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Didn’t know where to put this, but this thread seems appropriate - interesting article from BBC showcasing a London blogger who photographs the practice of facadism, destroying an entire building apart from the facade then constructing a new building behind it.

The rise of 'facadism' in London


One on one? You're crazy.
They’re doing this in Shepherds Bush right now with what was the Walkabout

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Holy smoke! £1m flats take a tumble

And sometimes the developers may take short cuts , I watched this one collapse (from outside a conveniently located pub :thumbs:) .I was working for the HA that had a house next door (we had to relocate 3 familes at short notice :mad:) . We suspected that the developers weren't too bothered as it would have been easier building a copy of the frontage :hmm:

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The keeping of the facades is a way of retaining culture and nostalgia I guess. I love some of the old building around town, but this is ridiculous.