Brixton Windmill - an old mill at the top of Brixton Hill

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by lang rabbie, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. lang rabbie

    lang rabbie Je ne regrette les gazebos

    I haven't seen any mention of this in the local papers - press release only appeared on the website on 21 April. What does the reference to "working order" mean? Surely they don't mean that the sails will actually be turning. :confused:

  2. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    bit confusing but i think they're saying they're going to be:

    "rotating the sails to the St Andrew’s Cross position"

    email steve AT brixtonwindmillDOT org who i'm sure would be willing to explain
  3. lang rabbie

    lang rabbie Je ne regrette les gazebos

    Date for your diaries

    From the events page of Friends of Windmill Gardens website

  4. Dhimmi

    Dhimmi Half Man Half HobNob

    I was browsing through the "London Encyclopaedia" and stumbled across a mention of Brixton Windmill. Had a quick gander at the photo's on here, very interesting but also a little sad. There's only two surviving old style windmills around here, one is fully working and producing flour, the other doesn't work but is a museum.

    I know it's still there, did wonder what condition it was in and if it was ever open to the public. U75 is the best place to ask I'm sure.
  5. Jonti

    Jonti what the dormouse said

  6. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    I toured around the (museum) windmill 2-3 years ago on that 'open house' weekend (I think it's called that, when otherwise places unavailable to the public are opened up). It was interesting becasuse I used to work in a water-driven stoneground flour mill in my yoof and there were many direct comparisons.

    'Friends of Windmill Gardens' were in charge, the organisation was good, the queue's not too bad and ther tour itself was fun - it's not the biggest building in the world but was def worth a couple of hours on a nice aternoon.
  7. dogmatique

    dogmatique merde alors

    Great timing! The Windmill festival is on on Sunday. Bring all the family! A friend of mine is part of a band playing in period costume. Should be an interesting diversion if you've got little'uns.
  8. whitedove

    whitedove Member

    Do you know if its free ?
  9. tarannau

    tarannau Mongolian eyed

    Yes, if it's the same as a few years ago it'll be free. I can't see them charging.

    Nice little diversion for a few hours, especially for the young uns. Face painting, a chance to plant trees, a bouncy castle and the like were there when I was last down - it felt a little like Phoenix Nights had met Brixton.

    And you can always shelter in the Windmill pub for a swift half or two.

  10. editor

    editor hiraethified

  11. clandestino

    clandestino no llevar papel

    We're going to this later. Anyone else fancy a look? It's a nice little free festival - and good weather for it too!
  12. Minnie_the_Minx

    Minnie_the_Minx someinenhhanding menbag and me ah bollox

    depends on what time he opens though
  13. Dhimmi

    Dhimmi Half Man Half HobNob

    Oh yes saw these, first port of call tbh.

    Of course I've come back to this thread just too late to take advantage of the open day, ho hum. What condition is it in?
  14. editor

    editor hiraethified

    I was there today and it's looking in very good nick.

    Pics coming soon!
  15. Dhimmi

    Dhimmi Half Man Half HobNob

    Good news, I'll put that down to it having a brick tower. Down here they were all wood and that's why there's only three left.

    Look forward to the pics.
  16. dogmatique

    dogmatique merde alors

    Saw the Ed sneaking in at 5pm... You missed the play!

    Really nice community day out. A load of enthusiasm from the Friends of Brixton Windmill rubbed off on the attendees. Some great acts on the little stage ranging from a costumed folk band, through a bit of Tango, some bluegrass, a brilliant Flamenco act, finishing with a family soul vocal band.

    My highlight was the humble speech from a decendent of the original windmill owner who was thrilled to see so many people celebrating and helping to preserve his family's heritage. That and the marvellously executed play about the history of the windmill in period costume.

    We stayed from 2 till the end, with a brief excursion to the Windmill pub, which was quickly brought to an end by flying ant day, and hence back to the park!

    Here's to a bigger and better event next year!

    Got a few pics on me mobile:

    The majestic windmill in forboding silhouette:


    The Windmill Players giving us an enjoyable history lesson:




    And everyone invited to dance at the end for the continued upkeep of our beloved Windmill!


    Great stuff.
  17. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Shame I missed that bit...

    I got a faceful of flying ants when I cycled up. Eeeuck.
  18. dogmatique

    dogmatique merde alors

    Always find flying ant day peculiar. Hadn't noticed any, then got a text from a friend in Crystal Palace bemoaning the clumsy fledglings, looked up, and there they were where they weren't a moment before. And two hours later, and they'd all largely vanished.
  19. editor

    editor hiraethified

  20. clandestino

    clandestino no llevar papel

    We were there for an hour and a half in the afternoon. Very relaxed, civilized day. A postively filthy song from the Hawaiian ukelele band, a bit of Tango, then some delta blues. I bought a flower for the front garden and rattled a yellow tamborine with the little one. A good day.

    But where did those flying ants come from? Only really noticed them on the way back up the hill. Euuuch.
  21. dogmatique

    dogmatique merde alors


    (ed's pic btw)
  22. saucisson

    saucisson whoomph! (there it is)

    nice pics dogmatique.....v pleasant afternoon I thought, and I got to get back and watch the end of the tennis...winner.
  23. editor

    editor hiraethified

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  24. Minnie_the_Minx

    Minnie_the_Minx someinenhhanding menbag and me ah bollox

    when was that?
  25. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Video -->

  26. Minnie_the_Minx

    Minnie_the_Minx someinenhhanding menbag and me ah bollox

    I watched, but no sound on, and can't be arsed to find headphones :oops:
  27. Minnie_the_Minx

    Minnie_the_Minx someinenhhanding menbag and me ah bollox

    Oh today. I wonder if that was the sound I was hearing earlier on that didn't sound familiar
  28. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate

    I understand there is a speculative plan to start making flour there again soon....
  29. ajdown

    ajdown Posting in this thread

    I'd buy some just for the uniqueness of it.
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  30. leanderman

    leanderman Street Party: July 2

    Our daughters' school is growing some wheat that is to be ground at the windmill to make bread.
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