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Brighton recs please


Do you like sponge?
Me and Mrs T are off to Brighton for the weekend in a couple of weeks. Never been before so I'm after some info on good food, good booze a bit of shopping and anything else that you think we may find interesting.
Thanks in advance.


Cockney Wanker
For seafood, Riddle and Finns. They have two restaurants in Brighton. Go to the one on the seafront and get an upstairs window table (you may need to book). Excellent fish and seafood and fabulous view of the promenade and sea. The Salt Room, also on the Kings Rd., is superb but a bit pricey. Great for a special occasion.


One on one? You're crazy.
I quite like The Evening Star which is near the station too - last time I was there they had a lot of Dark Star on tap as they were connected to the Dark Star brewery - I don't know if that is still the case as the Brewery was taken over.


Concorde 2 has some good acts on occasionally or check the Brighton Dome or Brighton Centre to see if anyone decent is on
Pubs listed already are good but I'd add The Fortune of War for that all important pint on the beach.
The Walrus is good for food.
Shopping -Churchill Sq for the big name stores, South Lanes or North Laine for more independent trendy stuff.


If you've got the time get the open top bus up to Devil's Dyke on the South Downs. There's a naff Vintage Inns pub/ restaurant but the views are great or if you walk along the Downs a bit and nip down the hill you can go to the Sheperd & Dog pub which does good food and has a lovely garden with a stream running through it.

Dead Cat Bounce

is not a viable source of protein.
The Craft Beer Company on Upper North street is a favourite of ours.

As for food, we've been to Browns Bistro a couple of times and the food has always been good.

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as editor said Terre is good. Another fave is Food For Friends
Not the greatest pub in the world, but it was my go to after a long bike ride and simply sitting out side and watching the world go by Sussex in Brighton
Very hand for the Lanes, go to of choice for touristy shopping though may want to pull back a little and head to the South Lanes for shopping.
This is a must go to for me on every visit, run by great people good for used books and CD's Wax Factor || Second Hand Collectors CD & Record Shop


Do you like sponge?
Had a great weekend. Weather was a bit shit but managed to take refuge when it rained in one of the many great pubs in Brighton. As well as the places named above, I can thoroughly reccomend The Cricketers ( lively night time pub with good music) the Sussex arms( v good beer) , Ole Ole tapas restaurant and The Old Bank Steak and Rib place in Kemptown . Also the Royal Pavilion was fucking stunning .
Thanks to all.