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Britain's biggest morons burn cardboard Grenfell Tower on bonfire


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Bluffing two-bit twit... the fact you come back here day after day. month after month and try this shit reflects a deep fragility in your own life I reckon. I hardly ever engage with your posts. Months lapse inbetween despite your bleating and hijinks and general fuckery in trying to garner attention. Presenting yourself as a learned, man of logic and reason, yet...there's nothing underneath, it's a farce/show/pretense. You've nothing real or personal to offer, you don't dare. Not surprising that you mention ego and getting things wrong either... you are no stranger after all. Do keep waffling though. Someone, somewhere, cares I imagine.
Lol. The idea that I try to engage you day after day is laughable. If not, feel free to provide any evidence.

You know nothing about me and my life, or what there is underneath. Nor why I choose to be circumspect about what personal information I offer here.

You clearly care, though. :D

But keep playing the man, since you can't play the ball.

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I suggested an area you massive twit. You are a complete joke. One of them from Lambeth OMFG...does the queen know? :D

For a so called anti-racist you seem to spend a lot of time manufacturing arguments and twisting things people actually say to divert attention and discussion away from actual racists.
Never mind the Queen, has someone told the archbishop of canterbury?
For a so called anti-racist you seem to spend a lot of time manufacturing arguments and twisting things people actually say to divert attention and discussion away from actual racists.
I’ve had plenty to say about the racists, you even ‘liked’ what I had to say in post #189.


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Perhaps these blokes should be charged with creating anger and distress on urban as well
Haha! :) Now there's a concept worth exploring.

"I put it to you that on the day of 28th day of June in the year godknowswhat, your client did a thing that did cause anguish, mental pain, and a great deal of distress to many people. A matter of being properly working class. Also the baked potato issue. Cheese, beans. But the potato was of course stolen ...


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I’m not wrong though. You claimed you identified the culprit area because of their accents but trendy Clapham or Brixton weren’t on your list there despite it transpiring that one of them is from Lambeth.
It’s a complete joke.
The 119th violent death of 2018 in London was also chalked up yesterday. Just thought I’d mention it as no-one else has.

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I assume because there’s far less outrage about that than there is the burning of an effigy.

What these people have done is outrageous... Its hard to think of another single word for it. The same argument was made earlier "people weren't as outraged about the real fire". It's bullshit, people felt very strongly about it, and visibly acted in solidarity and disgust... But it's a more complicated situation. No one deliberately started that fire and laughed and cheered on the deaths of people burning alive like these vile cunts.

Trust me a lot of people are deeply upset about knife killings, and it bleeds into their anger and frustration about lots of other related issues. But the scale, historic nature and complex causes creates a slightly different emotional response. Obviously.
As here. It's an insult. Suggests both people didn't care about the real fire and that this racist ritual isn't so bad
I don’t think that was directed at anyone here; it’s directed at the parts of the populace not holding the Conservative party directly responsible but will no doubt find the effigy burning shocking. Or that’s how I interpreted it.