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The swimming pond has re-opened. What the hell is the point of the inflatable waist floats though? :hmm:

In a local group it has been suggest that it is proof that you have paid. :facepalm::D


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Tow floats are usually to help you be more visible in the water and are a really good idea when sea swimming or anywhere there are boats etc. They're not meant to be buoyancy aids although they can help to a certain extent if you lose confidence. So I do wonder what the point is. When I went to BPP on opening day my daughter was required to wear one which I didn't mind as she's only 9 but I'm not sure why they'd make everyone wear one. It may well be to see who has paid and who hasn't.


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2 from my visit to Bromley today. There's now a Crystal Palace club shop in the Glades, which is handy.

Another plug for the superb Indian food shop in the Mall. Anything you could possibly want for cooking Indian and other dishes. Fresh veg and spices. It's called Best Price and is in between Iceland and Poundland and easy to miss.