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buying a Orange ‘San Francisco’ whats the best deal for mobile internet

Discussion in 'mobiles, tablets and wearable tech' started by Shippou-Sensei, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. ernestolynch

    ernestolynch Banned Banned

    Do you use t-mobile?
  2. RaverDrew

    RaverDrew self-banned for a bit R.I.P.

    Nah 3 but the phone is piss easy to unlock, takes under a minute, and is free. Use it on any network and all the APN's auto-detect and work.
  3. fen_boy

    fen_boy Exits gracefully.

    I was going to get this for my mother-in-law for her osf. It seems a good deal if you don't make many calls.
  4. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    I know the score. Fwiw, I told you about Argos selling the SF in the first thread.

    More generally, guess what, just checked and no stock at Argos in SE London - 5th week running.

    Cheers for the unlocking tip! Prob buy from the Orange shop tomorrow.
  5. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    ^ Not wrong :(
  6. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    And the stuff about "this thread is about linkage to Ed's Wirefresh site, not helpful info" and the non existent "contract" I was supposedly pointing people at?

    WTF was all that about?
  7. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    I assumed this was the thread you started - same subject, a few threads down this page.
  8. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Is "Sorry, I was completely wrong and unnecessarily rude" the words you're actually looking for here?

    And what is this other thread you're on about anyway?
  9. Throbbing Angel

    Throbbing Angel Current Status: back for a bit

    oi oi

    does it cost you to use GPS when you're out and about? Does using GPS use data/make a call or what or is it just another signal (like bluetooth for example).

    I'm after a new phone and am already a GiffGaffer - this might be worth a look - I was considering one a while back but ended up giving my son all the money I had for a phone for some school trip.

    I think LC is on about the thread you started about Sf's being cheap in Argos, ed
  10. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5

    all the diffrent plans use diffrent measures so it's fucking hard to determine who has the best rates..
  11. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    Think about it from the pov of your own usage, or what you plan to use. Found that was better than trying to compare uncomparable tariffs.
  12. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5

    i've never had a smart phone before so this is unexplored teritory
  13. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    The Internet thing bears some reflection. Streaming consumes a lot of yer monthly allocation but stuff like this and Facebook doesn't. Someone else will maybe offer a guide to 'normal' browsing and usage. But if you're not likely to be out and about much, you won't need a lot of bandwidth. Hence thinking about your own habits.
  14. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5

    i think that 90% of the time i'll be in wifi range

    probably just going to be a bit of facebooking or something at clubs
  15. zenie

    zenie >^^<

    You're like the biggest nerd I've met and I can't believe you don't own a smartphone....make sure you get a fat data usage allowance, you'll have portable manga porn on the move now :eek: :D ;)
  16. AKA pseudonym

    AKA pseudonym Well-Known Member

    same here bro.. im just on the Dolphin tarrif (£10 PAYG till I work this thing out)... 3 has been recommended to me as well, as they piggyback the o2 service...
    Do you find the amount of apps offered on the menu somewhat over the top.. Guitar Hero????
  17. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5

    i have a computer by my bed i walk to work where i sit at a computer all day then i walk back home to sit by the computer again. plus i carry around a laptop

    the only time i might use mobilephone internet is when i'm going out

    and as the biggest nerd i don't go out much

    plus i can have have manga porn on my mp3 player
  18. Bungle73

    Bungle73 I was there, now I'm here

    GPS doesn't cost anything. Downloading the map usually (I don't know about this particular phone) does use your data allowance, however.
    No they don't. They have their own network.
  19. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    A basic £10 a month deal sounds enough then.
  20. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    Giffgaff buy their bandwidth from 02. :)
  21. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5


    today the day it's meant to turn up at four in the afternoon i get an email saying it's not going to come

    mind you it means i get to buy it from carphone warehouse

    if that order works... my name gives an error on the fucking form... my name is hyphenated yet the form won't let you put in hyphens
  22. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    Carphone Warehouse don't have the SF afaik. Try an Orange shop, they def have stock though you have to buy a £20 top up.

    Checked the Argos site again and they reckon they have stock everywhere now, except you can't pick one up until Sat :hmm:
  23. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5

  24. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5

    ok so now carphone whorehouse has said it's sending me my phone but the dhl tracking number sends me to this info

    Delivered 15/03/10 09:48 HANLEY GOOLE HOME DELIVERY

    that is not my order
  25. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5

    posting from my phone

    so far no worries about charges as i can get a fucking signal
  26. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5


    how do i find out what my phone number is? my phone says it doesn't know...
  27. AKA pseudonym

    AKA pseudonym Well-Known Member

    ring your other phone from it.. or it should be on the sim or the plastic you popped it out of.. all the rest of the details you need are on the box..
    I registered it via the cracktop to the dolphin tarriff, just so i could use the £10 it came with so I can work out how that goes..

    eta: The credit was put on me phone within a few hours although they say it can take up to 48hrs...
  28. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5

    no credit... i'll have a look on the box
  29. ohmyliver

    ohmyliver poppin' like a cork

    have you tried going to settings>about phone>phone identity...
  30. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5

    ok so i found it by putting my sime number into the top up thing but now it's asking for a 4 digit identification code... which they never sent me

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