Camden Market is on Fire Again

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by toblerone3, Jul 10, 2017.

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    Who can forget the two fires that took hold of Brighton's West Pier? A Victorian structure out at sea what wasn't physically connected to the land when the fires took place.
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    I went down just now. The damage is way smaller than it looks from the pictures above - the fire doesn't appear to have gone very far, and the ground floors look mostly undamaged from the outside. The two floors above Honest Burger seem pretty much burnt out and it's spread a little way further into the middle of the block (which you can't see from the outside so not sure how much was burnt). Hardly "ripping through Camden Market" - it would be hard for a fire to go very far there anyway even if it was much more serious.
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    I am reminded of a bed shop I did some work for a couple of years ago, and had trouble getting paid, because he was struggling, ended-up with some cash & a couple of post dated cheques.

    Two weeks later it went up in flames, in what the police described as 'suspicious circumstances', nothing came of their investigation, but to this day I think > :hmm:
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