British Seaside Resorts in the 1960s

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by editor, Mar 17, 2019.

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    Some nice memories there. Visited a few of those as a very fortunate child whose eldest sister, her then husband and family took me most places with them. North Wales resorts and Weston-Super-Mare being prime spots for weeks away. Happy days.
    It’s obvious how car ownership has increased.
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    Weston-super-Mare - pretty much all gone now from memory
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    Butlins, Skegness: many a holiday spent there as a child.



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    Pretty much all still there. Well, there's an entirely new pier since the old one burnt down. Fountain still there but the area around been turned into a sort of picnic area. To the left of it the beach lawns are still there and still go the full length of the prom up to the golf course, about 3/4 a mile i reckon. But there has also been some developments to the immediate left, a restaurant/bar/cafe/gelato parlour type complex, a kids rope adventure playground type thing with a cafe in it and a weston eye wheel for half the summer. The miniature railway has closed though (edit: seems there may be a new one in place).
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    I was going to mention WSM, that was where we were taken as kids - maybe once a year when Dad could be arsed - he'd spend most of the time there in the pub whilst mum 'entertained' us. The 70s:thumbs:
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    No pictures of Weymouth :(
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