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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Gramsci, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Saw this in the wonderful Peckhamplex. Good point about Moonlight. This film was in some ways straightforward love story. Just happened to be two men. My partner liked it a lot. As she saw it as romantic. Which it is. In in Peckhamplex it had crossover appeal from my unscientific look at the audience. Looks like it has done well for a low budget British movie. Been on for several weeks and still a good turnout to see it when we went.

    I liked it. The film was made by the good use of the wild country landscape and the two great performances by the two main actors.
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    I'm going to de-sticky this thread as the boycott is still underway.
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    I was looking for it to comment.

    Anyway it's that I was curious to see the Ai Weiwei film on refugees called "Human Flow" which was reviewed in Friday's Standard.

    Can't see it listed at the Ritzy - but the Doc House at the Bloomsbury Curzon has it including the discounted off-peak price of £5 like the Ritzy used to do before it got less community minded. HUMAN FLOW | DocHouse
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