Central London mob attacks people in Hyde park

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by The Black Hand, Aug 3, 2008.

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    Just doing my bit to keep this thread on topic Mel, you know.:)
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    Maybe the guy is ill/nut job/social unstable, maybe he is the result of a troubled upbringing who's only response to someone squirting him with coloured (for all he knew staining liquid) is it punch/slap the person.

    Maybe he warned the woman "Don't put any of that red crap on me or I will get angry and you won't like it when I get angry'! or something similar.

    Or maybe he was having a bad day, he could have been pissed up, on drugs and having a bad trip.

    Maybe the woman is a total windup merchant who knew she would get a reaction out the guy.

    Who Knows what the truth is
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    Are these people not generally not known by another name?



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    Please try and keep up ... ;)
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    I m not attica :rolleyes: please try and keep up :p.

    I jumped in at the tail end of the thread..so what actually happened.
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    Attica reckoned he knew the truth about what happened, but basically made a complete tit of himself. :)
  9. detective-boy

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    * Waits for Attica to reappear and assert that, actually, he knew the truth all along and everyone else made complete tits of themselves trying to prove otherwise ... *:D
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    You forgot to put 'again' at the end of the sentence.
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    But less so than dribble, you and clapham turd as he's known.:p:D
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    Oh, sorry. :oops:

    Corrected post:

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    Attica, you're pretty crap at this messageboard thing, really.

    I'm cringeing whenever you try to post.

    Why don't you concentrate your remedial efforts on your own real life?
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    What would we do for a laugh then, pk?

    Keep on keeping on, Attica.
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    Timely bump :D
  18. 8den

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    Remember the time Attica wanted an "international brigade" to go to Palestine but then admitted he couldn't actually go himself due to a bad back?
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    Can of worms
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    This is 19 year old Joshua Clements of Foxglove Street, Hammersmith and Fulham ...


    ... yesterday, he was sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment and placed on extended license for five years, when he appeared the Old Bailey. Clements had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent; one count of carrying an offensive weapon; two counts of handling stolen goods; and one count of possession with intent to supply (class A).

    On the evening of Tuesday, 19 July 2016, while a large peaceful gathering of people were enjoying the hot weather in Hyde Park, Clements attacked two men with a hunting knife in two separate incidents, causing both victims serious injuries.

    One of the attacks took place within the crowd in Hyde Park with the victim sustaining a serious stab wound to the abdomen; the other assault happened in the middle of the road near to Cumberland Gate as the crowd dispersed from the park. In this incident, Clements stabbed his victim in the chest and both arms. Both victims sustained serious injuries but have since recovered.

    Clements had attempted to evade detection by wearing a camouflage patterned face mask when he carried out the offences. However, officers traced his movements via CCTV and were able to see his face when he lifted his mask as he finally made off from the area. This image was circulated amongst police officers and Clements was recognised by a police constable attached to a west London gangs unit. He was arrested on 27 July 2016.

    A search of Clements’ home address recovered a significant quantity of drugs, stolen property from two robberies committed in Hyde Park on the evening of the disorder and a large hunting knife. The knife was subsequently forensically linked by blood to both of the serious assaults. Faced with overwhelming evidence Clements pleaded guilty to the charges laid.


    This is the mask and hunting knife Clements used in the attacks, after turning up in Hyde Park, London, with knife-wielding friends to rob people.

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