Brixton history: Lambeth Carlton Club (Granville Arcade/Brixton Village)

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    there's 21 references to it in the times between 1884 and 1941.
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    So, why haven't you posted them?
  3. Minnie_the_Minx

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    I wonder where all these premises were?

    Maybe the buildings next door were one of these?
  4. editor

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    Could you post up a few please as I'm writing the feature now.
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    London Metropolitan Archives have also come up trumps on old photos in the past (the only picture of the original windows in the Coach & Horses later Living bar for that planning enforcement) and I reckon it will will be a rich seam of old Brixton Photos for future features.
  6. editor

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    Thanks for the input. I've posted the feature here:


    1912 The grand Georgian-styled premises of the Lambeth Carlton Club on Coldharbour Lane.

    The club first appears in the 1894 Ordnance Survey map - the previous 1870 edition recorded three large houses with ornamental gardens facing Coldharbour Lane. Carlton House appears to have swallowed up the two closest to the railway bridge and been extended at the back.

    The 1898 Booth map shows the building marked as being the Brixton Conservative Association - if you look close you can just make out those words on the two ground floor windows on the left.

    (pic: Lambeth Archives)


    Detail from the 1894 Ordnance Survey map of Brixton. The building immediately to the right of the club was replaced by the Walton Lodge Laundry in 1904.


    July 2009 Built to the designs of Messrs Alfred and Vincent Burr, the Granville Arcade opened in 6 May 1937 and was named after its developer, Mr Granville-Grossman.

    The opening must have enjoyed some pizzazz, with the popular Danish actor [​IMG]Carl Brisson cutting the tape.

    The arcade consists of over 100 small shops in tall covered streets called 'Avenues', and links Coldharbour Lane, Atlantic Road and Popes Road.

    A rather pointless rebranding exercise saw the arcades being renamed as Brixton Village in the mid-2000s.

    Plans to completely redevelop the site and demolish the current buildings and replace them with a 10 story privately owned residential tower block and private park were met with fierce opposition from the local community, and the plans were shelved.

    As for the Lambeth Carlton Club, they seem to have slipped into the sands of time, with a creditors' meeting being called on Thursday 27 March 1941.

    [​IMG]See 360º panorama of Brixton Village
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    With the slipped letter it looks a bit Russian

    Which is nice.....

    PS Ace research - I tried to join in but virtually EVERY pic I could find was credited to Urban75, which means -admittedly not a thorough analysis, that you have the largest collection of old Brxton pics available on the net!!

    Time to get yer Blue Badge and get all the tourists in the Albert!!!!!:D;)
  8. editor

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    Lambeth Archives have all the old photos - they granted me permission to use them (and in return they must get an awful lot of traffic via urban75) - but there can't be many sites with more modern Brixton photos on display than this one.
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    Brixton Village also houses many artists studios above the shop units. They are run and managed by A.S.C.
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    I don't think I've ever wandered through the "Brixton Village". Is it worth it?
  11. hipipol

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    Ah but do they have em online?
    Seriously, the stuff, pics info, history you have on here about Brixton is by far the most comprehensive available online anywhere - I thought that before, but after the last searches, using multiple search enegines, plus looking at specific sites whwere I expected a wider range of online material, well its just not there in other places, they almost all refer back to here

    I know its taken you years but full and total respect, its a wonderful piece of work of which you should feel very proud
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    Yes, but Editor's the only one privileged enough to post the pictures up directly. The rest of us must link to them, unless of course we're pilfering off him ;)
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    Huddersfield Chronicle 07 July 1890 carlton club.JPG
    Foundation stone of Lambeth Carlton Lodge, Huddersfield Chronicle 07 July 1890
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  14. calno4

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    London Standard 20 October 1894 walton lodge.JPG
    Walton Lodge up for auction, London Standard 20 October 1894
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    Heres a bit of history of that spot
    gazette 1849 walton cottage richbell.JPG

    Thomas Richbell was in partnership with William Hale, William of Hales Rockets fame. Thomas appears on the 1851 census at Walton Lodge with his wife and a Ladies Maid and a Cook. He gives his occupation as Patent War Rocket Manufacturer.

    This ad selling the freehold was in the South London Press April 20th 1867 South London Press April 20, 1867 walton lodge.JPG

    By 11 May 1867 it was sold, South London Press
    South London Press May 11, 1867 walton lodge sold.JPG

    Up for sale again in the London Standard 20 Oct 1894
    London Standard 20 October 1894 walton lodge.JPG

    The 1901 Census shows the Newlands in occupation. More on them here

    The 1891 census shows them running a laundry service from 128 Ackerman Road
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    Beside the Walton Laundry - on the other side from the Market - was the old DHSS building. Are there any photos of that place please, it backed onto the railway arches. The building looked Victorian, gaunt, same era or earlier than the laundry perhaps? Thanks.
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    You mean the building that became Cooltan? That was built in the 1930s.



    Brixton history: Halnaker Lodge at 372 Coldharbour Lane – From Georgian splendour to dole office to community squat to luxury flats

    A short history of Brixton Cooltan Arts Collective squatted Old Dole House, 372 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 with photos, panoramas and general information.
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    The entrance was to the left, a long corridor with the laundry wall on one side and the exchange wall on the other; hundreds of people queuing, shuffling forwards a few steps at a time - immediately ahead were the yawning railway arches. There were buildings like this, or one building, I think behind the main building on Coldharbour Lane, the building was like an enormous room, the entrance door was on the side, facing the laundry wall, that's where people 'signed on', all done in paper and ink, not a computer in sight. The semi-demolished buildings look like the remains of that huge room, like something out of Dickens, back in the day.
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