Brixton tradesmen recommendations: plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, van drivers etc

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Mrs Magpie, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    Just gave them a ring before I saw this, as it happens.
  2. Metroman

    Metroman Member

    Hello all

    I wonder if someone could give me so advice on which trades person and what this is.

    So high up on my parents bedroom wall, where it meets the ceiling there is what looks like a damp/condensation patch.

    So whats caused it and what needs to be done to fix it?

    Could it be a leaking gutter?

    Any advice greatfully recieved please

  3. Lizzy Mac

    Lizzy Mac Well-Known Member

    If you are lucky it's just a full or loose gutter.
    I've got a couple of customers who ignored the patches are they were infrequent. And then came the floods.
    It could be a few broken tiles, or flashing, or the pointing, or wrong cement mix on the outside wall.
    A friend, whose neighbour had built an attic extension, had more water was coming into the gutter, and overwhelming it. Could be lots of things.
    I'd call a roofer first. Lots of them do their quotes on Saturdays so you may be lucky.
    If you send a few texts tomorrow or emails tonight, you might be lucky and get a response.
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  4. Metroman

    Metroman Member

    Perfect, thank you
  5. colacubes

    colacubes Well-Known Member

    Can anyone recommend a handyman/decorator who could sand a set of stairs and varnish them? The stairs are mostly done and probably only need a light sanding before they are varnished. TIA.
  6. nick

    nick Pleomorphic Adenomas R us

    After going round the houses to find someone who would even answer the phone (see upthread) - and needing to get the evil Pimlico plumbers out on new year's eve for a central heating disaster, I finally found New Gas Boilers - Mark Newlove. New Gas Boilers Limited Bromley | Boiler Repairs In Bromley And The Kent Areas. ‭07971 824567‬

    Replaced entire central heating system and chased down / fixed a leak in the heating pipes (under a floorboard). Turned up when he said he would and did the whole job in 2 days (6 FTE days). I will use again
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  7. editor

    editor hiraethified

    This reminds me: there's probably quite a few local urban folks with all sorts of skills who may not look in this thread. Do people reckon a ''skill swap' thread (or something similar) would be worth a go?
  8. catriona

    catriona chickweed

    I can recommend Dennis Hopgood who installed a thermostat and did a combi boiler service for me last year.
    By the way it's GasSafe not CORGI now
  9. Boudicca

    Boudicca Seaside Queen

    Great idea but put in Community because there's a tax issue (it counts as income) which makes bartering tricky. And not just Brixton as I want to offer a free weekend in Bournemouth in exchange for help demolishing my greenhouse!
  10. editor

    editor hiraethified

    I'd be surprised if the taxman would trouble himself with trying to work out the identities of essentially anonymous posters!
  11. Boudicca

    Boudicca Seaside Queen

    Well yes, but I think that's why no-one has launched a barter site as HMRC might take an interest in the site (rather than individual posters).
  12. lordnoise

    lordnoise Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for a builder or perhaps super capable handperson to open up 2 doorways in existing walls in my flat. Happy for the work to be done over a period of time if the quote is a good one ...
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  13. Angellic

    Angellic Well-Known Member

    Any recommendations as to who could fit a new radiator? Thanks
  14. sparkybird

    sparkybird ask the bird...

    Give Len a call. Super guy
  15. Angellic

    Angellic Well-Known Member

  16. Jangleballix

    Jangleballix Better living through chemistry.

    Looking for a good optician locally or further afield.
  17. colacubes

    colacubes Well-Known Member

    The opticians on Coldharbour Lane/Electric Lane corner are good.
  18. Jangleballix

    Jangleballix Better living through chemistry.

    Thanks CC went there last time and I won't be returning.
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  19. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    I had a bad time with that little shop too sadly and ended up going to specsavers instead (where they did a more thorough eye test for much less money).
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  20. nick

    nick Pleomorphic Adenomas R us

    Can anyone recommend a Vet that knows something about rodents -/ Rats?. Ideally open on Saturday

    One of ours has started exhibiting signs of old age / Pituitary tumour / stroke /ear infection (falling over, lethargy etc etc) and I would like to get him diagnosed ASAP to either cure or end any suffering

    Previously used South London emergency Vet in Streatham High Road for another rat - but that was a clear cut case that needed the needle of release ad no real rat knowledge
  21. alcopop

    alcopop Banned Banned

    Same here. Terrible place
  22. nick

    nick Pleomorphic Adenomas R us

    There’s an “exotic” specialist over in sheen called CJ Hall - seemed quite good and have been given steroids and antibiotics to squeeze another couple of weeks out ot the old chap (and to confirm that he’s not suffering ). I was pointed to them by streatham hill vets.
  23. nick

    nick Pleomorphic Adenomas R us

    Mixed feedback on the coldharbour lane opticians.
    Any other recommendations - perhaps in the Norwood / Streatham / Tulse Hill area?
  24. shakespearegirl

    shakespearegirl just worked out taglines

    I used that Optition’s for years but have had bad experiences the last few times I’ve used them. Two people I know who always used them have moved out of London and their new Optition’s have said their prescriptions were totally wrong. I had a really weird call from someone last year accusing them of using substandard lenses, when I called them they said it was a malicious ex employee. All very strange
  25. shakespearegirl

    shakespearegirl just worked out taglines

    Bloody auto correct. All the above should read opticians!!
  26. Bes

    Bes New Member

    Hello all

    I am looking for someone who can hang a door and do some general carpentry- type things (Nothing too difficult) for me next week. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  27. Jangleballix

    Jangleballix Better living through chemistry.

    In the end I went to Specsavers Streatham. Very thorough test, gave me my test results immediately,* happy with pricing and specs. Very busy shop but staff were cool and efficient. Didn't have a huge choice of frames for the lenses necessary but a far, far better experience than Clear Vision in Coldharbour Lane.
    *which they should do under NHS regs. It took three follow up calls to CV for them to grudgingly send me a copy.
  28. trabuquera

    trabuquera Modesty Bag

    Banks Optometrists on Acre Lane (just opposite old Town Hall) are ultra-trustworthy on the medical/diagnostic side. Their selection of lenses and styles isn't particularly amazing though. But you can always get the test done there (where they'll do it properly), insist on a copy of your prescription, and then nip round to Specsavers on the High Street when it comes to spending money on actual specs. If you use contact lenses it's nearly always cheaper online these days anyway.
  29. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    Can anyone recommend an alterations person who could fit a couple of zips into a pair of velvet seat cushions?
  30. ash

    ash Inittogether

    There’s a woman in reliance arcade with a machine. She’s great with clothes. I think she’s Eritrean - anyway about 1/4 way down on left of coming from the high street.

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