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    “The neighbourhood bistro and bar will take over the old Walton Lodge Laundry site on Coldharbour Lane.

    Owner Melanie Brown has bags of experience in the business as well as being already involved in the area. Brown - who you may know from her wine bar, The New Zealand Wine Cellar in nearby Pop Brixton”
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    The government undermined local planning by changing the rules. "Permitted Development Rights" since 2015 allow change of use to A3 from retail use.

    Owner still has to put in planning application for things like ventilation etc. But change of use is ok under Permitted Development Rights.

    3 points to consider when applying for a change of use from A1 to A3 | MZAs Planning | Planning Permission without the Headaches

    More to the point is the grey area between A3 and late night drinking entertainment.

    The Chip Shop is example.

    Once the offices of Brixton Cultural Archives. When they moved change of use to take away. Chip shop came as restaurant. Got drinks license. Basically operates as a music / drinks establishment but technically still a chip shop. Which is of course bollox.

    In reality the local residential community has little real say in how the neighborhood develops. Even less now Brixton BID runs Brixton in partnership with Lambeth Council.

    Lack of democratic oversight and community say has increased in Brixton area. Not all Councils fault.

    Councils have been cut and eviscerated by Tory governments. So don't have the staff to respond to residents queries on planning and licensing issues. Basically business and property owners can get away with a lot if so minded.

    Combination of Tory governments property owner friendly policies, A New Labour Council who love the Nu Brixton, BID concept that business should run areas.

    Brixton BID really irritate me. Its like they run area and I should be grateful.

    Ordinary Joe who lives around area has less and less real say.
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    In my defence I read this at the pub so clearly missed key details
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    BID is basically a Labour operation too - the chair even endorsed Labour in the Coldharbour election last year.

    Which is to be expected, since Labour is so dominant, but it does grate a bit
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  5. CH1

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    Can someone explain the term banquettes?
    According to Wikipedia it sounds not merely pretentious, but positively threatening:

    Noun. banquette (plural banquettes) (military) A narrow area behind a defensive wall's parapet elevated above its terreplein and used by defenders to shoot at attackers. A bench built into a wall, especially (military) one built into a wall of a defensive trench, used for sitting and for shooting at attackers.
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    pretentious name for a long bench seated at a communal table
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    It’s a way of packing more people into the space, as tables and chairs require more space
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    Looks like this development on on Electric Lane is going ahead. I know it was discussed here and know that it involves booze (obvs) and food, but can anyone remember more details?

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    This the thing you where thinking of

    18/01556/FUL | Installation of 3 external condenser units on the roof, 1 air handing supply unit, 1 kitchen extract fan, 1 general supply fan and filter. | Units On Electric Lane Located Rear Of 427 Brixton Road London SW9
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    Meatliqor ?
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  12. ricbake

    ricbake working out how

    It looks like it is one of Mr Page's
    David Page: The restaurateur learning fast as rivals struggle
    Looks like he has a thing for Brixton
    And from Company House
    David Michael PAGE Date of birth June 1952
    is director of
    MADE OF DOUGH LTD. (09543017)
    WISE FOOD LIMITED (10349076)
    FM 111 LIMITED (10206678)
    MARKET ROW BRIXTON LTD (09739230) Company status Dissolved
    THE OLD BOYS CLUB LTD (09512043)
    10DAS LIMITED (08910978)
    FM6 LIMITED (08785324)
    NANBAN (HACKNEY) LTD (08575869) Company status Dissolved
    FM98 LTD LIMITED (08422451)
    SOHOHO LTD (08320100) Company status Dissolved
    CHILLBOX UK LTD (08119214)
    THE FULHAM SHORE PLC (07973930)
    KEFI LTD (07632744)
    MEATAILER LIMITED (07555270)
    FRANCO MANCA 2 UK LIMITED (07045067)
    SOPHIE AND MAY LTD (07440537) Company status Dissolved
    ROCCA (2015) LIMITED (06576349)
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    Amazing news. The startlingly original Black Bear Burger are coming to Brixton Village, direct from Canary Wharf/Shoreditch.

    Insert ghastly dripping pile of excess burger here:


    Black Bear Burger Brixton | Eat and Drink | London On The Inside
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    fuck is a "shot ski"?
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  17. editor

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    Drink for a wankski
  18. Angellic

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    This should help.

    BANQUETTE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
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