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Mr Beardy Drummer
So, we have a Rush thread...we need a Budgie thread. Have also seen them live and they were fantastic.

One of my fave songs. Love when it kicks in.




I saw 'em loads of time on account of the fact that they were always playing Cardiff.

The glasses were BIG.


Truth Through Character
Fucking love Budgie. Always have. Burke is so ugly he transcended the entire concept of image long time ago and is now simply beautiful. As all the good ones are.

Cardiff represents!!!


Mr Beardy Drummer
By the response to this thread, it's clear that only very cool people know about them. Which in a way is a shame because they are one of the best British rock bands evar!


TUC Off Your Knees
the fuirst proper band i saw - supporting Ozzy's Blizzard of Oz.

Shame they weren't better


Hawking's Angry Eyebrow
Excellent band. I got into them via Metallica's cover of Breadfan (which shits on everything Metallica have done post-Black Album), and my stepfather's huge prog collection. Brilliant stuff.


Truth Through Character

Hot as a Docker's Armpit

Shoplifted this one too. :D This very LP. The mantra back then was: "Take a chance on this band from Cardiff. Just nick it. It's not as if you're putting out any money or anything..."

Fuck I miss my pre-punk, early 70's yoof when one could buy (or steal) a Stooges record and a Budgie record on the same day and nobody would give a fuck. No snobbery whatsoever.


Gorau arf arf dysg
Brilliant band. Used to share the same rehearsal space as them in Cardiff. Burke Shelley was a down-to-earth type.

ska invita

back on the other side
theres a bloke called budgie who works in honest jons records who looks a bit like the lead singer
its a crazy old world

its good fun tunes and i love the cover in the op - class

ska invita

back on the other side
this has reminded me of a band a mate of mine used to love - The Power of Zeus!

not really the same, but of the same era


Active Member
Saw Budgie at the Glasgow Apollo in 1980 when they supported Ozzy's first solo tour. Influential band, great riffs and easily one of the best support acts I ever saw.

hash tag

Funnily enough I have just quoted a track of theirs on another thread.
Have some of their stuff, but sadly cannot remember seeing them live, though I am sure I saw them supporting someone at a festival :confused: