
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  15. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    Hahaha :D
    I'm like that with books so I sort of know what you mean!
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  16. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    This 'K10 Dodo' swivel armchair is coming up in my local auction house this Saturday. Designed by Toshiyuki Kita, it looks great in the pictures, with a dropback headrest and full recining action.

    New they're £2,700 and this has a starting price of just £200. Nipped down there for a look but it didn't live up to expectations. It's not only had a very hard life, but in the flesh it has a more squat, ungainly appearance than the pictures suggest. Worse, it wasn't particuarly comfortable. The sides are very low so you feel like you're going to fall out of it should you relax too much, and the foot rest barely reached my ankles and I'm not especially tall.

    The search for the perfect chair continues, although I might have already found it with the Skoghaug on page 1 of the thread. Shame it squeaks when you move.

    Toshiyuki Kita (b.1942), a 'K10 Dodo' swivel armchair for Cassina, c.2000_A.jpg Toshiyuki Kita (b.1942), a 'K10 Dodo' swivel armchair for Cassina, c.2000_B.jpg
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  17. Crispy

    Crispy The following psytrance is baṉned: All

    That's got to be fixable
  18. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    I've oiled it but I can't seem to get rid of the squeak. I might have to dismantle it, see what I can find. I think it's the base of the chair moving on the upright support that is squeaking.
  19. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    I got these at the auction. A 19th century elm and ash Windsor and three other Windsor chairs. At some point I'll replace my kitchen table with a nice old one.

  20. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards 1967 Maserati Mistral. R.I.P.

    Lovely Windsors there. They could only ever be English.

    These are Portuguese. I am told they are from an original design by a famous Portuguese designer. They are almost as uniform as the buildings of Lisbon's historic centre. Feels like every quiosque and every terrace has the same chair in different materials. Wooden seating with steel frame are best.

    I cannot find out who designed the original. Any ideas?

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  21. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    I found them :)


    This Lisbon metal chair for hotels and restaurants is the Portuguese cafe terrace emblem, timeless design, for outdoor and indoor use, can be customized with your brand!
    This Lisbon metal chair for hotels and restaurants is the Portuguese cafe terrace emblem made since the 30’s. Carved by a timeless design, it is well-known for its round arm. It is made for outdoor or indoor use, resistant and comfortable. This metal chair can be made in stainless steel or aluminium. It is painted with epoxy coating for corrosion protection. This stacking chair is available in a wide range of textured or mate colours. You can also choose a wood seat in option. Thanks to its timeless design, the success of this chair has far exceeded the borders of Portugal and can be found on the cafe, bistrot, restaurant and hotel ‘s terraces in Spain, UK, Norway, Sweden, Italy…even in Mexico.
    For the little story, the ‘Portuguese chair’ is really the ‘Gonçalo Chair’, named after Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos, the original creator of the Portuguese cafe terrace emblem. In late 1940s, dos Santos had a small welding shop in Lisbon and produced a range of products out of metal. Then, the story goes, dos Santos invented a particular tube bending machine (kept hidden from curious eyes). The end product, with a basic structure of two bent tubes, was the ‘Gonçalo Chair’ whose ultimate comfort was thanks to user testing by the metal workers themselves. The chair’s popularity swept across cafes in the city in the 50s and 60s and today still forms a staple of Portuguese social life and cafe culture.

    Lisbon metal chair for hotels and restaurants - Hotel Gift Selection
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  22. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards 1967 Maserati Mistral. R.I.P.


    I now have more sales ammunition for charming tourists into buying art :)

    Thank you.
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  23. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Dieter Rams chair for Vitsœ


    I don't like them. But I like how they look well futuristic, even though they're now a nearly 50 year old design.
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  24. lefteri

    lefteri Well-Known Member

    I love them and wanted to get the sofa but it’s seven grand for a three seater - they’re ridiculously comfortable though
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  25. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Alles hat ein Ende nur eine Wurst hat zwei

    had 2 of these. dont bother. we will be getting rid of the remaining one soon. look great but are uncomfortable


    5 of these for 200 quid disassembled - original vitra eames from decades ago - they are lovely and comfy. sold a pair for 450 quid which paid for ..


    ....a stash of the vitra eames DSR chairs for 25 quid each- wonderful dining chairs

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