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    We are presenting 'Brixton City' - a series of performances, events, entertainments and activities in Brixton 11th - 14th August Brixton City Festival 2016 | Ovalhouse . All events are FREE, and have been commissioned from artists who live or work in Brixton and/or have something specific to say about life and times in Brixton. Come and have a look - all welcome.
    We are also looking for a partner. One of the artists needs a place where objects can be dropped off as part of his event Stash'n'Trove.

    This is the brief:

    "Brixton is changing so fast!

    Do you ever feel you want it to stop?

    All these closures, buyouts and losses, have you got things you want to keep safe from all that?

    Bring things that you want to keep safe or remember Brixton by to the Brixton Stash ’n’ Trove. They'll then be part of an ever-changing performance installation.

    That could be a story you want to make sure is told, before Brixton changes beyond recognition. It might be a relic from a closing business or a home that has been knocked down or you’re being priced out of. It might be a photo that makes you want to celebrate what Brixton is right now.

    Brixton Stash ’n’ Trove is a living museum of stories, keepsakes and personal artefacts of Brixton donated by its residents past and present. Join local artist Nick Field in looking at how the rapid changes in Brixton are affecting us, and what that means as individuals trying to make and keep Brixton a home. Open on the 13th of August it will feature an exhibition of collected Brixton treasures, along with stories, performances and the chance to display your own origami heron.

    Bring them and we will look after them for you. Your items will form part of a final performance on Saturday 13th August using everything cherished, loved and donated. "

    Nick Field: Nick Field

    The place to gather the objects and artefacts could be a shop, bar, café, market stall, business Reception or foyer - or if you really felt like it, your home!

    Times for dropping off are flexible but ideally 12 - 5pm Mon to Friday , extended to 7pm on Saturday to incorporate the final performance.

    As partner you would get a full credit on our website and event material, and a couple of bottles of Brixton Brewery beer. And hopefully it would be fun and interesting.

    Post here, PM me, or email brixtoncity@ovalhouse.com if you think you might be interested or have any questions.

    And if you can't provide a gathering point - come and take part, or see the final performance!
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    Good film about him

    Winstanley (1975) - IMDb

    He was a "Digger". Set up commune on common land. Not quite the same as Levellers. The Levellers were more into land being given to small farmers.

    The Civil War was partly conflict between landed aristocracy and the "middling" sort who were mainly Puritans. Though they were no less radical in the war. In my home town Plymouth they defended the town in a bitterly fought long siege against the Royalists. Spurred on by Puritan preachers. Plymouth being ,unlike the surrounding countryside, not run by the landed aristocracy. But by a town Council of men of the middling sort who declared for Parliament. With a population who believed in what they were fighting for. At start of siege they swore an oath to fight to the last man against the Royalists.
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