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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by teuchter, May 8, 2019.

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    Here is Chuka ( when he was Labour) on the Streatham development:

    Streatham has a new Tesco and its ice rink back
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    It's not. You may "want" things but there's no point demanding something if it's not in someone's power to deliver. *How* should tesco's car park be taken away (see my post above)?

    The Popes Road car park was demolished because it was structurally unsound Popes Road Car Park - DDS Demolition
    " the steel packer plates between the spandrel panels and the main frame had rusted and blown, which had compromised the structural integrity of the structure. Following a number of structural reports the Car park was deemed unfit for public use and a possible source for falling debris".
    It was built at a time when car centric planning was at its height and an elevated Motorway was planned to run down Coldharbour Lane. Research showed that only a small minority of market customers arrived by car and, with Brixton being a major public transport hub, there really is no justification for car parking which encourages short car trips.

    I'm guessing Lambeth couldn't insist on a car free development for Streatham as a large Tesco store probably isn't considered viable without it. So likely they had the choice of no parking or no ice rink.

    I've offered to buy you a beer now and chat about this stuff in person a number of times now but you still haven't responded. I agree with you, big supermarkets with big car parks are not what we need in cental London. However, I really don't think the answer is to build a big car park for the market and im sure that Lambeth have no way of taking Tesco's away.
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    Brixton past,present and future


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