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Endeavour era
Details on open studios:
East Camberwell on 30 Nov & 1 Dec, 12.00 - 17.00:
Grace’s Mews, Vanguard Court & Independent

West Camberwell on 7 & 8 Dec, 12.00 - 17.00;
Clockwork , Clubland, Coldharbour, Empress Mews, The Remakery, Warrior, Whirled & Independents

Plus on 10th December Bethlem Gallery and Museum will be taking over the ORTUS on Grove Lane , with festive workshops and a stall selling art and gifts from the annual Art Fair. The Mind and Soul Choir will be carolling in the morning and there are crafty workshops, more here https://maudsleycharity.org/events/bethlem-art-fair-at-ortus/

While on the subject of Arty stuff, there's this free kids session at the South London Gallery on Sunday. "Using experimental casting techniques, children and families create the outlines of different limbs and make bodily impressions using plasticine to leave traces of themselves across the studio."
Sunday Spot Workshop: Davinia-Ann Robinson - South London Gallery

Nanker Phelge

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.


Endeavour era
From the SE5 Forum newsletter...
Southwark Council is consulting on timed bin collections in Camberwell Town Centre after complaints over a long period about the overflowing rubbish on pavements in the area.

The council is planning to introduce a scheme to manage when rubbish and recycling sacks are left out for collection. This means rubbish and recycling would only be left out at a set time and would be collected shortly afterwards. It also means that trade waste bins will have to be removed from the pavement.

If you'd like to add your views, please respond by 26 January.

Please note the survey is geared at businesses and residents. The survey only takes 5 minutes to fill.


Yes. I saw some in Ponders End yesterday. Why the facepalm? Surely it's not just the exterior of the new development that interests you?
Because I'm fed up with every city looking the same with this bland, uninspiring architecture, which never have any zero social housing. But I'm glad Camberwell is getting a new cinema, if these plans go ahead unaltered.
came up on tweeter today -

new 'Histories in Focus' talks, first is afternoon of Sat 22 February at the South London Gallery (between Camberwell and Peckham) on "key moments of local resistance to top-down planning and ill-conceived public infrastructure projects." including the Ringway road project (that would have gone through the middle of Brixton) and the initial plans for the channel tunnel rail link that would have gone through south london

More here (it's £ 5 a go, needs pre-booking)