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    Tooting Cold Water Championships 2019
    Three Brockwell Swimmers relay teams took part in the Tooting Cold Water Swimming Championships held Saturday 26th January 2019. This very impressive event is organised every two years by the South London Swimming Club and attracts cold water devotees from all over the UK and beyond, including teams from Finland, Belgium and East Germany! Great for the sport and also good publicity for Tooting Bec Lido.

    With over 600 swimmers competing, and a very high standard, we were not expecting any medals, but just to take part in the event was reward enough. Thanks to team members: Lou, Leah, Amit and Tess (Team1); Peter, Alison, Giles and Tracy (Team 2); Tim, Gillian, Penny and Hillary (Team 3); for braving the surprising mild 4°C. Thanks also to SLSC and their 200 volunteers for keeping us all safe. Great job, well done.

    Their next Championships will be January 2021 in two years time. It seems such a long time to wait!







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    Murder Mystery Swim Weekend
    Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May.
    For a jolly bank holiday brimmed full of action, murder and adventure, Brockwell Swimmers are off to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door on the Dorset South Coast. Oh how we do like to be beside the seaside!

    As if the usual swimming and socialising weren’t already enough to have a spiffing good time, we are throwing in some added mystery, games, murder and mayhem. Here’s the plan…

    Sunday 5th May
    Meet at Brockwell Lido car park 6:30am or Lulworth Cove at 9am. Swims will be condition dependent and we will not know the exact tide direction until a couple of weeks in advance. Let us know if you have a car and can offer a ride or would like a lift and we will coordinate car shares.

    Heaps of open water swim options depending on tides and conditions. Hopefully the weather will be kind and we can swim the one and a half miles to Durdle Door.

    In the afternoon we will get quizzical with a treasure hunt. It will be a ton of fun and you will even learn a thing or twelve about the local area.

    For the evening we’ll hunker down at the Red Lion for a well-earned supper (menu and price to be confirmed), parlour games and then catch that murderer in our midst!

    Monday 6th May
    Further swimming delights from coach Steve are promised, details to be announced.

    We’re aiming to be on our way home by 12pm after a pot of tea or two and lots and lots of ginger biscuits and jam tarts.

    Price for swimming guidance
    Sunday and Monday £70 – Sunday only £40. Book via our Swim Sessions shopping page.

    Limited B&B rooms are available at the Red Lion for a special offer of £70 per night per person (contact the club to arrange). Also camping/caravan and electric hook-up options also available for £20 a night.

    Other local B&Bs and Hotels are available to book independently, which we suggest you do so early as it is a bank holiday weekend.

    Water temperature is expected to be in the region of 10°C – 12°C degrees. Wetsuits are not essential but may be preferred. Swims will range in length from 1 km to 5 km and swimmers need to be capable of a 2 km swim unsupported.


    Tow Bag (available from Steve).

    Light change of warm clothes and towel to go in Tow Bag.

    Wet shoes.

    Fins (if required).

    Whistle (available from Steve).
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    The Brockwell Swimmers club are in urgent need of an ASA level 3 'swimming' coach for their Summer Water Polo sessions at the Lido.

    Their Monday evening recreational games have proved a great success over the last four years and helped build the club to over 150 members. The recreational team play indoors during the Winter and were hoping to again brave the colder waters of the Lido for ten Monday evening sessions 8pm starting 27th May.

    However, their regular coach is now unable to attend Monday evenings and finding a replacement with these high levels of 'swimming' qualifications is proving impossible. Unless the club can find someone fast there will be no Water Polo at the Lido this year, and the players will move to Tooting Lido, where they are not required to supply a 'swimming' qualified coach. Probably a permanent move.

    Water Polo is a great team game, great exercise and a great way to meet other swimmers. The sport combines speed and strength, as well as learning new skills and a high level of fitness. A refreshing change from trudging endless lengths in the pool on your own. For an outline of the basic rules visit the Swim England web site.

    Because of its depth, Brockwell Lido is the only pool in Lambeth where the sport can be played correctly. Unless the club can find a qualified 'swimming' coach soon Water Polo will be moving out of the borough to Wandsworth.

    To contact the club go to their web site at
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    Local swimming club refused hire of Brockwell Lido

    Brockwell Swimmers is a non-profit South London swimming club run by volunteers and based at Brockwell Lido, Herne Hill, London SE24 (this is still owned by Lambeth Council but managed by Fusion Lifestyle). The aims of the club are to encourage more people to swim and more people to use this wonderful Art Deco pool. We currently have over 100 members.

    Since 2016 the club has run numerous successful events at the Lido including Summer Water Polo sessions and Club Spring Relays. All our events have proved popular and encouraged hundreds more people to use this wonderful outdoor pool. This is good for the future of Brockwell Lido, good for swimming and good for the local community.

    However this year, despite many applications going back ten months, Fusion Lifestyle have refused us any hire of the pool.

    For more information about our club please visit our web site at or social media #brockwellswim. Our club has also featured in National Magazines (Club of the Month in Outdoor Swimmer), is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (or CASC) and featured in Lambeth Council publications.

    If you believe that a local community should have access to its own public sports facilities please sign this petition.

    Sign the Petition
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    Please note that this event has been cancelled.
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    Currently closed

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    Thursday 1st August 8-9pm
    Clubs from across London will be competing at Brockwell Lido’s Summer Club Relays. If you would like to be involved either as a swimmer, volunteer or spectator please get in touch.
    This event celebrates the Lido’s sporting history and the swimming community who support it. Last year’s Spring event saw over one hundred swimmers competing in this fun friendly event.
    Find more details on our web site
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    Following a meeting with Fusion, Brockwell Swimmers have now been promised hire of the pool for seven Monday Water Polo sessions (first session is FREE) and Club Relays (Thursday 1st August 8pm to 9pm, swimmers wanted). We hope this is the start of a more positive relationship between the club and the managing company.

    Tim Sutton
    (Club Chair)
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