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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by teuchter, May 8, 2019.

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    From that link 70kmh, 1 year jail, = 43mph
    We had one of those speed display signs on our street for a while that's supposed to get people to slow down. It displayed speeds up to 40mph or so but displayed blank if faster.

    That's correct - speed limits don't apply to cycles. Detail here if you're interested -

    Think about what happens if a car and a bike traveling at the same speed hit a wall and the damage that will be caused. Bikes really aren't dangerous, cars are.
    This is because Physics... Kinetic energy = mass x speed squared.

    Also think about the relative risk - a person on a bike really doesn't want to hit a pedestrian. If they do they'll almost certainly come off the bike and they'll likely be hurt at least as much as the pedestrian, if not worse. Driver regularly hit pedestrians without even noticing.

    This chart is kinetic energy of a car at 30mph vs a bike at 20mph but you get the idea...
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    I see, tbh you probably have me down as one of the motoring lobby but I am someone who drives only when strictly necessary mostly I will be on foot or bike...I have seen unbelievable acts of selfish stupidity from people using all modes of transport, one guy drove behind me bibbing like a maniac to get past for a couple of hundred yards through a quiet street with speed bumps, when he got past he stopped his car in front got out and came over to my door wanting a fight, in the same spot another dude threw a rock at my windscreen. There are plenty of selfish people out there like the two guys who decided it would be fun to sprint Sean Kelly style at a orange light on a pedestrian crossing at school leaving time going thru a group of kids and mums with proms at high speed in the process. Honestly I get there is a problem with cars but posting diagrams like the one above give cyclists a get out clause but if they plough into a little kid an old person or a dog at speeds approaching 40mph then they will do plenty damage as thus far vulnerable pedestrians are not using helmets as a rule.
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    There's no excuse for cyclists cycling dangerously and at excessive speed but as pointed out above, the relative danger compared to a car travelling at the same speed is relevant, as is the added incentive for cyclists not to hit anyone because they will injure themselves too.

    In reality, 20mph is already quite fast on a bike and I think you'll rarely see a bike going a lot faster than that within London.
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    There are idiots on any form of transport. The difference is their abilty to cause harm. Regardless, I think you might be overestimating cyclists speeds by some significant margin. According to "Bicycling Magazine" the average Tour de France rider maintains an average speed of 25 to 28 mph on the flat. Few of us mortals can maintain more than 20mph for any length of time and even on the steepest hills of south London I don't think anyone would be approaching 40mph - they're neither steep enough nor long enough.

    It's a distinctly odd situation where cyclists are considered to be going too fast at 20mph but you consider 25mph in a 20 limit in a car to be ok....

    Stop and watch a set of traffic lights for a while - say the ones outside Brixton tube, and count the number of cars that pass the lights on amber or red on every sequence. Or the number of cars that start moving while pedestrians are still on the crossing - on flashing amber, let alone green.
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    Or stop on the crossing.
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    Since this is a london-centric thread, I think it's worth noting that bylaws mean that the speed limits in the royal parks apply to cyclists as well as motorised vehicles.
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    An update via email

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    Who was the sender ?
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    The email you quote says get in touch by email. Can you post up email address?
  10. Winot

    Winot I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint

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    The email came from
    But as Winot says the email to reply to is on the web page and is a Lambeth one.
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    Is that a lot? I don't know but the West Norwood one got over 1000 comments and the tiny Tulse Hill one* has gained 40.

    * Nobody seems to have commented about the fine description :rolleyes: :D


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