Canada urbanites I need help.

Discussion in 'New York/US' started by TopCat, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. TopCat

    TopCat Zap it!

    Have we got any Canadian urbs in Toronto?
    My son is I'll in hospital and I need to get him phone top up card and need either a helpful local or a number of a deliver anything service?

    Long shot but worth a go x
  2. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Raddled old poet

    Good luck!

    Hope he’s OK.
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  3. Yossarian

    Yossarian free shrugs

  4. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model every man and every woman is a star

    Hope your son on mend asap, TopCat
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  5. TopCat

    TopCat Zap it!

    Bless you. I got his phone topped up remotely which is cool. Snap said they will deliver anything legal 24/7.

    Yossarian. One love, if I need more help I will ask.
  6. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    and anything illegal 9-5 weekdays only
  7. TopCat

    TopCat Zap it!

    Got to decide tomorrow whether to go Canada or not. Any advice on the visa waiver form? Are they laxer than the US? I have limited resources, the situation could not be more urgent.
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  8. Edie

    Edie Well-Known Member

    Doesn’t sound good. Can’t help you with visa knowledge but very much hope your sons alright. If the situation couldn’t be more urgent then go.
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  9. TopCat

    TopCat Zap it!

    Ta Edie.
    Tomorrow will bring the info on whether to go.
    Bit broke up.
  10. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Sassy McFlashy

    Entry requirements - Canada travel advice

    Apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) -

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  11. Edie

    Edie Well-Known Member

    Dude what do you need to get there, if you need to go? Is money the issue, or work, or flights, or the blummin visa? (Think Rutita1 has answered the visa one, and sounds positive).

    Can imagine little worse than being stuck the other side of the world when your son needs you. Hang in there.
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  12. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    Best of luck to you him and you TopCat
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  13. twentythreedom

    twentythreedom Patterdale Terrorist R.I.P.

    Canadian customs (and popo) v friendly ime, been a few times. One time I flew there for a dj gig, didn't have work permit due to a fuck up, got dropped in it at immigration by someone I was with (who had permit - generally you can blag it without) but got it sorted easily, quickly and politely. Unlike the USA from what I've heard.

    If you get a chance, go up the CN Tower. Yonge Street is worth a visit, sort of like the Camden equivalent. I did go to the "ghetto" where the drugs are but no idea what it's called or where :facepalm: Canadian people generally very kind and friendly.

    Eaton Center if you fancy downtown shopping - generally cheaper than here, some serious bargains to be had.

    Can try to get info from a local, just need to track him down first.

    Toronto is a great city. Hope your son recovers ASAP, best wishes to you both.

    Hope it all goes well :thumbs:
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  14. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Seagull + Chips = Happy Seagull

    Best of luck to you and your lad TopCat x
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  15. MadeInBedlam

    MadeInBedlam Arm the mentally ill

    I’m meeting some Toronto based people tonerow. Let me know if I can help
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  16. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    The Canadians are actually a bit tighter than the seps on the Electronic Travel Authorisation. They actually ask if you've ever been arrested (for anything) whilst the Americans ask if you've been arrested for a crime involving "moral turpitude" (serious damage or serious harm), so one can truthfully answer "no" in more cases with the US ESTA than with the Canadian eTA. That said, usual rules apply; just say no to all the questions and you should be ok.

    Hope things work out.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
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  17. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Raddled old poet

    No useful advice but all the best to you and your son.
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  18. Maggot

    Maggot The Cake of Liberty

    Same here.

    Fingers crossed.
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  19. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    Wishing you the best mate
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  20. WouldBe

    WouldBe non smoking

    Good luck and get well soon topkitten.
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  21. dessiato

    dessiato I have earned the right to sing the blues

    Have you contacted the embassy? Some countries have special assistance for people needing to travel in an emergency.

    Hope your son recovers quickly.
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  22. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model every man and every woman is a star

    thoughts and prayers :confused: prayers? :confused: thoughts and best wishes with you and your son, tc
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  23. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    Good thoughts to you all TC
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  24. girasol

    girasol Ubuntu

    Hope it's nothing too serious. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
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  25. kalidarkone

    kalidarkone Bringing YOU round.....

    Hope your boy is OK and you get to him. Xxx
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  26. kropotkin

    kropotkin libcom

    Sorry to read this mate, all the best. I'm thinking of you.
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  27. TopCat

    TopCat Zap it!

    Well it's all a lot better and I managed to sort stuff from here. He is out of hospital and is much better with a solid support structure in place.
  28. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Raddled old poet

    Pleased to hear that. Hope things keep getting better.
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  29. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow Seagull + Chips = Happy Seagull

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  30. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

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