Cars You Never See Anymore

Discussion in 'transport' started by Idris2002, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. twentythreedom

    twentythreedom BREAD FUCKING SAUCE

    That is fucking brilliant tbf :thumbs:
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  2. OzT

    OzT Online early mornings when at work ....

    Well the Fords in that era also had bronze and yellows whilst BL had Old English White (just dirty) and Harvest gold!!

    Nice those P6, I had one. Smooth ride, lovely seats, interior just smelt nice, skinny large steering wheel and that long ribbon speedo was a joy to look at. Certainly you get to see the ribbon well cause the acceleration was not thta rapid that you may miss the ribbon's progress.

    I didn't have the V8 so yes instrumentation was quite basic. But had a pull out emergency fuel tap which always came in handy when running the tank low befor erefilling due to lack of funds.
  3. nuffsaid

    nuffsaid But this goes up to 11

    I specifically chose a brown one as I remember as a kid telling my Mum and Dad that one day I'd have a brown Rover, as pictured, and electric gates on my house. Well I never bothered buying a brown Rover, or any Rover, but I do have an electric garage door if that makes a difference.
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  4. Dogsauce

    Dogsauce Lord of the Dance Settee

    I reckon they should make Audi TTs in chocolate brown, they'd look like a Freddo on wheels.
  5. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    TBF to Ford, Daytona Yellow and the bronze looked great on Mk3 Cortinas!

    Had an Austin 1300GT in Harvest Gold. Horrible colour, made your eyes bleed.

    My Dad had a blue P6 2200TC, which had lovely comfy leather seats. It wasn't fast, but was a great motorway car. Mate had a postbox red P6 3500S. He didn't drive it much, as it was thirstier than an Aussie who's just done Dry January!
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  6. just bought a mk1 mondeo as a gap car til i get something decent. only 35k miles and 20 years old with a full main dealer history. one old man owner, spec sheet from dagenegam motors shows he wanted a cassette player not a CD player. mad. I dont own any cassettes. drives like new but as he was very old, the bumpers are destroyed as he drove it until his family confiscated it and got his licence removed. cost me pennies to buy
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  7. dessiato

    dessiato Maholo e ke akua no kei la

    That's, maybe, worth keeping.
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  8. hmmmm. needs tlc but mechaniclly great. miserble car - has zetec engine so i would be looking at getting the cam belt done . it will likely be up for grabs on here when I get my german slab in a few months time. the bumpers seem to have morphed into eggshells with age - looks to be typical for this generation, so not too fussed about the grandads damage - came with a full mot. am using it to do some urbex in eastern eueope next month. have to locate some cassettes for the trip
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  9. DownwardDog

    DownwardDog Riding a Brompton with a power meter.

    I've just bought another RX-7. I've gone from never seeing them to owning two and a half in bits.
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  10. existentialist

    existentialist Running out of ways it could get worse

    Do you have shares in a refinery?
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  11. DownwardDog

    DownwardDog Riding a Brompton with a power meter.

    They would have to be running for that to be an issue. The initial plan was a turbo 3 rotor 20b swap from a Cosmo so I bought the engine from Japan for that. Then YouTube dickhead Rob Dahm did a 3 rotor swap in his RX-7 which basically doubled the price of Cosmo 3 rotors overnight so I cashed mine in. So my first one is sitting without an engine. Then I bought a second one with no engine because it had some interior parts my first one needed. So now I'm thinking of doing a 10,000rpm NA billet 3 rotor in the first one and making the second one a really ignorant 'daily drifter' with a widebody conversion and a straight piped LS3 in it.

    In the mean time if I actually need to get somewhere I go in my Clio which is actually ok on fuel.

    NA 3 rotors sound fierce...

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  12. Poi E

    Poi E Pessimism: a valuable protection against quackery.

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  13. mauvais

    mauvais change has become unavoidable

    Mondeo bumpers came with duct tape from the factory.
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  14. OzT

    OzT Online early mornings when at work ....

    The GLX with 'colour' co-ordinated duct tape ...
  15. blairsh

    blairsh Son of a motherless goat

    Crossed paths with one of these yesterday, been a long time since i seen one. Proper barge :cool:

    Suffice to say, i instantly thought of this thread :D
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  16. Leo2

    Leo2 Vexatious correspondent

    Eew! Wot is it? Is it a Vauxhall or Opel of some sort? It's got that blobby - been left in the sun too long - look about it. :D
  17. dessiato

    dessiato Maholo e ke akua no kei la

    Vauxhall/Opel Senator. Great car in its day. 3 litre, comfortable, and quick. Mate of mine had one he traded it for a Jaguar which looked better but wasn't a lot better to drive etc.
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  18. DownwardDog

    DownwardDog Riding a Brompton with a power meter.

    It's a 2nd gen Vauxhall Senator. I don't think anyone ever paid their own money for one. They were usually company cars for Finance Directors at sofa factories.
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  19. Leo2

    Leo2 Vexatious correspondent

    Thought it might be a GM something - General Motors Holden used to make a similar looking atrocity in Oz. A mate of mine at uni had something similar - called a Holden Commodore. In its defence; it was very pre-loved, but I drove it once - it squeaked and rattled, and handled with all the aplomb of an over-warm one of these -

  20. OzT

    OzT Online early mornings when at work ....

    How dare you diss Holdens Leo2, the makers of one of the best looking and bestest cars ever, the HQ Kingswood???

    lol!!! :)
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  21. DownwardDog

    DownwardDog Riding a Brompton with a power meter.

    The same chassis underpinned the VS through VZ Commodores. The VZ Commodore is supposed to be the "good" one but it's all relative. They squeak and rattle when they are brand new and have the worst interior fit and finish of any car produced by a non-communist country.
  22. rubbershoes

    rubbershoes not the only raver in the village

    I'm guessing you've never been in a Paykan.

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  23. Teaboy

    Teaboy It definitely looks brighter over there..

    Vauxhall Omega. Not even that old a car but a complete dogs dinner, what did they think it was going to compete with? The 5-series?

    Given they were still being knocked out in the early 00's its a bit odd I haven't seen one for ages. I don't think they sold a single car into the retail market - they all just went to the Police or rental fleets before finishing their dismal lives as minicabs (who promptly dumped them because they were thirstier than me on at 4pm on a Friday).
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  24. blairsh

    blairsh Son of a motherless goat

    Its a fucking senator! Same era as this
  25. OzT

    OzT Online early mornings when at work ....

    I lurved my Hillman Hunter . . . . . lol!! :)
  26. rubbershoes

    rubbershoes not the only raver in the village

    The paykans were driven into the ground and then kept on the road for another couple of decades
  27. Poi E

    Poi E Pessimism: a valuable protection against quackery.

    Jesus, they could have made a Nissan or Toyota under licence but no, they chose a fucking Hillman Hunter.
  28. myster guest.jpg

    it would be a rare day you see one of these. if anyone here recognises it

    Sexier and rarer than an RS but never as sought after.
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  29. MickiQ

    MickiQ Well-Known Member

    Looks like an Hillman Avenger pretending to be a sports saloon, my first GF's dad had a bog standard Avenger as a company car, only thing he disliked more than me.
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  30. its a bit more special than that. and yes, it is a 4 door.

    less than 40 left they reckon. makes the legions of Mexicos look common as muck
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