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Cardiff City Soul Crew... new book launch

Discussion in 'football' started by Clint Iguana, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    Book Launch Details

    Book launch will be held on Saturday 13th September 2008 at Bar Crunch, Westgate Street,

    Cardiff from 11am - 2pm... just in time for the bristol city game .

    All are welcome

    Lads from all over the country will be present, including Wolves, QPR, Boro and Chelsea

    Book can be purchased on the day, and author will be happy to sign copies


    Product Description

    This is the story of Cardiff City's notorious Soul Crew and their invasion into England and Scotland from 1970 to 2008

    20 top lads from clubs ranging from Boro, to Wolves, QPR, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Birmingham and some of Cardiff's main faces who were all there, all involved and tell it how it was.

    No bullshit and they tell it exactly as it happened, with no punches pulled and their stories have never been told before.

    The above is from the website.... not my words. Book's author is annis abraham...... but i suspect it is more like his previous book 'shattered dreams to wembley way', which makes him the editor rather than the author :hmm:
  2. pastieburt

    pastieburt Best team in the league.

    I read a book called soul crew a few years back it sounds like the same book.
  3. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    What, another one?
  4. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    its a new one, this time about the REAL soul crew, whatever that means.

    This is Annis' second book this year. He is a milionaire and was a very friendly with sam hamman; his first book was mainly about the sam hamman years at cardiff city. In the book Annis was at great pains to tell the true story of how he bacame the subject of a panorama story on european football hooliganism ... he was innocent of course....... seems a bit odd to me that he is now putting out another book which will probably glorify hooliganism, will reserve judgement till i have read it though.
  5. bendeus

    bendeus Bellend Tagline Generator

    Is that the same Annis who was accused of having some VERY dubious, far right connections?

    Fuck him anyways. Fucking hooligan twat.
  6. brixtonvilla

    brixtonvilla should be Oslovilla, really

    Think they have, y'know. "[Insert team name] kicked the shit out of us/We kicked the shit out of [Insert team name]". Repeat.

  7. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    No, he is half egyptian, nothing far right about him..... a hooligan though, i will give you that
  8. chieftain

    chieftain Mega Gammon

    we had a proper tear up, proper nasty buttys, blah, blah, bollocks and more blah. For goodness sake, no one gives a monkeys aunty about any of it.
  9. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

    Yet more semi-literate ramblings written by and for "men" who wank themselves sore over descriptions of mindless violence.

    If you buy this book, you're a cunt. It's official.
  10. STFC

    STFC Well-Known Member

    The same Annis Abraham who was running around Brussels with England at Euro 2000 and, if I remember rightly, was filmed getting sparked by a Brussels policeman's baton?
  11. Andy the Don

    Andy the Don Wise men say only fools..

    Apparently to Weston-Super-Mere Chaos Crew have a book coming out soon, titled something like "Running the Pier".

    No one ever run and we run everyone..:hmm:
  12. Buds

    Buds Well-Known Member

    Yep certainly is, him and Dai the Pie were on the Panorama programme. Dai the Pie was also one of the main meatheads caught on camera when Cardiff beat Leeds in 2002(?)
  13. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

    Doesn't this count as spam anyway? It's not like he's offering free copies of the book or anything .... :mad:
  14. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    maybe... i have been pulled up on it already, i have no connection with annis or the book, just thought some people might be intersted.

    It has been pointed out to me i may have broken the protocol of the forum.... not intended, i will consider myself told and behave my self from here on in. :hmm:
  15. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

    Anyway, I agree, any book about hooligans is about on a par with wanky "I was in the SAS" type books... They should be abolished. Not for being 'shocking' but for being trite.
  16. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    You may well be right, is suspect it is not going to be the best book i have read this week, I know it is politically incorrect (big time) but i am a sucker for Cardiff City and will have to read it.

    Its like a car crash at the end of your road, you know you shouldn't, but you have a look anyway to see if it is anybody you know ..... actually, watching City on the pitch is a bit like that sometimes!

    If it is crap, i shall please you all by coming back and confirming all your fears, that way you comment from an informed position ;)
  17. Stoat Boy

    Stoat Boy Banned Banned

    In one of those horrible confessions we all have to indulge in from time to time I must own up to buying hoolie porn on occassion whilst very drunk and always from Smiths at Victoria.

    I am not proud. :(
  18. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    Did you also buy a copy of No Logo to slip it into so no one would notice what you were really reading? ;)
  19. Karac

    Karac Mae Hen Wlad Fy Mamau

    My sister knows Anis Abraham-whos apparently an Egyptian Jew-and not involved in any far right stuff at all-she also went out with one of the leading members of the soul crew-the guy on the mobile on the panorama program-not BNP at all -just hoolies
  20. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I had a look at it on Saturday.

    It was all I expected it to be.
  21. badlands

    badlands the mercy seat

    The guy on the mobile in the panorama programme is Anis.

    He's an absolute wanker.
  22. Clint Iguana

    Clint Iguana not an undercover cop

    Well, it is now official; the book is, on the whole, crap.

    The launch was not so much a launch but Annis sat in the corner of a pub signing books and raking in the money. If you did not know it was a launch you would not have realised what was going on. We did not even get to have a decent pint as the bar was drunk dry of cider before we got there, so after a swift one we got back to normal pre match routine and watering holes in canton.

    I cant quite get my head around the book, Annis does not actually write anything, merely collects stories from ‘lads’ he knows, so it is a bit of a cheek to just have his name as ‘author’. Sometimes it sounds like the Annis fan club, lots of people just saying how much they ‘respect’ Annis and the Cardiff ‘firm’.

    With so many contributors the book varies in quality but on the whole is pretty poor. There are two or three chapters which are interesting, ironically they come from people who probably do not really consider themselves hooligans; their take on things is far more believable than the ‘game lads’ who seem to think they have found a more honourable way of life than us ‘normals’.

    Some of the contributions are so brief and so pointless it is hard to see why they were included, other than as an opportunity to name drop …. And yes, there are incidents in there that I witnessed and the accounts here bare little resemblance to how I remember things.

    I was not expecting to be bowled over by the writing, I was expecting voices from the terraces, but this was just a disappointment. Because the contributions are so short, there is no time for any scene setting, it was all straight to the ‘off’ and after a few chapters became quite tedious. If people are not used to writing that is fine, but if the written word is not your forte, dont go writing a book. Fortunately it was only 140 pages long (not what I expect from a ten quid book) so it was put to bed quickly so I can get on with reading a proper book now.

    I suspect that it will be enjoyed by people that don’t normally sit down to read books. That sounds dreadfully patronising and I do not say that lightly, but if you are used to reading good writing you will be disappointed. If books about fighting at football are hooligan porn, this is the letters section of a particularly cheap mag.

    I still cannot get my head around how he went to great lengths to distance himself from hooliganism in his first book and now seems to be going out of the way to prove he is a ‘face’. The really strange thing is that in terms of hooliganism, he has never struck me as being ‘tasty’. Cass Pennant, or even Macca, he is not.

    At the end we find out that Annis is working on a third book. Personally will wait for Big Gwyn (one of the better contributors) to write his story of the Valley RAMS (No, not another firm, a travel club that managed to keep a lid on rampant violence). I am sure it will be a more interesting story and given Gwyn’s natural wit, less painful to read.
  23. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    Cass Pennant and the Brimsons have been doing this for years.

    I'm actually quite fond of the Rovers hooly book (Bovver), largely because the author (Chris Brown) is a decent chap who wrote a good account of growing up in Bristol in the late 60s and early 70s rather than an out and out hooligan memoir. Lots of skinheads, ska, reggae, flirtations with the NF which he then turns his back on because he realises it's out of step with his musical tastes etc etc. Oh and lots of Rovers as well :)

    I'd recommend it to anyone.

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