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Brixton Village, Market Row, Pope's Road, Lost In Brixton and Hondo Enterprises' Brixton empire


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maybe i misunderstood, but I thought you were stating that businessmen were investing in Brixton because they thought they would make money.
You clearly havent been reading my posts on this thread.

Go back and read my posts.

Ive stated clearly my views here on this thread.

Big Bertha

Another thing to be born in mind is why big capitalists like Hondo and Sports Direct take an interestin Brixton.

Given that central London is being gradually gentrified Brixton is still a good opportunity to possibly make a profit .Get in now build and rake in the high rents that are likely in near future. May not happen but its a business decision.


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Have you made a mistake with your post? I got an alert yet you have said nothing when I look at the post. Youve missed something out.


I'm writing a piece about Hondo (owner of Brixton Village, Market Row, Lost in Brixton, most of Pope's Road and Club 414) and their billionaire DJ owner Taylor McWilliams.

They're currently trying to evict Nour from their home of 20 years, and I understand they kicked out the artists from the Village too. Would love to hear more about the negative impact they're having on the community.
(PM if necessary)!