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A friend of mine is holding a quiz night tonight at the Spa in Beckenham. 7pm start, £1 per head.


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Kate Bush grew up in Court Rd Eltham/Blackheath and I thought Bowie was from Southend Lane in Catford/Bellingham .Boy George definitely was from Eltham/Mottingham.

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If this is correct, then two addresses between Bromley and Bickley then one at Sundridge Park (between Bromley North and Grove Park)
Definitely the one at Sundridge Park. I used to live round the corner and Bowie's old home was up for sale. I couldn't afford it though!!

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Pirate radio station Select UK (mainly house) are putting on nights in Bromely! :eek:
I think they invovle no trainers though

and then the next weekend Select UKs xmas party
SelectUKRadio Christmas Party

Bollocks to smart dress/no trainers though...still nice to see some kind of dance music going on in the area

Other things Im not going to are Harry HIll at beckenham public hall...but only because its sold out Beckenham Comedy Cabaret with HARRY HILL | Tickets | Beckenham | Entertainment | Billetto — United Kingdom

i like this building \(Beckenham public hall)
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Also was outside the Glades the other day and very happy to see that shiny army recruitment centre has closed down - good fucking riddance


I was there, now I'm here


I was there, now I'm here
I guess that was why the signs advertising "The Glades" were removed from the station platforms.


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Yay to the Glades.. I've been spending a fair amount of time at the Waterstones there recently, also at the art shop near Sainsburys, which has only recently converted back to an art shop (I used to shop there as a teen) the new owners are really lovely too.

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In other Bromley shopping news I tried to got to the Argos in The Mall the other day, and its not in the Glades! Theres a thing called The Mall down the road, nearer bromley south, I never knew that.
a fight broke out while i was there (in Argos) in which a Spanish woman said to another woman "YOU WILL DIE!!!" - worked really well in a spanish accent! No machetes though


Happy Happy Jo Wonderland
There are 2 Argos branches in Bromley, one is by the clock tower, near the glades entrance..

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The Newshopper has done its homework

40 Stansfield Road, Brixton – Bowie was born David Jones on January 8.

Stockwell Infants' School – Started school at Stockwell Infants in 1951.

106 Canon Road, Bromley – Bowie’s family moved to Canon Road in 1953.

Clarence Road, Bromley – In 1954, his family moved to Clarence Road.

Raglan Infants' School, Clarence Road – David studied here from January 1953 until 1955.

4 Plaistow Grove, Bromley – The family moved to Plaistow Grove in June 1955.

Burnt Ash Junior School, Rangefield Road – While at Burnt Ash Junior School from 1955 to 1958, David was in the school choir and played the recorder.

Bromley Technical High School, Oakley Road, Keston - Now known as Ravens Wood School, a young David studied here from 1958 to 1963 and particularly enjoyed art classes (and gained his only O Level in the subject) under teacher Owen Frampton, the father of rock musician Peter Frampton.

School of Art, Croydon – Bowie briefly studied at School of Art in Croydon (now part of Croydon College) after leaving school.

24 Foxgrove Road, Beckenham – Now known as David Bowie, he moved to Beckenham from Kensington in March 1969 and lodged with Mary Finnigan.

The Three Tuns pub (now Zizzi), Beckenham High Street – Bowie and Finnigan set up a folk club, which later became Beckenham Arts Lab at the Three Tuns in May 1969.

Croydon Road Recreation Ground, Beckenham – Bowie and the Arts Lab hosted the first free festival as a fundraiser at the Croydon Road Recreation Ground on August 16.

Bowie at the Free Festival, Beckenham, 1969

Haddon Hall, 42 Southend Road, Beckenham – Bowie lived on the ground floor of the now-demolished building, between October 1969 and May 1972 when he moved to Maida Vale. He painted the ceilings silver.

Bromley Registry Office, Beckenham Lane – Bowie married Angie on March 19, 1970. They divorced in 1980.

Underhill Studios, Blackheath Hill, Greenwich – Bowie began work on the album that would become The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars in 1971 at Underhill Studios, Greenwich, now Gee-Pharm. Hat tip: Mark Bidiss/ thegreenwichphantom.co.uk

Avery Hill College, Eltham – Bowie’s legendary Ziggy Stardust tour played Avery Hill College on February 25, 1972

The Greyhound, Park Lane, Croydon – The Ziggy Stardust tour came to Croydon’s Greyhound on June 25, 1972

Fairfield Halls, Croydon – After touring in the US and Europe, the Ziggy Stardust tour played two shows at Fairfield Halls on June 24, 1973.

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Met a guy this weekend who grew up in Beckenham and whose parents lived there in the 60s and on to this day...basically painted a picture of a lot of bohemain goings on in that time, with artists of different types living in big victorian buildings

Also this new book is meant to be really good on capturing Beckenham in that era. Really want to read it and tap into some of that past....


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Mary Finnigan was on the radio the other week talking about bowie and the Beckenham arts lab/free festival, just before the great man died. Think it may have been on the Robert Elms show on radio London.

Lots of interesting stuff came out of that area - bowie, Bromley contingent, hanif kureshi...