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Brixton Ritzy - upcoming films, reviews and opinions

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Gramsci, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    I am fascinated by the controversy in that article over Tyler Perry - who I don't know at all.

    I did get round to it - screen 2 at the Plex on Saturday. About 2/3 full for the 4pm showing.

    I found the change of actor playing the main character a bit disconcerting, though it was inevitable this had to happen. No doubt Stephen Spielberg could have scoured the earth for actors who morphed seamlessly.

    I think the narrative was highly plausible, and much of the film about terrible parenting from the drug addicted mother and serious school bullying later on.

    The interlude of the drug dealing surrogate father teaching his "son" to swim was charming - though of al things this seemed least plausible. It was more like the dealer needed a son, than vice versa, but it tied in nicely with the end of the film.

    For me the emotional impact seriously started from Chiron lonely on the beach accidentally having a gay encounter, then the bullying cranked up and his "lover" being forced to inflict a crippling assault.

    Chiron (having morphed into 50 Cent) lying on the bed lonely years later, taking call from his lover/(unwilling) abuser. Then the final 10 minutes or so - and final picture.

    To me this raises question of betrayal and possible hoped for resolution - which are wisely left hanging.

    Not a gay film as such - but a film that laid issues wide open.
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  2. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    Just to draw attention to this article in the Evening Standard: The Curzon boss leading the revolution in the world of cinema

    According to Mr Philip Knatchbull head of Curzon Group and a film financier via Artificial Eye "If you go out and see one of our films at the Curzon Mayfair or Curzon Aldgate you may pay £15 or £18. If you want to see it on the same day as its cinema release of Curzon Home Cinema you pay £10 or £8.50. If you are a member and wait 28 days you can buy it for £3 or £4"

    Gramsci sometimes quotes Curzon approvingly in this battle of the cinema giants - but it sounds as though they are actually in the same game as Cineworld, Odeon and Vue - namely "monetising the product", the product being the art or the trash which they are investing in and trading.

    The current question in my mind is this: Goldsmiths London University recently opened a Curzon cinema screen in the Richards Hoggart Building with the following charges:
    Adult 8.50 Senior Citizen 6.50 Student 5.50 Child 4.50
    Goldsmiths Staff/Alumni 6.50 South London Card 6.00 Lewisham Local Card 6.00 Street Feast Friends 6.00

    The screen/auditorium is on a par with Ritzy screen 5 I would say - maybe slightly bigger (I haven't been to a film there, but a lecture)

    Does this sound competitive for an "experience" which is at least twice as luxurious as the Peckham Plex, but probably less than half the size screen-wise - and still above the Plex's bargain busting £4.99 one size fits all price?

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