Cataloguing head injuries that are not being taken seriously

Discussion in 'football' started by elbows, Mar 24, 2019.

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    I've been meaning to start this thread for a while, because we seem to be in the middle of an era where concussion awareness has increased, but where protocols are sometimes little more than paying lip service.

    If you see a game where this happens please post it here. For example, if someone comes back on and the commentator makes a comment about them 'still appearing a bit woozy'. I heard just that recently, but forgot which player and which game so cannot include it here.

    So I will start with a more dramatic example:

    Fabian Schaer, in Euro 2020 qualifier against Georgia. Knocked out. Swallowed own tongue, which a member of the opposing team then sorted out. Carried on playing. Not sure the person he clashed heads with should have carried on either, unclear but he was also described as laying motionless.

    Footballer rushes to opponent's aid
  2. elbows

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    That incident did not go unnoticed:

    Fabian Schar knocked unconscious: Uefa needs to investigate - brain charity Headway

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  4. What the fuck is Gary McCallister, the Rangers assistant manager, doing out at 4 am after 'a meal with his wife'

    In Leeds . Which isn't Scotland.

    Having been a big fan of him in his playing days I find it hard to think he was *entirely* innocent.
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