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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by BusLanes, Jun 20, 2019.

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  1. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    No its the one that used to be a 99p shop near the now closed JobCentre Plus.
  2. editor

    editor hiraethified

  3. TopCat

    TopCat Zap it!

    Used to be a jewellers until 81.
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  4. editor

    editor hiraethified

    And it was the MK One clothes store before becoming the 99p store. MK One was owned by that cash-scooping, asset stripping shitehawke Philip Green.
    MK One - Wikipedia
  5. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Now they're REALLY taking the piss with this "Community-owned business" spin. Wankers.

    Screenshot 2019-07-29 at 18.19.55.png

    Even their own shitty website can only manage to claim that they're 'part owned' by this 'community.'
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  6. editor

    editor hiraethified

  7. TopCat

    TopCat Zap it!

    I'm taking that board. Obstruction of the highway. Terrible for the visually impaired.
  8. Politico79

    Politico79 New Member

    Yep that’s infuriating!
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  9. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Please post up a video of it on fire. :)
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  10. editor

    editor hiraethified

  11. brixtonblade

    brixtonblade Well-Known Member

  12. editor

    editor hiraethified

    There's no mention of any in their proposals. Maybe there's different rules for HMOs?
  13. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    It looks to be more like a glorified hall of residence rather than blocks of flats - I guess it's counted as one unit rather than 41 separate ones which would (in theory at least) require them to build affordable housing.
  14. editor

    editor hiraethified

    "making impact investments whilst delivering superior returns"

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  15. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    Was there any indication what size the private living accommodation was?
  16. editor

    editor hiraethified

    As Radiohead might put it, those young professionals will be Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box. Each room has a microscopic bathroom and that's it.


    It seems to be a similar kind of 'ram 'em in' policy as practised by those delightful capitalists who run Pop Brixton, The Collective. Railton Road Exhibition Panels.pdf
  17. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    Here's the bit of Lambeth policy which relates to this type of development
    Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 14.13.12.jpg

    The policy on affordable housing (H2) mentions requirements for developments of below and over 10 units but I can't see anything anywhere that defines how this is applied to HMOs.

    Here's what the current London plan says:

    Policy 3.13 Affordable housing thresholds

    If you look at the (draft) New London Plan specific mention is made of this kind of development, and an affordable housing provision is set out, but this is applying to development of more than 50 "units" and the one in Railton Rd has 41.

    Policy H18 Large-scale purpose-built shared living
  18. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Going back to the "community owned business" Brewdog. According to Wikipedia, the company is 46% owned by the two founders and 22% owned by the Private equity firm, TSG Consumer Partners. So someone appears to be telling big fat lies.

    BrewDog - Wikipedia
  19. thebackrow

    thebackrow Active Member

    HMO - i wonder if it counts as a single property? Picture of the previous/existing permission on their website - Five large houses.

    (sorry - someone had already made that comment).
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
  20. editor

    editor hiraethified

    They probably realised they could make a shitload more money by turning it into 41 rabbit hutches for the well off young professionals who need their own in-house gym.
  21. mippy

    mippy Active Member

    Not sure if this quoted reference to shop staff having it tough...but there's a quite aggressive Big Issue seller outside the Sainsbury's Local opposite Brixton Palza. Asked me if I had £5 or £10 for him, and when I said I didn't accused me of lying. I saw him from the bus more or less following people from the entrance. But if he's a BI seller, what can the staff do?
  22. mippy

    mippy Active Member

    Aaah, The Collective have big ads at my local tube station. The answer to housing being unaffordable for even young professionals is not 'advertise tiny bedsits with John Lewis furniture as though being an adult living out of one room is desireable'.
  23. jimbarkanoodle

    jimbarkanoodle Well-Known Member

    There was a skinhead guy on Streatham High Street aggressively demanding £2 from passers by on Saturday. He didnt get very far with me but i thought he had a right cheek. Whatever happened to asking for 10, or maximum 50p?
  24. editor

    editor hiraethified

  25. TopCat

    TopCat Zap it!

    It was gone when I came from the Albert suitably fuelled. I will keep an eye out.
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  26. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model every man and every woman is a star

    inflation :(
  27. TopCat

    TopCat Zap it!

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  28. editor

    editor hiraethified

    You can alter that and put it to zero.
  29. TopCat

    TopCat Zap it!

    I tried and it flashed up minimum donation of five quid? I want it all to go to Nobby!
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  30. colacubes

    colacubes Well-Known Member

    I just did it. In the drop down re donation to the site, where it says Other, click that and then set it to 0.
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