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Cardiff 2008 Meet #1 - 16 February

Are you coming to the 16th Feb Cardiff meet?

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gypsy girl
Hehehhheeee :D

(M the glare face was at fizzer not you :p)

(was only a pretend scary face anyway....I'm rubbish at them:()


International Man of Misery
I reported this thread on the 3rd March and asked them to lock it. Obviously the mods liked this thread so much they ignored my request.


International Man of Misery
It whisked me away to a scary location full of mental looking strangers who i'm sure all had guns or knives or something and these strangers made me drink alohol even though its against my religion but i was too afraid not to comply.

Then a number of them made threaten body movements to some eerily rythmic noise which i thought might have been some kind of religious sacrifical ceromony or something but luckily niether I or anyone else was sacrificed, but i was very worried.

I only just managed to escape by holding on to the arm of the kindest looking of the lot and asking her if she would pretend she was taking me to get them some pretty beads in exchange for goods, but instead she could have all the sparkly beads. Once we reached a place of safety where I was surrounded by people I quickly made my excuses and ran off like lightning before she knew what was happening.

It was the scariest evening of my life and all the fault of this thread!!!!