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Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by waterloowelshy, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. waterloowelshy

    waterloowelshy Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a spare room to rent in Cardiiff?

    I had to move out of my pad last month as the contract expired and i was too lazy to find alternative accomodation in time. So for now am living with a mate and commuting in from Pontypridd everyday (not far i know - but like i said im lazy and could do with the extra hour in bed in the morning!).

    Any way if anyone has or knows of a nice room going in Cardiff please respond or pm me. not really that choosy as to which areas - althought the more central the better - canton or bay would be a bonus! - looking to pay about 250 max and ideally for some chilled people people to share with.

    cheers in advance if you have any info.
  2. llantwit

    llantwit 

    I'll PM you...
  3. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    hiya, i want and plan to move to cardiff, asap like
    in an ideal world i'd like to be able to rent a cheap studio/flat on my own or sharing with like minded peeps (urbanites maybe/veggie hopefully) where i could set up my stuff to play music etc and do some work from home.

    there seems to be a few sites with stuff on but the 1 bedroom places are inevitably expensive and going into a stranger house share is risky.
    maybe someone here would like to look for a 2/more bed place?
    anyone got any good agency/landlord recommendations?

    love cardiff and want to maybe avoid going back to london if possible...
    ah the hiraeth :) cheers all
  4. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    maybe some thing along the lines of this just found on web

    Roath 3Bedroom Furnished,Semi-Detached,Through Lounge,Good size rooms,rear garden,Central Heating,Close to town centre & university, suits proffessional/students. £600pcm ono
  5. waterloowelshy

    waterloowelshy Well-Known Member

    well im still looking as is a mate of mine - but unfortunately we aint veggies - in fact im probably a meatatarian as i hate vegetables! :D

    let me know if you are still interested
  6. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    first post for over 6months in ere!

    right, i am moving to Cardiff in a couple of weeks - start of june

    2 decent sized bedrooms in a ground floor flat in Neville Street, riverside
    with lounge bathroom and kitchen
    soundproof ceiling as iirc there is a 3/4bed upstaris
    and outdoor bit of grass and place to sit.

    1 double room with bed and some furniture
    £275 a month plus bills

    landlord seems sound and lives about 5 or 6 doors up
    close to town, 5-10min walk
    tesco round the corner in canton, pubs, chapter etc etc
    going to get broadband and stuff asap after moving in
    anyone know the best deals in cardiff?

    me - laid back, vegetarian, got decks and like to use them, not all the time tho, honest.
    would ideally like to share with someone similar but different if that makes sense, an urbanite would be good
    don't really fancy sharing with anyone like waterloowelshy with their droll meatatarian attitude :rolleyes: been there, done that.

    live and let live is fine, all is needed is mutual respect eh...
    give me a shout if interested or have any q's
  7. waterloowelshy

    waterloowelshy Well-Known Member

    droll meatatarian attitude? - i just dont particularly like vegetables - i much prefer meat - who rattled your cage? - fuck me get down off your high horse you pompous twat! :mad:
  8. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    you are proving my point and digging yourself a hole, i am not being pompus, please re read my post.
  9. waterloowelshy

    waterloowelshy Well-Known Member

    i did read your post hence i am calling you a pompous twat! - you twat! :mad:
  10. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    please grow up and leave it, i am trying to find someone to share a flat with,
    as this is the flatsharing thread and we're obvioulsy not going to end up living togther. if u want to abuse me use the pm method, thanks.
  11. waterloowelshy

    waterloowelshy Well-Known Member

    no its ok - i wont waste any more of my time or yours. i really think you should avoid telling anyone to grow up though, as you are just a self obsessed moron who finds it against your views and therefore wrong to not be a vegetarian - go join Chrissie Hind you fundamentalist loser! :p
  12. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    ok, thanks
  13. waterloowelshy

    waterloowelshy Well-Known Member

    talking to yourself? - now now! - just because nobody else will doesnt mean you have to resort to that level of sadness! :rolleyes:
  14. jannerboyuk

    jannerboyuk ...just kids gone wild.

    I am looking for a room to rent in Cardiff for definite three months July - September maybe more (probably moving to London then altho' not definite). Prefer Roath area, laid back atmosphere, will pay up to £250 + bills currently working shifts so need a bit of peace and quiet.
  15. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    Aww you were almost the perfect lodger then.. only i dont think we be here in a month (might be) but £250 + bills! The last lodger who moved out of here (still got one left) didnt pay f*ck all.. but s14n's tpo easy goin, even let him keep the key for 2 weeks or so after he left.. he owe's about 2000 quid's worth of lectricity!! (dont say nothin right but his mail still comes here, now i would never open somebody elses letters ever.. but the posties must have coz it was open sorta... he owes money to everyone!! the bloody debt collectors are on the way soon... they might think its me :eek:

    err, where was i.. oh right yea... plenty of peace here but no quiet, which is my fault.. i like me music loud and when told to turn it down usually do the opposite. Do you like hip-hop trip-hop and drum 'n bass? maybe a little trancey trance.. if so maybe you wouldant mind..

    peAce (canton by the way, but only for a couple weeks so as soon as you move in be set to move back out.. any good?)

    Edit: ok so now i read your post (should do that first really lol) and the dates dont fit.. soz, my bad.

  16. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    right, need some help here Cardiff people
    need to fill this 2nd room in the flat and it's been a month and a half now...
    i keep getting emails from aussies/poles/slovaks and other travellers who want to stay for a few weeks and share the room etc, even one group of aussies going to see u2 at the stadium wanting to pay £100 for one night for 5 of them to crash :eek:
    whilst i like meeting new people, this is not the way i wanna go

    can anyone suggest where i should be advertising in cardiff?
    has anyone done this before and can offer advice?
    cheers :)

    so far i've put notices up different places and advertised on a fair few websites.
  17. waterloowelshy

    waterloowelshy Well-Known Member

    Id suggest vegetarians r us for you!

    No seriously - have you tried - - is very well run and lots of people appear to be looking for rooms in Cardiff on there.
  18. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    hoho ;)

    yes ta i have tried that, u gotta pay tho and i'm no flush atm

    £275 is not too much for a nice room in a 2bed well close to town is it :confused:
  19. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri
    i unfortunately have been having similar experiences :D :(
  20. bendeus

    bendeus Bellend Tagline Generator

    I've currently got a room for rent in my 'ouse in Splow. Hope this isn't stepping on Ddraig's toes, and that his search has been successful. If it isn't and you or somebody you know are looking for a place, then drop me a PM at any time.

    'Better an Urbanite than an axe maniac', as the old saying goes ;)
  21. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    hehe funny you should mention it bendeus :D

    did have someone moved in, seemed a bit odd like, but then so am i and thought they were just settling in.
    then 2 weeks later had to almost physically remove him as he got weirder and weirder and lost it...
    so i'm looking again, gonna try and hold out for a vegi this time ;)

    but go ahead mate, your gaf is probably less than here as well,
    don't think i can get out of my contract :(
  22. mabinogi

    mabinogi New Member

  23. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    probably have to move by 1st June
    anyone know of anything?
  24. shushkatab

    shushkatab New Member

    Somewhere to rest my tired toes


    I'm gonna get kicked out of my accommodation at the end of June and need somewhere to live!

    Looking for something for at least 3 months, pref. in Cathays or Roath, but then want flexibility to stay longer if I decide to. . .

    Gonna be writing my dissertation but looking for some chilled out people who like good music. I'm not a veggie (dont mean to spark off any more anger like above:S) but looking for like-minded (anarchist? environmentally concerned?) people who will at least recycle their damn rubbish! Ahem.

    Any ideas?:)
  25. RubberBuccaneer

    RubberBuccaneer Hedd Wyn

    Sorry Mate.. don't find you'll find anyone like that on here:(
  26. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    stop bein sarcy to the noobs RB :p

    welcome shushkatab :)
  27. shushkatab

    shushkatab New Member

    hehe - nice to be here!:p
  28. chupucabras

    chupucabras Makes I fuhkin lairf

    Hi - there might be one or two rooms going in a rather nice house in Riverside. Rent is £200/month.

    PM me if you're interested :)
  29. Robster

    Robster Active Member

    Just thought I'd add if anyone is looking for roomsin Cardiff, may find these links useful:
    Gumtree Cardiff
    Cardiff Online Classifieds

    Someone else mentioned Easy Roommate. I've tried it in the past, and although its very busy and you can search for free its one of those ones where you have to pay to contact other people unless they are a paid member, and the prices start at £19.90 for 10 days access, which I think is extortionate.
  30. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    hiya robster!, welcome and nice one. :)

    a note on them 2 - as you say easyroomate is a bit crap and well pricey, didn't really work for me and someone i managed to get from there was a bit of a psycho and had to be got rid of after 2 weeks :eek: (e2a - though the bloke that ran the site got on the case and was helpfull)

    gumtree is good as it's free but again i got a lot of people, mainly aussies etc wanting to stay for a few weeks and even a night! also young couples from europe who were coming over to work and wanted to share.
    basically i couldn't rent out my spare room for most of the year i was there due to people not getting my ad or lying about themselves and their situation. (tbf i was asking for a veggie and someone on their own)
    even the people i had coming to look from ads i'd put up in chapter etc were mostly decent on the surface but a bit wishy-washy when it came down to it.

    am now happily out of there and sharing with decent peeps, though not through the traditional ways or any of those sites.

    good luck to anyone looking in Cardiff!

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