Brixton tradesmen recommendations: plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, van drivers etc

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Mrs Magpie, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. brixtonblade

    brixtonblade Well-Known Member

  2. sparkybird

    sparkybird ask the bird...

    Norwood Fencing - but I guess they'll be busy!

    020 8766 6011
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  3. technical

    technical stripey

    Thanks. Yes, planning on leaving it for a week or two in the hope of not getting stung
  4. sparkybird

    sparkybird ask the bird...

    I don't think they'd sting you, nice guys, but more a case of them not having availablity....
  5. Winot

    Winot I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint

    Don was a lovely guy and very helpful, but we need a new manhole cover and frame in our cellar and he can't manage that. Any ideas? Our builder has retired.
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  6. Jangleballix

    Jangleballix Better living through chemistry.

    1. Hunter Roofing  
      9 Mossville Gardens, Morden SM4 4DG
      Phone:020 8542 0216
  7. Maharani

    Maharani Just like Heaven

    Anyone know of any chimney sweeps? I want to get my fire going
  8. swampster

    swampster lurking

    Loads of chimney sweeps called Pearce in south London – I think we had S Pearce last time and he was great, but have used a different Pearce in the past. I think they are related and they go back generations, like about 300 years!
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  9. Maharani

    Maharani Just like Heaven

    Ooh ta for this.
  10. elmparker

    elmparker Member

    thank you so much to jangleballix and brixton blade for the roofer recomendations - both spot on. went with brixton blades suggestion in the end as he was avail a bit sooner. New request now... sash windows - mine need some serious TLC - can any of you recomend anyone locally? thanks in advance.
  11. footballerslegs

    footballerslegs Well-Known Member

    Tuan from Stylish Sash Windows did a great job for us: About
  12. brixtonblade

    brixtonblade Well-Known Member

    Good luck with the roof

    You could try these guys for sash windows, not sure if they do refurbs or just fittings though

  13. Harbourite

    Harbourite Eggnog

    any recommendations for a local reasonable man with a van please?

    got a 1 hr job from LJ to Battersea and back with a bed on friday morning

  14. simonSW2

    simonSW2 Well-Known Member

    Hi all - the sun is out, the small outdoor space desperately needs sorting:

    Any recommendations for garden fixers: paving, fencing, turfing - basically turning an outdoor yard / patio into a nice space?

  15. Michael555

    Michael555 Member

    Hello, my name is Michael and I live in Hayter Road, Brixton. I am at present offering very reasonable rates on all aspects of Interior/Exterior painting and decorating. Clean, tidy, professional, 20 years experience. Numerous local references are available upon request. Call me for a free, no obligation quotation.

    07908 827255

    Thank you
  16. sparkybird

    sparkybird ask the bird...

    You could try Tony Lee on 07961453395. He's done my garden and a few on Urban I think. Really nice chap (does like to chat!). He is sometimes away, so if he doesn't return your call first time, do give him another go.
  17. discobastard

    discobastard _____Ϯ_____

    +1 for these guys. Really quick (next morning) and very pleasant and efficient.
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  18. MissL

    MissL Well-Known Member

    We called Michael after seeing this post and he has just finished painting our living room. We are really happy with the result. Michael and Seema (!?) did a great job esp. the straight lines between quite dark walls and light coloured skirtings etc. Very tidy and professional and a very competitive rate. Trustworthy and reliable. I would highly recommend them.
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  19. discobastard

    discobastard _____Ϯ_____

    Can anybody recommend a local independent building surveyor? Looking for somebody who can do a full structural survey of a terraced property - all 3 flats.
  20. Harbourite

    Harbourite Eggnog

    MH Associates in Herne Hill
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  21. discobastard

    discobastard _____Ϯ_____

    Lovely thanks - have emailed them :thumbs:
  22. RushcroftRoader

    RushcroftRoader Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know of a super reliable local electrician who can rewire vintage lamps? I have a number that need doing.
  23. Winot

    Winot I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint

    Ben Blake
    07949 585079
  24. RushcroftRoader

    RushcroftRoader Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I have contacted Ben and he seems like he might be perfect.
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  25. xsunnysuex

    xsunnysuex Life is a horizontal fall.

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  26. Smick

    Smick Strictly Second Class

    I'm having trouble getting grass to grow in my back garden and am considering artificial grass. Has anyone had it done? Understand the costs and recommend anyone?
  27. madolesance

    madolesance Well-Known Member

    Central heating engineer recommendations?
  28. discobastard

    discobastard _____Ϯ_____

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  29. Lorraine

    Lorraine New Member

  30. Lorraine

    Lorraine New Member

    Hello. Can anyone recommend a handyman to assemble & install flat pack cabinets. Thanks

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