Calais people to people solidarity: action from the UK

Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by Geri, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    the way i see it, its almost as if too good a job was done...the french state gave permission for the dunes to be used with the vision of people camping in despair in an inhospitable spot away from town. They did not expect a fully functioning wooden shanty down to be built. Ive said this upthread, but it seems to me that recently the dunes camp reached a level of relative stability and infastructure and I reckon thats exactly why theyve decided to knock it down....

    Im not surprised Ashram kitchen has been destroyed...i fully expect everything to be gone but the containers before very long. Surely thats their plan and vision/

    *Does anyone have any reports on the new mini-camps "down the road"? I picture a few stragglers in shit tents hiding in the woods with nothing....
  2. quimcunx

    quimcunx protestant traybake

    Yep, I remember discussion on shelter building back when I first joined some of the groups saying that the 'downside' of building decent structures is the authorities could just bulldoze them. All that good will, time and money donated, all the effort shat on from a height. Over and again.

    "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever''
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  3. Bahnhof Strasse

    Bahnhof Strasse A-wob a-bob bob

    Everything is relative...

  4. free spirit

    free spirit more tea vicar?

    ah ffs, I can see a build trip coming on - might have to spike all the wood in the builds to fuck up the chainsaws.
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  5. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Their tactic is to make everyone give up, volunteers and refugees alike ... I can imagine how frustrating it must be to see those buildings come down but no way can this be the end of it...
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  6. free spirit

    free spirit more tea vicar?

    I'm wondering how they intend to guard this no mans land, and for how long.

    I suspect it will be rebuilt inside 6 months.
  7. Geri

    Geri wasn't born to follow

    Has anyone posted this already? Might be helpful for people who live far from drop off points or don't have a car to take stuff in.

    The demolition of Calais camp is leaving many refugees homeless and without possessions. There are not enough spaces in containers or centres being offered, and even those in the containers still rely on our aid. Our teams are handing out EMERGENCY PACKS for everyone displaced but we have COMPLETELY RUN OUT of SLEEPING BAGS and need your HELP.
    Next week the makeshift camp in Dunkirk (Grand Synthe) closes with most residents being relocated to the new MSF built camp. BUT to contain scabies they can take NOTHING with them. We need to create 1200 EMERGENCY PACKS this WEEKEND for everyone in Dunkirk alone.
    There are 3 ways you can help.
    Go to and select items to be delivered straight to our Calais Warehouse
    Big Yellow Storage, 401 High RD, N2 8HS
    We can accept sleeping bags (winter grade 3 or 4 only please), roll mats & thick blankets. No other items.
    Drop offs at the warehouse gratefully received. Email for more details.
    We can currently accept sleeping bags, thick blankets, roll mats, thermal socks, jumpers, gloves, thermal underwear and small tents. Please note - the warehouse is some distance from the camp and you will not be affected by police action/ tear gas etc if you take goods directly to the warehouse.
    A personal message from our warehouse manager Hettie:
    "Though sun occasionally graces us with glimpses between the howling winds and bitter cold of Winter holding on before the spring; don’t be fooled into thinking those made homeless today are in any less need of warmth and protection ."
  8. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    Please please please go on here: and buy some sleeping bags or an ecard for whatever you can afford (we'll add them up to make sleeping bags!)

    Leisure Fayre - E-Commerce Web Store

    We urgently need them as apart from the Calais evictions, we have also been told that in the Dunkirk move, no one will be allowed to take anything like clothes and blankets with them as there has been a huge scabies outbreak.

    Anything you can do would make someone having an incredibly shitty time very happy x
  9. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    Ha! Snap-ish Geri. My post is all part of the same campaign. But I can't get my photo to upload...
  10. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    We've done this little dance for decades. Refugees were moved from squats round Calais to the jungle, using teargas. Now they are being driven out again using teargas. After a few years of lots of little squats they'll be herded to one place again
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  11. SpookyFrank

    SpookyFrank Self-cleaning oven, the whole bit.

    Funnily enough the French authorities were told over a year ago that herding everyone into one big omni-ghetto was a doomed strategy.
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  12. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    But they always know better....
  13. Teaboy

    Teaboy It definitely looks brighter over there..

    I'd encourage everyone to have a look at this website. There are blankets available from just a few quid.

    I'll admit to being pretty frazzled about the politics of the whole situation but the humanity crisis is absolutely crystal clear.
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  14. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    Our sleeping bag appeal has raised 1175 of the 1000 target with 26 hours left to run.

    People are great :)
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  15. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Council Estate Socialist

    Indeed :)
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  16. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    I don't know how fundraisers do it though. Maybe because I"m super-competitive, I've had a knot in my stomach since Thursday!
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  17. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Council Estate Socialist

    I think the deadline (100 hours) you set for it has an influence on that knot :D Because of knowing my time limitations and not wanting the worry/wanting to be able to contribute in a way that is managable to me I always make my fundraisers 'on-going' so that I can update, ask for sharing/donations...retreat back, buy and then distribute....repeat. I know you do this too in other moments.

    The one you are doing at the moment works on many levels with the deadline, in light of recent events, as well as the great leisurefayre /direct buy and delivery link.

    The tummy knot is inevitable I think, the weight of the situation and how utterly fucking awful it all is part of it. It's a great way for people to channel their disgust at what's happening/has happened, showing they give a shit, wanting to do something, even from a distance. Well done. Carry that tummy knot with pride. :thumbs:
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  18. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

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  19. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Council Estate Socialist

    I actually read that as a slighty wonky, knackered, excited, oh-fucking-hell, more-more-more smile.

    Do correct me if I am wrong :D
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  20. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    No, you're spot on
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  21. gosub

    gosub ~#


    Hi everyone!

    As you may know, the warehouse in Calais is empty due to providing emergency supplies to refugees having their homes demolished and creating packs for everyone in the camp in Dunkirk, this past week.

    They need pretty much EVERYTHING, so we (Calais Action) are doing a 1 day emergency collection here in Brighton to take over next Wednesday.

    DATE: Monday 7th March
    LOCATION: One Church Brighton, Gloucester Place, BN1 4AA
    TIME: 2-6pm

    In the meantime if you can start collecting any of the following, we'd be very grateful:
    Gloves (URGENT)
    Thick socks, Men's underwear - S/M (URGENT)
    Waterproof coats - S/M
    Jogging bottoms - S/M (URGENT)
    Long sleeve tops - S/M
    Hoodies and fleeces - S/M
    Trainers and Walking boots 40-43

    Women's underwear, leggings and jogging bottoms - S/M

    YOUTH (Boys) - ages 13-17
    Long sleeve tops
    Jogging bottoms

    Roll mats (URGENT)
    Thick sleeping bags
    Thick blankets
    Tents (NOT pop-ups)
    Shower gel
    Toilet roll
    Baby wipes
    Hand soap (liquid far better and more hygienic)
    Tinned fish / tinned easy cook foods
    Bottled water
  22. Bahnhof Strasse

    Bahnhof Strasse A-wob a-bob bob

    Been spending a tad too far much on Leisure Faye, odd question; are there any registered charities that can do something similar? Caravans for Calais are still pending, but being a vicious capitalist pig I can pump a shit load
    more shit via a registered charity than from my own pocket.
  23. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Council Estate Socialist

    The Leisurefayre account is from L'auberge de Migrants...where you guys volunteered in the warehouse. :) Care For Calais also have a fundraising page. Salam too.
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  24. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    This sounds pretty much exactly like what you were imagining.
    Refugee crisis: Calais destruction grows new 'jungles'
  25. Bahnhof Strasse

    Bahnhof Strasse A-wob a-bob bob

  26. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Council Estate Socialist

    He wasn't imagining it. We already knew it would happen and it was happening again. It happened last time, it has been happening for over a decade.
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  27. Bahnhof Strasse

    Bahnhof Strasse A-wob a-bob bob

    It's not as if the people are going to vanish in a puff of smoke, where the fuck do they expect them to go? Cunts :mad:
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  28. quimcunx

    quimcunx protestant traybake

    In light of the bulldozing and moves clean up weekends were suspended but now we're hoping to do easter weekend. Me Miss-shelf and Mation are hoping to go but we don't have transport. If any car owners in London area have been considering going and don't already have commitments for Easter weekend this could be the time to get involved!
  29. belboid

    belboid TUC Off Your Knees

    We came over today. Pretty unclear as to what is actually going on. Will probably be at Dunkirk tomorrow, they need 150 volunteers a day and are only getting 50 at the mo. (The main warehouse now has a veritable mountain of unsorted donations)

    I've never seen someone so happy to see a delivery of UHT milk.
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  30. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    The leisured sure stuff is help refugees (a charity) and delivered to the l'auberge (charity!) website that thy find. There is a weird Hong in France where you have to have a certain number of French trustees to be a French 'association' which is why help refugees and l'auberge work together.

    Care4 have their own fundraisers etc bit are not a charity or an association which limits what I can put through them

    Salaam is an association but not a charity. Also some of their cooperation with French authorities dances perilously close to collaboration imo

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