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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Mar 26, 2012.

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    Fabulous archive pic:

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    You'd probably have to take out individual FoI requests to find out, but what do you think of the payment, given the amount of relatively long-term disruption/damage to the park ?
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    What deposits? Do you have any references to this?
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    So exactly how much was the "deposit" paid upfront?
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    Sorry to keep being pedantic about this, but *one* of the kids at the meeting has an unpaid show on Reprezent; the others have absolutely nothing to do with it. I agree that it's fair enough to note those connections, and that they aren't really a defining issue either way, but I do think that being precise about them is important, given they've been smudged and exaggerated in such unhelpful ways previously.

    Also, in terms of them being the only pro-festival voices: from speaking to them for the Guardian piece linked upthread, it was clear that the response they received had completely put them off engaging with local issues in the future. I wouldn't be surprised if there are other local (young) people who share their views but don't really fancy being shouted down or accused of being stooges.

    In terms of that latest Buzz story: as far as I'm aware the PIL is ring-fenced for the parks budget, and calculated separately from the main hire fee for using the park, isn't it? The decision documents for Field Day's event permit list a damage deposit of £15k, the PIL of £36k and then a main hire fee of £240k, which is paid into central Lambeth coffers as far as I can tell.

    Whether that £240k has been paid yet or not, and whether that total amount is proportionate to the damage & disruption caused, is obviously another issue but I'm pretty certain that the total amount payable to Lambeth is (or certainly should be) the £36k PIL plus the £240k hire fee, not just the former.
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    The hire fee was £240k?
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    I was impressed with the re-turfing and it was done fairly quickly. Field day seems like a life time away and I don't have much sympathy for 'Brockwell Tranquility.' It's a shame we can't have something like the Tooting Common Folks & Blues festival. Free, good natured and a great vibe.

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    that Tooting thing was quite good. Shame it ended at 7pm though, a bit odd too considering it was only small and not near(ish) any houses.
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    fair enough, thanks for the clarifications, I didn't know that.
    so what response would have been appropriate, iyo?

    what Guardian piece?
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    Anything which didn't involve them being repeatedly heckled and booed during the meeting (I distinctly remember hearing someone say "sit down, you silly girl" when one of them was speaking) or subsequently accused on social media of being planted in the audience / paid by Field Day or Lovebox to attend / being stooges in some form or other. I get that people feel strongly about this issue, and rightly so, but the way these kids have been treated is really depressing.

    This one: Field Day festival set to go ahead after organisers, council and locals do battle

    On the £240,000 figure: I could have sworn that this was detailed in the decision documents for Field Day's event permit, as published here Decision - Approval of event to be held on Council-owned land – Field Day & The Mighty Hoopla | Lambeth Council but checking it now it says "other fees are commercially sensitive". My strong suspicion is that this has been amended post-publication but I can't be sure.

    In checking to make sure I'm not going insane, I've found this thread on Brockwell Tranquility, from the time those docs were published. The first comment under the main post says exactly the same thing: the total amount payable to Lambeth is £300k including the PIL and damage deposit, leaving £250k for the hire fee.

    So I'm pretty certain that's the correct figure, even if the official documents confirming it aren't available any more.

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    yes, I see what you mean. I remember heckling but not an outrageous "silly girl" comment, just as I remember barely suppressed laughter when people on both sides of the argument passionately claimed that what they wanted was crucial to not only their own mental health but also that of the wider community. But then I sat with cynics who didn't heckle or boo but also didn't swallow wholesale any worst/best day of my life hyperbole.

    So yes, ok, busted- I was repeating hearsay and spreading tittletattle on this bit of local social media, and my post was not sourced and verified to the standards required of a journalist on a national newspaper. I'm sorry to those concerned if my observation upset anyone. No malice intended, I like Reprezent and have been listening for some years (and posting about it on here), but young or not they must expect to get scrutinised if they intervene in local affairs, particularly if they create the appearance of undeclared self interest.

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