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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by haushoch, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. haushoch

    haushoch Well-Known Member

  2. RubyToogood

    RubyToogood can't remember what goes here

  3. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    Have to move at the end of September.
    Anyone got anything on BRIXTON HILL?
  4. fortyplus

    fortyplus smug git

    room available

    Sorry, not the Hill but off Acre Lane, double room for single person available in our house. comfortable, friendly, all mod cons, etc, etc, etc

    pics and more info on our website at http://www.selandre.co.uk/house/

    available whenever to the right person whoever that is.
  5. edgarlesty

    edgarlesty Viagra Gibbons

    Rooms available (short term lets)...

    ...not in my flat (for once!)

    Two good mates of mine are away from beginning of October...

    Their rooms are available for short term lets:

    One is for October only, the other till January...(or possibly open-ended in Giles becomes a Sadhu in India, grows twenty feet of hair and becomes permanent resident in an ashram)

    They're £360 p.c.m plus bills (bargain) and they're good double rooms in a lovely house with lovely people, on Fyfield Road (smoking household)

    For the one month lease call Sabina on: 07919164371 or ribena69@hotmail.com

    For the three month lease call Giles on: 07747675480 or scottfree2000@hotmail.com

    ta muchly

  6. dum dum

    dum dum zzzzz

    Friend of mine is looking for a room in a shared flat/house 350-400 pcm.S.London.Any help would be great. :)
  7. Fireflyellie

    Fireflyellie New Member

  8. likewise

    likewise leg it!

    Room going in Tulse Hill

    There's a double room available in my place around end of November. (Last flatmate was a joy but has gone and bought a flat in East Dulwich). It's a nice and relaxed first floor flat with two bedrooms and a huge living room (high ceilings, big windows), right by Tulse Hill rail station and the Railway Tavern, with easy access to Brixton and beyond.

    How nice is this flat? I'ts super nice. It's got wooden floors and a silver washing machine. It's got a guest bed cum (?) mattress in the living room, a couple of sofas, and cushions and rugs. And broadband. Anna TV. And bookshelves with quite a few eclectic books on there - including the i ching, stuff about decent nutrition, martial arts how-tos and a fair few comics and bits of sci-fi floating around.

    Smokers/non smokers, male/female, single/couples, meat-eaters/veggies welcome. I smoke and eat meat, but have lived with vegans before and don't find it a problem cooking and keeping a fridge to suit.

    Rent is £400 a month excluding bills, with £400 deposit. You would probably need a job to feel comfortable paying this kind of rent.

    I'm currently working as a web designer in the Ministry of Magazines, and go out, but dinnae do all-nighters every week anymore...

    PM if you would like to find out more.

    Mags Likewise
  9. Kameron

    Kameron Kamoceratops

    Flat wanted potentially for a couple of friends on mine. Couple would prefer unfurnished in Brixton sharing with probably another couple of a house. She is cute, I've never met him and they would like to pay less than £520 a month.

    PM's will be passed on.
  10. Tricky Mickey

    Tricky Mickey regular as clockwork

    flat gone to mate
  11. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado

    I appear to be looking for somewhere myself.

    Quiet, librarian, likes cats, non-smoker....
  12. playghirl

    playghirl Well-Known Member

    lovely large 1 bed flat available tulse hill

    My tenant has done a moonlight flit so if you are looking for a large sunny 1 bed flat . Let my dishwasher do the washing up and move to mine. 1 min to train platform to city, London Bridge and buses to Brixton. Garden access Available now.
    165pw 02087610067 evenings/ weekends
  13. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado

    That sounds nice, but only if 165pw is a typo.
  14. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate

    My mate (male, late 20s, v chilled out) is looking for a room anywhere in the brixton area. He's currently living in Tulse Hill but needs to move out. Please PM me or call me on 07941 019 319 if you know of anything.

    Cheers. :)
  15. Ducky

    Ducky New Member

    Flat share

    ***A large double room is available to rent in a beautiful 3 bedroom (2 storey) Victorian conversion flat in Brixton. The flat has its own garden and conservatory and a huge living room and dining room. The flat is really spacious and light with sole access to the garden. We are looking for a friendly, considerate and clean and tidy flatmate who is looking for a home and not just a place to sleep. Ideally we are looking for a flatmate who will enjoy hanging out at home and sometimes socialising together, but without our living in each others pockets. It is £398 per month excluding Council Tax and Utilities. It is available from 7th March 2005 ***
    Contact me for more details
  16. jochem

    jochem eat your greens

    2 dbl rms *beautiful* converted vict house

    Two furnished double rooms in lovely converted Victorian houseshare with wooden floors, garden and a *huge* open-plan living room and kitchen. LOTS of space, plants and light. We are situated in a quiet street, only minutes away from the buzzing heart of Brixton, Brockwell Park and the market. The street itself is very peaceful and green and the neighbours are all very nice.

    photos at http://www.icdphotos.com/album/1213752

    An important thing: the young couple (us: 27 and 30) who live in the house are expecting a little girl in April. We have a large room to ourselves. We think this house and the two rooms that are free could suit a single parent and a child. Or any combination/permutation. The landlord is a nice guy, no hassle.

    Basically....we really love this place and are trying to be open-minded and imaginative about whatever will allow us to stay.

    We're social and relaxed. TEFL teacher and translator / subtitler. We would like to share the house with people who enjoy being around and talking, cooking, eating, playing canasta or whatever...............

    Please don't call us if you love watching loads of TV every night. Preferably no smoking.

    446pcm exclusive. Not the cheapest in Brixton but WORTH IT. Please come and have a look because you're not just paying for the room but for the big living space in the house.

    tom 07881568924
    eva 07901531612
  17. corporate whore

    corporate whore oh, thought you were dead

  18. ribena

    ribena New Member

    If the room is still available, would you consider renting to a very very very nice couple?
  19. geeta

    geeta Active Member

    Hi looking for someone female to share 2 bed flat in Tulse Hill.£375 pcm exc bills, All mod cons.
    Really nice garden flat nr station and buses.Available from March 1st
    ring me Sangeeta <snip>.

    PM her instead,
    Mrs M
  20. Kameron

    Kameron Kamoceratops

    Room in a friendly shared house in Brixton (SW2) near the Hob Goblin. Large first floor room over looks Brockwell Park. Shared kitchen, bathroom, sitting room etc etc, five bedrooms four of us and the Landlord has the top room but is rarely in the UK so it is really just the four of us. Not generally a student house and quiet by and large.

    Price is £460 all in so there are no bills for electricity, gas, council tax, TV Licence, or phone (as long as no-one abuses it I guess). Broadband internet is £45 quid a quarter if you want it.

    Drop us a PM if your interested.
  21. ribena

    ribena New Member

    Interested in your room to rent, but would you be willing to rent to a couple? Both of us are very easy going, relaxed people, looking to live with each other, but also with others. Maybe just meet us to see?
  22. zcat

    zcat just looking

    our usual flatmate is home later this month so as we
    got a mate staying at mo hes gotta find somwhere and likes brixton area he is 30 ish computer techy canadian and is ok to share with
    any suggestions pm me
  23. indigo4

    indigo4 Harlot of Brixton

    Room going for Rent Brixton - £90pw

    Room available 30th March 05

    Offered: Double room going at amazing price of £90pw no bills, all mod cons including broadband, garden, friendly housemates (5 others), cleaner, 2 bathrooms, tumble dryer, washing machine, dishwasher.

    Location: Nr Bar Lorca in Brixton, 10mins from Brixton tube and seconds away from library and lovely park.

    No problem with landlords/agency.

    Please phone Paul - 07810 871263 (after 7pm)
  24. swimmedia

    swimmedia New Member

    Room to rent needed from April 4th


    I'm already living in Brixton but my landlord has sold the house so I need somewhere new...

    I'm 36, very easy going, solvent graphic designer type. Considerate, self sufficient and clean, though I am a (roll up) smoker!

    Ideally I'm looking for a share in a 2 bed flat, or in a sane clean house share with 2-3 others in Brixton.

    References available - you can contact me at swimmedia@hotmail.com or phone: 07812 542 961.

    Thanks in advance

  25. salaam_max

    salaam_max Active Member

    Room To Let: Brixton

    no longer available
  26. DrRingDing

    DrRingDing 'anti-human wanker'

    Moving to Brixton at the start of May!

    We're looking for a 1 bed garden flat (lost of plants you see). :)
  27. bellies

    bellies Well-Known Member

    Double room in Streatham Common available (not quite brixton i know)

    Sharing Large modern 2 bed flat with one other (me, 32 yr old IT worker in the city)

    350 per month all inc.

    PM me for more details


  28. ebird

    ebird lover of stuff

    Room to let in Loughbrough Junction


    There's going to be a large double room to let in the house share where I live at around the end of the month.

    It's less than 5 mins walk to Loughbrough Junction station (on the Herne Hill side of Coldharbour Lane) and about 10 mins walk into Brixton and its assorted attractions. It'd be sharing with me and my male housemate. It's a four bedroom house, but with 3 people living there. Cos it's nicer like that.

    There a big double lounge and kitchen and seperate dining room and a garden, so it a really good size house. As for me, and the other housemate, well, we're both pretty easy going...we keep the place clean and that, but manage to do it without petty notes and rotas.

    Also, it worth noting that if you are offended by the activities of some of the drugs forum types, then you might not be happy living in our beyooti-ful home. We don't exactly cain it 24/7 but sometimes it can get a little messy...we're not talking crack pipes and needles, but if you are offended by lines of assorted stuff, and people who like assorted lines of assorted stuff, you prolly wouldn't like our place very much....smokers etc are also fine.

    So...the price...it's about £450 for the room (which is quite alot, but it REALLY is a nice place, everyone who sees it says so) with all bills included...and the room would be available from roughly the start of May...

    Anyone interested? PM me if you are....
  29. ChrisFilter

    ChrisFilter Like a boss.

    f*cking huge but noisy room available at my place £375 all inc, Brixton Hill.
  30. hypermadge

    hypermadge New Member

    Room in Brixton

    Okay, the flat isn't Brixton - it's Tulse Hill. But no-one's heard of Tulse Hill unless they're South London born and bred or 75urbanites... and it's only a walk from Brockwell Park too.

    This split-level flat is lovely and big with all mod cons and a great kitchen as well as nice things like open fireplaces. Your room has some furniture stuff and broadband. People tend to feel pretty comfortable here. You'd be sharing with one girl (32). The living room is huge and has the things a living room needs including lots of ashtrays. There are a couple of bookshelves and they tend to have a fair bit of sci-fi and comics on there. The train station's a roll out of bed away and takes you pretty much anywhere the millions of buses don't. And the local's great.

    I'm a web designer by trade though not necessarily by interest and dig martial arts and music. Like going out but only do all-nighters about once a month nowadays, if that helps in the way of info.

    Ideally £420 a month plus bills. But if you have the money the flat's worth it. If this sounds like your cup of tea, PM me.

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