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Cardiff chitter-chatter, news and more


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Lovely photos. We had a fantastic week there over new year. I love going back to Cardiff - although every year it seems more and more different to how I remember it.


More bad news (from FB)

End of an era of live music? Sad news that #GAMLINS Music Centre is due to close in Cardiff! Gamlins Music Centre
+ Now's your chance to call in the store to pay your respect to what is an institution, and check out their Retirement Sale with up to 50% off!
++ Gamlin's helped nuture the Welsh rock scene. Legendary Cardiff rock band BUDGIE were supported by Gamlin's in their early days. #budgie #breadfan
  • We've been thrilled to have Burke Shelley pop in the Buchan bar now and then. We've also had the privillege of hosting young bands such as MILK The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk to ply their craft and keep the flame of Welsh rock burning!
  • BUDGIE: Pioneers of Heavy Metal: "“Grandaddies of heavy metal? I prefer to think of us as its kindly uncles,” laughed Budgie Singer Burke Shelley (...), whose band came together in 1967 from “musician wanted” ads in the windows of Gamlin’s music shop in the capital. Our self-titled debut album in 1971 got played to death on Radio Luxembourg and earned us a big following across Europe." https://www.walesonline.co.uk/…/sixties-band-budgie-were-ki…
  • #vintageolympicpremier Coincidentally, today we built up and restored our 1970s vintage Olympic Premier drum kit which now stands in its full yellow peril glory (- thanks to Pete for his generosity & Dave for persevering with the pre-metric threads). The photo is from the vintage.olympic website http://www.vintageolympic.co.uk/1970.html -- and our kit is not too far removed from this. Read more https://drummagazine.com/the-rocky-history-of-premier-drums/
  • So that's an invite to a drummer to put the vintage Olympic Premier drum kit through its paces, if ever there was one! Anyone for a "vintage" rock jam?
    :) @yngwizard