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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by haushoch, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. kati

    kati New Member

    Hiya - I'm looking for a Mon-Fri lodger/flatmate to take up a single room in my house in Oval (just off Brixton Road) - £105pw + bills. Can be flexible around move-in date.

    More info here: http://www.spareroom.co.uk/6325753
  2. quimcunx

    quimcunx protestant traybake

    My lovely 21 year old friend is looking for a room, preferably around Brixton, sometime in the next couple of months. He needs it to be £450 or under inclusive and accept DSS.
  3. Schlingers

    Schlingers Well-Known Member

    desperately need to move, me my partner and my dog are living with my parents and its really really not working, anywhere/anything pretty much anywhere in London- please give me a shout! Not in a great situation financially but 500-600 a month for a room we can fork out.
    (will post in London group as well)
  4. Ms Ordinary

    Ms Ordinary randompointlesschemistry

    Big double / studio room available where I live, own bathroom & kitchen facilities but not en-suite:
    Brixton | Spacious Bright Double Room

    It's listed as 'No Housing Benefit' on SpareRoom as sadly I think the price combined with the fact that it's technically a room & not a self-contained flat would almost certainly make that unworkable.
    But having been a HB claimant in the past, I know that it can cover all kinds of situations, so it's absolutely not a blanket ban if it can be worked around...

    It's lovely & spacious, can be furnished or unfurnished, & looks out on to the garden.
    Very quiet & friendly estate (St Matthews).
    Pets considered - there's a catflap to the garden door, and close to Rush Common & Brockwell Park.
    I've lived & worked in Brixton / Herne Hill for 20 years and am a nice dependable person to live with.
  5. handy1

    handy1 A certain Man U fan ; )

    There is a very good chance that I will be working in Battersea very soon and would need somewhere to stay. I would prefer Brixton or as near as possible. So I am looking for a room that doesn’t require a ridiculous deposit and my top limit is £800.00 pm all in. Cheers. Haydn. ETA I’m male, 53, veggie pretty quiet
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  6. zoe

    zoe Well-Known Member

    Hi. I have a room in v. central Brixton, ex-council flat, 2 mins from tube, quiet, light and airy, spacious with great views. Sharing with me (I'm a part-time speech therapist and student). I do need some quiet to study, looking for approx. 500 a month (negotiable).
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  7. Rosalind1

    Rosalind1 New Member

    Hi Zoe!
    I’m interested in your room, am a longtime Brixton resident, working, friendly, loves cats etc...would I be able to come round and see it and you could inspect me?
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  8. handy1

    handy1 A certain Man U fan ; )

    Sorry, I meant to erase this post as I am sorted now. Good luck
  9. DietCokeGirl

    DietCokeGirl All lost in the supermarket

    Good friend of mine is looking for a room around South London, around £600 per month, anyone know of anything?
  10. uk benzo

    uk benzo أنا ليس أمريكي

    Hello peoples

    I'm after a 2 bed flat for rent within a 1 mile radius of Dulwich Hamlets Junior School?

    I can provide references etc

    Thank you so much!
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  11. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    23 year renter and born and bred Brixton person (and 40 years on Lambeth housing list) is being evicted by landlord, alongside her two grown up kids. She is good, kind and caring, and her two children are lovely young people.

    She needs a place quick for them. Cheap, and local.

    If any of you know of anything then please please let me know.

    This person is a quite amazing and wonderful and saved my life more than once, so I would love to see her and her two kids with a roof over their heads and some stability.
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