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Discussion in 'transport' started by editor, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. editor

    editor Forked with electrons

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  2. chilango

    chilango Neither Westminster nor Brussels....

    Ooh. I've lots of good memories of cable cars, gondilas and chair lifts. I'll come back to this later....
  3. strung out

    strung out (",)

    I took this picture from the top of the Langkawi Cable Car a couple of years back

    Langkawi cable car.png

    Here's a video of leaving the top station

    Cable car.png
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  4. strung out

    strung out (",)

    We paid extra to get a private cable car with a glass bottom. Here's a picture I took through the floor of the rainforest :D

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  5. editor

    editor Forked with electrons

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  6. Crispy

    Crispy The following psytrance is baṉned: All

    I have ridden this beast on the Swiss side of the Matterhorn:


    Europe's highest I think.

    Anyway, Coldplay's Politic was playing on the little speakers in the car, and it reached its crescendo just as the car rose up above the height of the surrounding mountains and the entire majesty of the Alps was revealed to me, marching off for a hundred miles in every direction. I literally wept at the majesty of nature. And that song was forever imprinted on my mind.


    This is the third time I have told this story on urban :oops:
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  7. 2hats


    Lots to choose from but I quite enjoyed the Almaty cable car up Kok-Tobe hill that I joy-rode earlier this year. You even have the Beatles waiting for you when you get to the top.
    ktcc1.jpg ktcc2.jpg ktbeatles.jpg
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  8. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

    I went on the Barcelona Cable cars in 1992, just before the Olympics, I think they were built during the Olympic stuff that went on in the city ?
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  9. editor

    editor Forked with electrons

    I hope you didn't knock into any of those flying 'a's. :D
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  10. SpookyFrank

    SpookyFrank We kill the flame

    I've been on a few in Switzerland. There's one in Matlock not an hour's drive from me but I've never been on it.
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  11. editor

    editor Forked with electrons

    A wee peruse of my article tells you that the Port Cable Car opened in 1931, and the Monjuïc Cable Car one in 1970 :)
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  12. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

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  13. Mrs D

    Mrs D . Banned

    Got stuck on one once. When the car stops it loses its novelty after about thirty seconds when the mind turns to broken cables and night-time helicopter rescues.
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  14. nuffsaid

    nuffsaid But this goes up to 11

    I've been on this one up to Germany's highest peak, the Zugspitze - wasn't as pretty in July as this stock photo though.


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  15. HAL9000

    HAL9000 Lasting Damage

  16. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    The only one I've been to was at the Teide volcano in Tenerife.


    None of the photographs I've seen online do it much justice. The base already sits quite high at 2,400m. The cable car then takes you up another 1,100m to a cool 3,550m, and just 50-odd metres from the very summit, though to go up there you need to apply in advance, which I hadn't.

    What really struck me (apart from the superb views of course) was the unexpected silence. I had expected it to be fairly windy, but it turned up to be completely windless, and once the rest of the visitors had walked away and out of earshot, the silence was absolute. And I mean, sensory deprivation capsule level of silent. No birds, no animals no wind, no people or machinery or traffic. To hear no noise at all while outdoors and looking at land beneath you 50 km out in all directions was surreal.
  17. Edie

    Edie Well-Known Member

    I am terrified of them! They’re my worst nightmare. I’ve been on two and both times (like with the London eye) I’ve clung to any rail available, eyes squeezed shut and had do deep breathing exercises til it ends.
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  18. A380

    A380 How do I change this 'custom title' thing then?

    I’ve been on the Barcelona and London ones mentioned. Also one in the Alps from Mergeve, the ones at Matlock ( and I don’t live near there) and long long ago when you could go and not feel too bad, the one at Masada in Israel.

    I may be dull but I think the London one was the one I liked the most.

    Also San Francisco, but that’s a different type of cable car...
  19. Leafster

    Leafster From the FRow

    I normally like them but I have to admit to feeling slightly apprehensive the first time I used the Vanoise Express. It spans the gorge connecting La Plagne to Les Arcs in France. It's nearly 2km from one side to the other and it's 380m above the bottom of the gorge. Oh, and it's a double-decker and carries up to 200 people at a time!


    (not my photo)
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  20. Leafster

    Leafster From the FRow

    You were lucky with the views. The day we went up there it was thick fog (well, low clouds I guess). The cable car took us up above the clouds but then all you could see were the tops of the clouds! :mad:

    We did climb to the very top though.
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  21. HAL9000

    HAL9000 Lasting Damage

  22. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    Impaired views from the top were great of course, but I wouldn't feel too upset. For me the biggest draw of the place is the surreal volcanic landscape that surrounds the mountain, and the Mars-like massive plateau that extends for miles around the peak, perfectly flat at places like you were at sea level instead of 2000m above.
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  23. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Alles hat ein Ende nur eine Wurst hat zwei

    the surviving cable car from the overly long and rambling Where eagles dare

  24. Leafster

    Leafster From the FRow

    Yes, I really enjoyed the drive up there. Amazing contrasts from the lush vegetation of the banana plantations to the desolate volcanic landscape above.
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  25. BristolEcho

    BristolEcho Well-Known Member

    I love a good SkyTrain. No photo right now but we went up the one in Tbilisi. It's a beauty.
  26. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    Have you ever been on a ski lift? I haven't, but even though the much lower height surely means a far greater survivability chance, I'm sure I'd find them far more troubling than a cable car. Feet dangling on an exposed flimsy fairground ride swing seems to me much worse than a large enclosed capsule, even if the latter is hanging much higher.

    On that theme I'll leave this video here. Incredibly nobody was seriously hurt, so I see no reason not to post it or hide it behind a spoiler code

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  27. Nivag

    Nivag Well-Known Member

    I need to dig through my snowboarding photos I'm sure I've got a few to post up.
  28. dessiato

    dessiato Life is a lemon, and I want my money back

    I have the same fear. It can be quite debilitating.
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  29. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

    Did my first cable car ride, 40 years ago in Texas. I didn't mind heights at that age. Have done a lot of them since, over here and elsewhere. Whilst I appreciate the often amazing views I'm always a bit concerned over the what if factor. :(

    That said, we did a kind of ski-lift version last year and I didn't freak out, so I'm not adverse to using them. Especially if it's an alternative to hiking.
  30. danski

    danski Comfortable chair.

    Was this in a film? Looks familiar.

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