Brixton Somerleyton Road development, Ovalhouse and Brixton Green - funding, proposed rents etc

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by ViolentPanda, Dec 11, 2013.

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    He is probably the company formation guy - the company seems to have been set up in the Birmingham area for some reason. But Dinah Roake is a Clapham gal alright - and tended (up to now) be the mouthpiece of Brixton Green at council meetings.

    I reckon Brixton Green/Somerleyton Trust might be strengthened by recent actvites in court regarding "Special Purpose Vehicles". Isn't it the case that some north London schemes which were wholly council owned were ruled illegal?
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    "Brixton people know what Brixton needs," insists their website, so why doesn't he fuck off back to Birmingham and tell Birmingham people what they supposedly need?
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    Here's a barely-watched PR video. They even have the fucking audacity to show the free book store on Somerleyton Road.

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    The organisations funding and delivering the Somerleyton road project are Lambeth Council and Oval house theatre.

    Ovalhouse have obtained Arts Council grant as part of there fundraising for the new theatre. Lambeth Council are going to raise money for the rest of the project.

    So I don't understand how Brixton Green can do these tours as though they are doing it all.
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    Don't want to be irreverent but people and organisations find their niche in many ways.

    Look at the 7th Day Adventists doing mass blood pressure tests in Brockwell Park at Lambeth Country Show.
    They are not a medical organisation - but by offering a medical service geared up to medical awareness they could be held to be doing a public good - as well as publicising their church. I suppose if the NHS locally declines any further the 7th Day Adventists might claim to be "official partners".

    Somerleyton Trust are giving everyone the impression that they are local and intimately concerned with the development - by popping up and having meetings and consultations and now guided tours from time to time.

    As Gramsci seems to be saying, what have Brixton Green or Somerleyton Trust actually brought to the table?
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    I live next door and have had no meaningful interaction with them, although they thought it was OK to stick a banner outside my block saying that we all 'supported' them. They hadn't bothered asking the residents' association first.

    And then there was that the matter of the fabricated allegations they published about me. Brixton Green withdraws allegations made against Brixton Buzz but offers up no explanation or apology.
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    I think the point is that Oval House seems to acknowledge BG as partners, isn't it?
  12. Gramsci

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    Not that I have heard. Brixton Green have nothing to do with the theatre. Oval house interest in locating to this site predated Brixton Green. I know as I was in Carlton Mansions then and talked to Oval house.

    Ovalhouse are dealing with the Council as this is Council land. They will get a lease from Council. Separate from any possible deal Brixton Green get to manage the housing. Ovalhouse will also manage Carlton Mansions. When Mansions is refurbished it will be as workspaces.

    I've heard that works on the Mansions and new build theatre are starting soon. This will be finished before rest of site. Ovalhouse managed to get Arts Council grant and it needs to be spent.

    So Brixton Green input on this part of Somerleyton road site is nil.

    Ovalhouse is a charity in jts own right so isn't part of the proposed Somerleyton Trust.
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    In 2012 Lambeth Council revived the Future Brixton plan and undertook public consultation, including specific questions about the possibility of a theatre and cultural facility on the corner of Coldharbour Lane and Somerleyton Rd. This site had long been a possibility in their minds, and was also the focus of a community organisation – Brixton Green, which has a vision for a community -led mixed-use housing development.

    Working with Ovalhouse and Brixton Green, Lambeth Council is now supporting the development – almost 300 homes, community and health facilities, a shop, social enterprise and training opportunities for young people – and right on the street front opposite Brixton Village, a new Ovalhouse.
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    What you say is a correct quote.

    But it's a bit of a jump really from the traditional thing where people get together to set up a community centre - to the Brixton Green model where a group of business-minded bourgeoisie (plus a well-established well salaried education specialist) get together to form a social property venture securing (apparently) 99 years of rental income from flats to finance social ventures. At council expense by the way.

    Was Brixton Green ever commissioned by the council? I think not - rather they have been campaigning like a political party, pushing the council to take action, but saying all the time they are a community group that should be managing the resulting housing in Somerleyton Road.

    It is top down, not bottom up however.
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    It's right there on Oval House's website, that snowy linked to.
  16. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Im talking as someone who represented residents who lived on the site. With a long knowledge of the site directly.

    I'm surprised you take what is written on a website as the literal truth.

    Frankly I find this annoying.

    Whats the problem here?
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  17. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Is this in response to my post above? Whats your point? RU saying I'm lying or making this up?
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  18. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    And by the way the years I spent representing residents I never got paid for. All the work I put into my Coop.
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    I was at a couple of those meetings and there wasn't many signs of Brixton Green and Ovalhouse being in some kind of cosy let's-all-work-together partnership. Or a lot of love, for that matter.
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  20. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    You say that you have not heard that Oval House acknowledge BG as partners.

    I'm just pointing out that on Oval House's own website, they seem to acknowledge BG as partners.

    Maybe Oval House don't write what's on their own website themselves. Maybe BG stole their login.
  21. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Brixton Green does not get mentioned until quite late into this piece.

    The way I read this piece is that the Council is working with Ovalhouse and Brixton Green. Not that Ovalhouse is in partnership with Brixton Green.

    A lot of the article is about the outreach and involvement with local community that Ovalhouse is undertaking. Not about working with Brixton Green. ( imo its made a much better job of this than top down Brixton Green) .

    The partnership that Ovalhouse talk about in first paragraph is between Council and Ovalhouse.

    Its why the building work on new theatre and Carlton Mansions will start soon. It will not come under Brixton Green when finished. Or rather there proposed Somerleyton Trust.
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    Does anyone know any local resident anywhere who has reacted with 'fury' over the frankly pleasing news that those lying bastards Brixton Green have been elbowed off the Somerleyton Road project?

    The Blog piece reads like it's been dictated by Brixton Green.

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  23. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    What I find a bit odd is the article is not signed.

    Recent "splashes" have been by Alan Slingsby - who seems to have done his research well (thinking of the purchase of the Popes Road site by Sports Direct, and the boutique hotel plans for Superdrug & Dorell Place)

    This article about Brixton Green and Lambeth Homes seems shouty if not hysterical. Is it Alan Slingsby's article - or a reformulation of a press release from the Brixton Green crew?
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  24. Gramsci

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    Brixton Bugle is good for some news but for certain groups it's got a soft spot. It's regularly given over pages for Brixton Green. Uncritically.
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  25. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    I can find the open letter on Brixton Green website.

    Will have to look at Bugle tomorrow.

    I'm curious that Brixton Green mention Places for People. That's news to me. Not something I've heard them go on about.

    Not sure if mentioning Places for People is such a good idea.

    Those with long memories will remember that Places for People acquired what is now the Barret's built Brixton Square. They got planned permission partly on promise of being a "social" housing provider. They then sold it on to Barretts with the lucrative planning permission. Barretts who then wriggled out of a lot of the affordable housing.

    Not a good track record in Brixton for Places for People.
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  26. Gramsci

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    "Local residents have reacted with fury" according to Bugle article.

    I'm not.

    I think the Council should have done this ages ago.

    Brixton Green , from the start, were saying their plans were financially viable. When pressed they would get irritated. They never had the finances to do a scheme like this.

    I remember, years ago, one of the better Council officers telling me that Brixton Green annoy locals. I agreed. For local residents reps like me and Council officers Brixton Green were a headache we didn't need.

    The Council should have done this years ago.

    Another thing that gets to me is that real community engagement on the site was sidelined. The Council made Brixton Green the "community partner". People like me gave up on it.
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    Some parallels with the Grow Brixton story...Lambeth sets out on a project with a group offering a community focused scheme then rejects their proposals as financially infeasible.
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    The Bugle story states:

    "Brixton Green proposed to buy the lease of the Somerleyton Road site, working with the council, and to build 234 homes.

    Brixton Green believes it can build homes on Somerleyton Road faster than Lambeth council and says it could be ready to start in a year."

    This seems a little at odds with this statement that has now been deleted from the Brixton Green website.

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  30. Gramsci

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    There is a difference.

    As I lived on the site I know.

    Council officers were thinking of a Council scheme on Somerleyton road before Brixton Green appeared. Oval House were also looking at the site.

    This was all previous to Brixton Green appearing on the scene.

    Oval House , Carlton Mansions HC and some Council officers/ Cllrs were all getting on fine.

    Then Castaing ( the visionary from Turner's Pop Brixton if you see my post there ) and Brad turned up .

    So no it's not comparable with Grow Brixton.

    Brixton Green are more comparable to Turner's Pop. Not Grow Brixton. Like for example the unfeasible economic model.

    In case of Pop this is temporary scheme. So for "reputational damage" purposes the Council can take a hit financially. In the short term.
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