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Brixton's Club 414 threatened with closure

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That would be a massive shame. I haven't been to the 414 in years and years, but I've friends who make it the centre of their annual visit from Holland, they rave about how friendly and accepting everyone there is. would be a real pity if it closed to make way for the expanding cocktail empire.
It's a wonderful old school, inclusive, super friendly venue. Staff who work in local bars get in free. It would be utterly heartbreaking to see an independent venue that has stuck with Brixton through the tough times being turned into yet another cocktail bar for the well off.


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It's not my best writing because I'm too angry, but please share:
Be At One chain want to turn Brixton’s legendary Club 414 into a cocktail bar
Have some more ire here. Just heard the council have approved change of use of one of the shops in Electric Ave to become a restaurant despite many residents and a councillor objecting:

17/03110/FUL | Change of use from Retail (Use Class A1) to Restaurant (Use Class A3) with installation of timber windows and door to front elevation. | 34-36 Electric Avenue London SW9 8JR

Bye bye Brixton. Hello Clapham High St...


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Has anyone contacted the Music Venue Trust for help? They have been instrumental in campaigning for independent venues to keep their premises. They have emergency response information on the website. I don't know the owners, but if someone does maybe they can get in touch?

Music Venue Trust

Or Twitter: @musicvenuetrust


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That's really awful news, I've been to the 414 many times in the past and I know how popular it still is with the techno and trance crowd, it's a great little venue with a friendly atmosphere, unique really.
It makes me very angry that it can be pushed aside for some cocktail bar :mad: - there are already enough of them in London, for people that want that sort of thing.
Presumably it's all about £££££ as usual.

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What a load of fucking wank

Buzz article is getting a lot of shares on Facebook, for all the good it will probably do.



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Reading up on the cocktail bar company that wants to replace long-standing 414.
There’s a good chance that, as a reader of Pub & Bar, you’re already familiar with Be At One. The blue and gold logo is fairly renowned throughout the industry and as the business opens up in far-reaching cities of the UK (there are now over 30 bars in operation), the brand identity and association is only going to grow stronger. Is this a positive for the directors? Locke wants each venue to be the favourite bar of people in that area, not necessarily because they’ve been to a Be At One in another city, but because it’s their bar in their own town. A modern-day local. However, Be At One is a brand, and it’s the existing brand credentials that have allowed the business to succeed to the extent that it already has. Can a well recognised bar brand really be perceived as individual by the guest? Can it really be a ‘proper local’ if people in the next city have one as well?
Be At One brand make big deal about how they aren't some anonymous brand but want to be seen as a "local". Yet they want to kick out long-standing "local" to get into Brixton. Reading up on them and the use PR advice when they open a new bar. This attempt to move to Brixton isn't in line with the brand identity that they are portraying in interviews. Perhaps Locke and his chums don't give a shit. Interviews in the trade are PR bollox.

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Objection lodged.

A lot more objections have gone in. Some using the template letter. Interesting to read the objections. Shows the strength of feeling.

This is clear cut case of gentrification. Pushing out long-standing local business for high end cocktail bar. It's sickening to see what's happening to Brixton.


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Please go to the 'Lambeth Planning Database Site' type in the clubs address. The letter is in 'Documents'.
Objections can be made from here too should you wish.
We thank you for your interest with the ongoing situation we are experiencing.


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the letter from the owners of the 414 club is really thorough and sets out clear reasons for why the application should be rejected. However, so many of the objections on the site won't be considered by Lambeth Planning as they don't contain any planning based objections. Objections have to be based on planning and policy grounds.
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