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Central London photos - parks, buildings, street scenes and London life


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Nice. Berwick St has completely changed. It amazes me that some of the dodgy brothels are still holding out TBH.

Where the Trocadero once was, complete with Sega World and Laserquest and a multiplex and Namco funland is just a tat souvernir shop. Tottenham Ct Rd, no longer the electronics hub of yore, just a few little indie camera and PC repair places now. And Oxford St, more tat shops replacing once decent stores. Even the old United Colours of Beneton Store just opposite Nike Town on Oxford Circus seems to be struggling to find tenants.

The best thing about central London is a lot of the old boozers still seem to be doing well. in Soho and Fitzrovia anyway you can still find some very decent pubs. Very little to go shopping for though.


They are ringing the bells now but soon...

On waste ground behind London Bridge. I have no idea why there looks to be some Royal Navy airframe lying there DownwardDog - any ideas what it is ?
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ska invita

back on the other side
Just passed gay hussar on Greek Street and it's closed, since last summer supposedly. But theres seemed to be several shut shops there... Any one know why? Just rents? Or is something else going on?


Because I could not stop for death
I always knew editor was a good photographer but some of the first pics on this thread a more than just good.

I worked in Soho in the seventies so there's some memories provoked there.

I don't know how I missed this thread. I'll be looking for it in future.