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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Mar 1, 2017.

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  1. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    On our street it's changed to Tuesdays. This week is when the change first takes place, and it looks as if everyone is aware and have put their bins out. So here at least Lambeth has leafleted thoroughly.
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  2. sparkybird

    sparkybird ask the bird...

    I got an email on Friday, not sure how they got my email address.
    Obviously none of my neighbours got one as bins were out on the usual day...
  3. colacubes

    colacubes Well-Known Member

    Snap! We got a letter (SE27) changing our collection from Wednesday to Wednesday :D However I know an urbanite who lives about 75m from me in the next road has had no such letter. It's all rather baffling.
  4. Lizzy Mac

    Lizzy Mac Well-Known Member

    The letters look a little like junk mail and I think many got recycled immediately.
  5. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    We didn't get a letter. And when my neighbour emailed them they were told that there was no record of our road. But they did agree to investigate further...
  6. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    Great new tag line SpamMisery . Must have taken you ages to dream up! :D
  7. Angellic

    Angellic Well-Known Member

    We received a letter and our day has changed to Monday. |forgot until I saw all the other bins out so put out the recycling. Left the non-recycling bin in as it was almost empty. When I returned in the evening that bin had been emptied as well and returned to outside my property.
  8. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Monkey Boy

    Got a bus along Brixton Road for first time in ages.....innit changing fast
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  9. SpamMisery

    SpamMisery I bet you think this tagline's about you?

    Like the muses of ancient mythology, I didnt choose it, it chose me.
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  10. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    I see. Like an act of God.
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  11. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    Does anyone know if the Council Tax has been set - and if so how much it is?

    Google seems devoid of any mention of Lambeth Council tax setting for 2017/18 although I did manage to get up a council budget paper promising a 3.99% increase, but that was last November and referred to a three year strategy which one might have thought could be now obsolete in the days of Brexit Hammond and May.
  12. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

  13. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    And this is interesting too:

    Cllr Matthew Bennett selected to stand for Labour in Gipsy Hill ward for 2018 Lambeth Council elections
  14. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    There's a songwriter's night on at the Hoot tomorrow. Somehow, I'm not convinced by the DJ: "The magical sounds of CAROLINE’S IPOD"

  15. Maharani

    Maharani Just like Heaven

    My friend DJ Feelgood is DJing at Three Little Birds tonight with the Sisters of Reggae...International Women's Day special. Come and celebrate wonderful women!
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  16. wurlycurly

    wurlycurly diss member

    Miss Feelgood. Important distinction given that it's International Women's Day :).
  17. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    She's a top DJ too. I'll try and pop in - hopefully it'll be busier than last week.
  18. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    I didn't know about Lambeth Communications. The Inside Croydon link has a lot to say on this. Another name that crops up is No Negrini. Who some here may remember was the Brixton Town Centre manager. Her abrasive getting things done manner went down well with the Council leadership.

    Council CEO Negrini’s self-promotion is based on half-truths

    Negrini heads council team to MIPIM’s ‘booze and hooker fest’

    What concerns me is that people like Ellerby and Negrini have made there careers as local government officers as loyal supporters of the right of the party- New Labour. Helping them have control over the local Labour by being loyal bureaucrats. In Lambeth and Croydon (ex Lambeth leader Steve Reed area now as MP). It's this entrenchment of power that is what Corbyn and those who don't want any more of the "Third Way” are up against.
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  19. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    For a bit of lite relief and to cheer people up (except Rushy and Winot perhaps) here is a scan of part of page 39 of tonight's Standard
    Foxtons halves.jpg
    The odd thing is if you go to the Standard's website the picture shown is not our very own Brixton but a larger more salubrious branch. Clapham junction perhaps?
    I think we should be told.

    PS The reason I cut it out of the paper is that the other side (page 40) has a fascinating resumé of Philip Hammond's history in property and energy. Including Kazakhstan.

    Amazing how these swashbuckling MPs rise to the top. Even if they are quiet about it.
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  20. Winot

    Winot I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint

    Not quite sure why you've tagged me CH1. I am lucky enough to own a property it's true, but only one and I live in it. The same as you iirc.
  21. Maharani

    Maharani Just like Heaven

    It was really busy which is great.m, although I only stayed until about 10... The Sisters of Reggae are playing again on 25th at the Queens Head. Lovely bunch of ladies and great music!
  22. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Monkey Boy

    Semas Cafe has closed and is re-opening as a Morleys fried chicken....noooooooooooo!
  23. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    Just more of the same crusty old beef titillating the same crusty old beefeaters.

    Please don't tag me again CH1.
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  24. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    No beef this - just Market Forces.
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  25. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    Public speculation about how my own views on the content of a random article about Foxtons which I have never read might differ from everyone else's adds nothing to your insightful exploration of market forces. It is just personal beef.

    I'd really appreciate it if you didn't tag in one of your posts again. Thanks.
  26. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Good to see that Lexadon has finally tidied up the scruffy and unkempt ground floor facade and outside area of the Viaduct housing developement and are putting the space to use. Disgracefully, it was kept empty for nearly a decade while they dithered about and no doubt waited for the most profitable use of the space to be offered. Developers that show such blatant disregard for the local area and the community should be fined IMO, or forced to give the space to someone who would be happy to use it.

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  27. cuppa tee

    cuppa tee Well-Known Member

    anyone know what the billboard ad under the railway bridge on Atlantic road is supposed to mean
    it shows a wheelchair with a city of Westminster wheel clamp and a logo saying Klamp it.....a bit like this


    at first glance I thought it might be KLF related frolics but apparently not.
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  28. cuppa tee

    cuppa tee Well-Known Member

    what's up rushy, I think CH 1 was just having a giggle at well known divisions on the board, your sense of fun when it comes to sly digs at other posters is quite evident when it's you doing it....
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  29. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    You will of course help me out here by identifying a post in which I quite randomly name check individuals in a conversation in which they were not involved, and wildly speculate on what their personal opinions may be about something which they have not commented on.

    In the meantime, do keep that beef coming. It has official Chief of Beef backing, afterall.
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  30. SpamMisery

    SpamMisery I bet you think this tagline's about you?

    Chief of Beef; I like that. I'm looking for a new tagline too.
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